All about e-scooters and the cost of developing an e-scooter sharing app

All about e-scooters and the cost of developing an e-scooter sharing app

The on-demand e-scooter apps are growing since the emergence of startups like Bird and Lime. The e-scooters are popular vehicles as they are said to be eco-friendly and pocket-friendly. At the same time, these tiny vehicles are convenient and maneuverable in the rush hours of traffic.

An e-scooter app developed by Coruscate can help you in starting your own e-scooter business at the earliest. With the user-friendly user interface, users can sign up your e-scooter service and you can rent your e-scooters. With the use of geo-location, the users will be able to find the nearest vehicle, pick it up and then drop the scooters at the most convenient destination. Our experienced development team can customize the app and help you through the initial phase as you deploy the app. 

Here are the basic features that you should include in your e-scooter app


  • In-App Payment
  • GPS
  • Social Media Integration
  • Cross-Platform Ability
  • Barcode Scan
  • Multi-Lingual Support

If you consider having an advance e-scooter app for your startup, you can always go for IoT integration which allows you to locate and control the e-scooters anywhere across the cities.

But, the most important question that runs through your mind is – ‘is it really clever to jump into the e-scooter industry?’

Well, as we have previously discussed in our various blogs about the e-scooter global market research, it does feel to be a wise decision to go for an e-scooter sharing startup. 

Let us check out some recent figures related to e-scooter sharing companies and their market to support the answer.

E-scooter Market Analysis:

According to a report in Polaris market research, the global electric scooter market size was valued at USD 17,630 million back in the year 2017 and it is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 12.8% over the period of few years up to 2025. The emission of harmful gases through petrol and diesel vehicles along with the depleting resources and fluctuating prices of fuels have made people turn towards the electric scooters. Though there are some limitations with the electric scooters such as slow speed and short ranges. However, the current advancements are expected to offer higher power and overcome the existing limitations thus supplementing the market growth.


The e-scooters are fuel-efficient, easy to handle, support the environment and are also feasible to use and move around in the traffic due to their compact size. These are more than enough reasons for the electric scooters to be adopted in countries such as France, the US, Germany, UK, Spain and many more. Countries across the world are adopting the e-scooters and thus it has spurred a demand for e-scooters everywhere in the world. The companies such as Bird, Lime, Jump, Razor, etc are offering services by procuring the e-scooters from the manufacturers like Ninebot-Segway, Gogoro, Inc, and Xiaomi. These services are available in more than 90 countries and thousands of universities across the globe as of today.

The electric scooters are basically two or three-wheeled vehicles which are powered by electricity. The power is stored in a rechargeable battery that is responsible to drive the functioning of electric motors. The major concern regarding the electric scooter was that of the charging time required for the vehicles. The manufacturers are investing highly in research and development to solve this issue and improve the charging time and range of these vehicles.

Power Plan Plus is a company that has announced the development of a carbon battery that gets charged 20 times faster than any other battery. The battery is low cost but offers a large volume of storage of electricity and is much more durable. Moreover, there is also research being conducted on organic redux flow battery which is much more eco-friendly and much cost-effective than the current lithium-ion batteries.

Segment Analysis

The e-scooter market all over the world is segmented on the basis of type, product, battery type, voltage, and region. There are two types- one is a plug-in and another is battery based e-scooter. Product is divided into three categories- the retro, the self-balancing and the foldable. There are different battery types as well like lead-acid, Li-ion, etc. E-scooters running on different voltages are popular among the people of various countries. Here is an in-detailed geographic distribution of the market across North America, Europe, APAC and South America, and the Middle East. North America is divided into U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Europe is segmented into Germany, UK, Italy, France, and Rest of Europe. Asia-Pacific is divided into China, India, Japan, and Rest of Asia-Pacific. Asia-Pacific is known for the largest share in the Global Electric Scooter market in the year 2017.


Competitive Landscape

There are innovative products in the market launched by legendary players that are introduced to cater to consumer needs. Huge global companies are entering new markets in developing cities to expand their customer base and strengthen market presence. Hyundai Motor Company presented the concept of IONIQ Scooter at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The scooter is said to be a light-weight electrically powered scooter which will strengthen the company’s hold in the market. Other major companies entering the electric scooter market are Honda, Brammo, Mahindra, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, etc.

Cost of developing an e-scooter app

If we consider the basic features and the basic three modules of the e-scooter sharing app, the estimates of the e-scooter app development cost will come out to be as follows:

Escooter app development costcost

These prices depend on the number of hours the developers put in to build the e-scooter app. The cost structure can change on the basis of customization in the app features.

Now that you are aware of the new first and last mile commutation medium and how much it would cost you to join the business venture which is becoming the new port of investors, you can think about having a Bird or Lime of your own.

Connect with us for further queries regarding the on-demand e-scooter app and get expert guidance. You can also ask for a free app demo.

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