E Scooter App Development: Get Self-Repairing Electric Scooters for your users to provide safe Service


E scooter sharing has captured the whole world. Great efforts by many startups like Lime, Bird, and VOI have made these tiny vehicles run on the city roads like never before. The ride-hailing giants like Uber and Lyft have also joined the electric scooter rental business looking at the opportunities that this micro mobility business provides. These companies have dropped their tiny vehicle around the world making the daily transportation affordable and convenient solving a critical transportation issue. The e-scooters are being used by the school going students, daily commuters to an office and many young and old.

Failure of e scooters

Each technology has its own pros and cons, even the e-scooters are not full proof. They have a dirty secret of breaking down at an alarming rate while constantly being cycled out of circulation and replaced. Many of the electric scooters do not make it more than 3 months on the road. Some of the e-scooters need monthly replacement. It is difficult for the businesses to recoup the e scooter purchase cost within such less time and this causes many of the businesses to fail. Also, the main motive of saving the environment was compromised with the electric scooters breaking down causing an increase in the waste as the recycling ability is not yet proper.

As the devices have spread everywhere, the electric scooter rental companies have been criticized for deploying models that break in the middle of the ride, catch fire and compromise the safety of the riders. There have been many cases of badly injured riders in news these days.

What can be done?

Every problem has a solution. A startup straight out of MIT has come up with a solution for the existing e scooter problem. They have introduced a smart and self-repairing industrial-grade electric scooter. They are a transportation robotics company. After hearing the stories of injured riders during the e scooter rides, they wanted to design something that could help.

Superpedestrian is a Cambridge based micro mobility company. They are known for making electric bikes. They plan on producing an “industrial grade e scooter” that is capable of operating on a single charge for several days. It will be capable of self-diagnosing mechanical problems. It will also be able to remove itself from the circulation using “vehicle intelligence”.

According to the Superpedestrian founder and CEO Assaf Biderman, e-scooter will remain in circulation for as long as 18 months which is 6 times the lifespan of current e scooters.

How can your business benefit?

When entering the e scooter business, you need to consider all the issues that you might face. The most important issue is regarding the sustainability of your e scooters. It is important to know how sturdy the electric scooters are when you are investing in them. As previously discussed, the less capable electric scooters have led to the failure of many of the businesses. You might become unpopular among your customers if you have too many injured riders with the e scooter accidents.

Your electric scooters must be super-robust. They should require minimal charging and they need to smart enough to sustain themselves on city streets for prolonged periods of time. Along with all these things, you should not spend much money to buy or produce them.

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Of course, it is a fact that nothing stays forever. Every hardware is meant to break someday or the other. But it is all about managing risks. You need to find out various ways to tackle failure and make the ride as safe as possible for your rider.

E scooter app development

As it is necessary for you to make the hardware safe, you need to provide your customers ease of accessing it. E scooter app development is the best way to tackle this problem. You need to have a user- friendly electric Scooter app that has all the features to make it interesting and attractive. To make your business popular having an e-scooter app is extremely essential. People want you to be accessible at their fingertips. That is possible only if you are approachable to them through your mobile e-scooter app.

Who can help you to decide the features?

Well, once you have decided to enter the electric scooter rental business, you need to approach the best mobile app development company. Coruscate, without a doubt can be your number one choice. We are the experts in our field and well-known with each detail. We have developed e-scooter apps for many companies. You can share your requirements with us and we can help you decide unique necessary features for your app with the cost estimate and time required with every single detail absolutely free. What are you waiting for? Get going with Coruscate Solutions! Click below to get free Electric scooter app estimation or app demo.

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