How On-demand Doctor App will Help People Cope with the Pandemic Coronavirus?


Covid-19, a disease spread by Coronavirus has been declared pandemic. As of now, there is no vaccine available for the same but, the government and health officials are working towards prevention and treatment initiatives that can help with mitigating the risks. 

It has been established that the disease can spread through contact, which is why it has become important for people with normal flu symptoms to take rest and avoid contact with other people. However, there is a growing need for people with common flu symptoms to get the required care and check for Coronavirus, without moving out. 

Apart from the prevention measures, the medical facilities need to pay attention to all cases, including those with low severity. 

That’s where technology can help the doctors and others involved in caregiving. From helping them identify whether the person is actually infected with Coronavirus to helping them take the necessary measures to help them gain knowledge on the virus and its effects. 

Reasons why to choose or develop On-demand Doctor App

As we have mentioned, technology is the only source to ensure better care and immediate attention to all the patients.

The spread is so wide and fast that the health services are not really prepared to attend to so many patients and offer immediate relief.

The caregivers are also at risk of getting the virus, which can make things worse. At this point, telemedicine and on-demand doctor apps can help both the patients and doctors.

  • The app will help the doctors connect with the patients in real-time, and understand the symptoms. In some cases, apps that have AI and other technologies will be able to diagnose the condition of the patient and be able to offer proper reports to the doctor. According to the results, the doctor will be able to advise the patient and will be able to help them immediately
  • Considering the situation is spreading far and wide, people are still not completely in the know-how of how this virus works, and what precautions they need to take. There is a lot of myth surrounding it. with the doctor app, the patients can connect with the doctors and get some understanding of the virus. The doctor app can also help patients understand what precautions they need to take, in case the virus is spreading in their vicinity. With prevention, they will be able to help control the spread of this virus
  • The on-demand doctor app can help the patients take a prior appointment. As a result, the patients don’t need to wait in queues and spread the virus to other people, if they are infected. It will also reduce the gathering at the doctor’s place, thus ensuring control in the spread. 
  • The on-demand doctor app can also offer in-house visitations through video channels and detect if the patient consulting the doctor is at high risk or low risk. This will also help the doctors know if the patients need to be quarantined or, they can rest at home.

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How to Plan an App to Cope with Coronavirus Pandemic?


What feature you should include in On-Demand Doctor App


As we have already mentioned, an on-demand solution to handle the coronavirus spread and one that helps the doctors and the patients is essential, during these difficult times. However, it matters a lot how you plan the app, and what aspects you take into consideration when developing this app.

#1 Introduce the Essential Features


When it comes to an on-demand doctor app that helps cope with the pandemic Coronavirus, you need to take care that apart from the regular features, you need to define certain essential features.

  • Online Doctor Consultation: During this time, it is best for the people to stay in their homes, and limit their movements. In fact, it would be ideal if they don’t gather around the waiting lines in the visitation room, waiting for their turn with the doctor. As a result, your app should allow online consultations. In case, the matter is really serious and the patient needs to meet the doctor before they can plan the treatment, then the patient should be moved to the hospital. This would help both the patients and the doctors curb the spread of the virus
  • Scheduling Appointments: In normal cases, appointments can be scheduled, and you can still make the patients wait for a while before it is their turn. However, during these times, you need to make sure that the patient’s wait time is nil. You should allow them to schedule an appointment in such a way that the waiting area stays clear, and no two patients come in contact with each other. Even if they are not infected, these steps would help cope with this difficult time
  • Video In-house Visitation: The doctors cannot come personally to meet the patients, and it is nearly impossible for the caregivers to attend to the increasing number of patients. With the app, the doctors can offer in-house visitation through the video, and check for the symptoms. They can even collect the reports and other medical histories through the app, and help the patient with their condition. 

#2 Incorporate the Latest Technologies


A stand-alone on-demand mobile app that offers consultations and helps with real-time connect with the doctors is not enough during these times. You need to add a hint of technologies to make them more insightful, the communication meaningful, and ensure that the live connect is as good as the contact you would have with the doctor if you visit them. 

  • The app should be able to measure all the vitals and send the reports to the doctors
  • Apart from this, the app should connect with other home health devices or apps that will help monitor the condition of the different organs, and help the provider know-how and what issues you are facing
  • The doctor should also be able to get accurate diagnostics, which will help them with the treatment plan
  • The EHR records should be made available to check on the history

For this purpose, you need to incorporate technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT to help with diagnostics and measurement as well as data management. This will also help the doctors with real-time insights, which will help them with planning the solution.

#3 Easy On-boarding


The ideal app at this time would be one that does not require a lot of learning and can be used with ease. You need to keep your research on mobile app usage handy to know how people prefer the app UI, and what helps them onboard faster.

  • A clean and effortless design will surely entice more people and get them on-board
  • The standard elements should be clearly placed and there should be a good amount of whitespace available for easy viewing
  • The app design should be aesthetic as well as functional

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Summing Up

The on-demand segment has been delivering able solutions for a long time. With the pandemic fear looming over us, it is time to take the requisite action that can help curb the spread, and offer relief and treatment to those who need it immediately. It will help manage the quarantine situation as well.

Coruscate’s On Demand app development solution can help doctors and hospitals to plan the on-demand doctor app that can facilitate all the above-mentioned points, and improve the healthcare facility.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

We aim to bring to the table current trends and technologies that can help overcome the challenges we are facing at this point. We believe, with the right solution we can at least help people stay aware and take care of their well-being.

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