Ride-hailing has a huge scope in the African market as inDriver and others join the race

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inDriver is one of the top 10 ride-sharing companies in the world. It is a transportation network company which has 26 million users and its services are active in more than 200 cities in 24 countries. The app is available in the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and India.

The transportation company was founded in Yakutsk in the year 2012.

The business model of inDriver

The business model of inDriver is simple and straightforward in which the passengers determine the price of the trip. The passenger needs to enter the amount he or she is willing to pay for the trip. The first driver who is willing to accept the offered price gets to confirm the order. Also, inDriver prices drivers primarily on a flat rate, unlike the competitors who charge drivers a percentage of their taxi fare receipts. According to OZY, the fees that inDriver takes from drivers’ receipts is on an average 5-8% of the fare which is significantly much less than other big taxi booking apps and ride-hailing services. inDriver allows the passengers to make all payments for their rides to the drivers directly. The payments can be made in cash or through other non-cash methods of payments. Due to this system, the fare for rides with this transportation company is even lower.

Here is a graph of inDriver app’s growth from a trusted site Similarweb:

Here is a graph of inDriver app’s growth from a trusted site Similarweb:

Another graph from App Annie showing the download rank of inDriver app in the last week:

Another graph from App Annie showing the download rank of inDriver app in the last week:

The global ride-hail startup inDriver has launched its app-based service in in Kampala (Uganda) this week. The online taxi company went live in Nairobi in June. It is currently available in four African countries: Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Tanzania. The company is now headquartered in New York.

According to a recent report in CrunchBase, the company has raised $15 million in two rounds from Leta Capital. The company entered the streets of Latin America and Tanzania in 2018. The startup recognizes a value proposal for Africa based around urbanization, demographics, and some of the uncommon aspects of its platform. They feel that Africa is going to be a big market for them as there are a lot of cities with high population. These cities still do not have access to ride-hailing services.

The company believes that they can reach n additional market segment in African cities. The inDriver’s mobile app allows for cash-payment and inDriver views itself more as an IT service than a taxi company. The startup does not directly finance or brand cars in Africa. They charge a percentage of every ride to make revenue and doesn’t currently take a commission from drivers in Africa. However, they do that in other markets. 

Scope of ride-hailing services around the world

The startup, inDriver is going to stick to car-based taxi service in Africa for the time being. They do not have any immediate plans to enter the motorcycle transportation or add other things in other markets like truck rental services.

iDriver’s marketing strategy in Kampala was to depend originally on word-of-mouth attained by what it pitches as cheaper prices and bringing price-negotiation to a swift and controlled online process.

During these times, Africa’s ride-hail markets are becoming a multi-wheeled, Pan-African, and global business. inDriver’s expansion in Uganda can prove very much beneficial for them during these times. There are a lot of expansions going around the world in the field of online car taxis, moto-taxi startups, and car and motorcycle delivery-services during recent times.

Previously, Uber ran in eight African countries. But since last year Bolt which was previously known as Taxify joined the global ride-hail company to continue motorcycle-taxi services on the continent.

The African local, Ethiopian auto-taxi startup ZayRide has also announced its expansion in West Africa in the month of August. The African motorcycle ride-hailing market is estimated to be worth $4 billion. There has been a huge surge in the investment and expansion in this sector. At the same time, the company based out of Nigeria, MAX has raised $7 million with Yamaha to back it up with its pilot electric e-motos in order to expand services in West Africa. There is another newly launched ride to join the competition called ORide moto-taxi service by global web-browser company Opera in Nigeria.

The ride-hailing company SafeBoda is expanding its services to Kenya. It is also recently raised a series B round which was co-led by the venture arms of Germany’s Allianz and Indonesia’s Go-Jek. In short, whether it is two wheels or four wheels Africa’s on-demand transportation market is moving swiftly.

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