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Everything You Need To Know About Disrupt SF By TechCrunch

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It’s that time of the year when startups start drumrolling their entry, and investors are all upbeat about the innovations they are about to hear. Yes, Disrupt SF by TechCrunch is all set to disrupt your world and also the technology as you know it, this September in San Francisco. Already compared to the Super Bowl, this is the technology lover’s major event, one that you cannot miss it.

What Is Disrupt SF?


It is the platform where new startups are announced to the world, and where big sponsors and investors are named, the ones associated with the funding world. Basically, it is the platform that helps startups network, and investors identify their next funding round. It is a big event, one that most of the early stage startups should not be missing out on. This is also known as the startup alley in the Disrupt SF vocabulary.

It is not just that! You also have a healthy competition among startups for the Disrupt Cup. Yes, the startup battlefield, a competition over the period of three days, sees which one can win the cash prize along with the cup. This startup also manages to get the investor’s attention. This is indeed the dream come true platform for the startups.

Want to know some of the past companies that topped this battlefield? Mint, Dropbox, Yammer and Tripit, are just some of the names, and you would see that each one of them is now a top-notch business.

If you are an early stage startup and want to win over the battlefield, this is your chance. Make sure you apply to the battlefield, and not lose your magical chance of gaining good sponsors and investments.

Apart from the battle, you also have mentors giving out their best speeches, and people talking about their startups and their struggles. A lot of people come and talk about how the business world works, and what is important for startups.


What All’s Happening At The TechCrunch Disrupt?


  • A whole lot of networking is definitely in the game. Yes, people will meet people and businesses will meet other businesses. There will be talks and there will be exchanges.
  • Crunch match is yet another part of the Disrupt SF that attempts to get the investors talking to the right startups. This one makes sure the networking is happening right. It is a free service, and it is based on the specificity of the criteria, goals and interests established by the investors. The day and time is scheduled beforehand for this platform.
  • Daily interactive workshops will take place, which will help the entrepreneurs establish new problem-solving methods.
  • The after party is definitely not one to be missed. So, make sure you have enough energy left to attend it.


Why Should Startups Attend The Disrupt Event?


  •  It is your only golden opportunity to meet a roomful of people, investors and other startup owners. You may get investment or better ideas. It is something that you cannot avoid, as it will help you and your business grow. While virtual interaction is definitely useful, when you meet these people in person, there is an increased chance of getting business or getting funded.
  • You will be able to look at your business idea from a customer’s perspective. There will be people in that room who would have problems that your startup can solve. You can always ask them for feedback, and check how you can improve your product. Yes, there is a whole lot of space for brainstorming in there.
  • There is nothing like good exposure for your business. If you want to surge ahead in the entrepreneurial world, you ought to get a good visibility for yourself as well as your business. This is your best chance to get both.

How Businesses Can Stand Out In Disrupt SF?


There are just too many people attending the event. Your chances of getting noticed is 1 in a million. If you want to make the most of that chance, then here are a few tips that industry mentors have given out in the past.

  • Opt for the startup battlefield. You will get to be a part of the conference for free and you would be able to showcase your product and demonstrate your solution to a roomful of people.
  • It is important to be a part of the social media, as that is how your potential audience and investor is probably going to hear about you. Make sure you have established a good social presence.
  • Startup t-shirts will help you get noticed. The event badges won’t help you stand out on the battlefield.
  • It is important that you leave your booth to concentrate on networking and out of the box promotional activities to improve your connections and increase your visibility.
  • Make sure you take every conversation as an opportunity. This way you would be able to gain maximum from the conference.


Save The Date


The conference is going to be held from 5th September to the 7th September in San Francisco. The featured guests include.

    • Whitney Wolfe, founder and CEO Bumble
    • Reid Hoffman, a partner at Greylock Partners
    • Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO Uber

For details into the event, check https://techcrunch.com/events/disrupt-sf-2018/

Summing up


Disrupt SF is definitely the road to meeting new people and networking in today’s time and age. According to a lot of people, it is the road to success for the startups. With investors and startups meeting at the same place and connecting with each other, there is a possibility for an increase in the available opportunities.

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