Make Your Own App Like Dubai Mall App: Reuse These App Features

The Dubai Mall App is one of the most innovative apps in the Shopping category. This 5,00,000+ downloads app has turn-by-turn navigation to 1300+ stores. The AI integration makes it entertaining and makes exploring this enormous mall easy, and the navigation option is great.

If you are looking to make an app like the Dubai Mall App, this is your definitive guide. 

A mall app is a profitable idea that will enhance customer experience. You might think expensive or worthy enough idea but there are features you can include in your application similar to the Dubai Mall App.

Notify your users about events and offers through this app. 

• Replace the pesky email and SMS reminders. 

• The Dubai Mall is overwhelming for tourists and locals alike. Being the world’s largest shopping mall, it is spread over 5,400,000 square feet and has over 1200 stores and 200 restaurants. Available on Android and iOS platforms.

Read these five app values of the Dubai Mall App before you make your own app

1. Dynamic Splash Screen

As the app opens, a dynamic video screen welcomes you. It represents the mall as a lifestyle destination. Including images of restaurants, events, and fashion. This creates a good impression when users experience your application. Helpful in grabbing attention. 

2. Personalized Home Page Experience

Dubai Mall App gives all the necessary information on the home page itself, such as

• Trending Events

• Today’s Exclusive Offers

• Personalized Recommendations

• Top Shops in the Mall

• Navigations to Shop, Entertain, Dine

3. Mall Map Navigation

You can navigate through the mall with the use of an Indoor GPS System. It is like Google Maps but for an indoor space. You can navigate the stores, parking areas, taxi stands, directions to reach the Dubai Mall Metro Station, and more. 

This Navigation provides Search filters such as

• Search Text Area

• Locate Me Button

• Floor Selection

• Help me find Section

4. AI Chat Support, Notifications, Saved Items & Rewards

It also supports the AI Chabot, which can answer your queries regarding the mall. Save Items contains all your saved places or stores as a list in one place. The rewards section contains all your earned rewards from previous shopping.

5. Parking Service Planner and More

This feature help you to find parking and its availability. In addition, It supports Valet parking location searching and Lists all the EV charging points.

How to turn this into a business opportunity? (Team Insights)


There are some ways here that you can turn this Mall App Concept or Features into a great business opportunity.

• Develop a SaaS Solution for the Mall owners and Sell your readymade solution to them. 

• You can directly sell and customize your Mall App solution.

• If you want to make an app like Dubai Mall App for yourself or your organization, You can monetize your application too and can generate revenue from it.

• If you own any large campus space open to the public, you can create this app for convenience.

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How and Where to Start?


You see how we see an opportunity in Dubai for you, but this is not it. 

We are more creative when it comes to app development.

We recommend you talk to us before hiring app developers. We have a few business models that work best for you and us to create new solutions for your target audience. 

Even if you want to hire a dedicated development team (which we have observed that most successful CEOs or Founders do), we have the best designers, developers, and QA engineers to make a custom app or an app like Dubai Mall App.

We are not promoting any clone or script here to highlight anyone’s app idea. 

We respect privacy and their uniqueness for their objectives and outcomes. The Dubai mall app is something we admire, and yet we are sharing our understanding with the people who want to create an app that can be used maximum by the targeted audience. 

We provide simple yet intelligent and creative solutions for each of your technological problems.

Let’s build your own app

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