What can be the next exciting feature for your Uber-like app – A monthly subscription model?

Develop a subscription module for your app like Uber’s Ride Pass.

After developing a taxi booking app or a food delivery app like Uber, you might be thinking about what can you offer next to your users next? Your users need something new every time to keep them engaged. By offering them new and interesting features from time to time, you can keep them involved in your app and there are more chances of them visiting you back.


Well, let’s discuss a new feature that Uber is introducing for its transportation and food delivery app to renew the interest of its audience.

Uber is actively experimenting with a monthly subscription pass that joins rides, Eats, bikes, and scooters. In this pilot phase, Uber is testing a few distinct iterations in San Francisco and Chicago. Each of these versions introduces a fixed discount on every ride. It also has a free Uber Eats delivery and free JUMP bikes and e-scooters rides. The cost of buying the subscription pass is $24.99 every month.

Uber is experimenting with lower-priced passes in many other cities. These passes grant discounted rides and free delivery on Uber Eats orders. They have kept these conditions apply only when the user orders food or has rides above a certain order amount.

Uber has always tried its best to keep the audience engaged and loyal to its services. They have offered everything right from transportation to food. They keep looking for ways to make Uber the go-to option for your everyday needs. These things are worth learning from Uber to be successful in your on-demand business.

Uber’s spokesperson came up with an interview when TechCrunch first reported the screenshots that were leaked from Uber’s Android app. These screenshots showed the Uber Eats pass in the month of March. There were also some talks about a scenario where Uber Ride combined with Uber Eats for its Ride Pass product.

Uber has launched a Ride Pass in the month of October last year. This is a way for people to consistently pay lower prices on unique rides for a monthly fee. It is notable that Lyft also offers a similar monthly subscription product called All-Access.

It is for the first time that Uber is joining all of its user gifts into one monthly subscription. The biggest difficulty in the micro-mobility space is product differentiation and brand loyalty. Offering monthly subscription is an intelligent move for Uber to get customers to fully bind to its multimodal platform.

The idea is people who have already bought Uber’s monthly combo pass shall look for and take up more Uber services than any other. For example, imagine a person who has purchased Uber’s monthly combo pass. He is looking for a bike or e-scooter. While searching, he might come across a Lyft e-scooter but then in the app, he can locate an Uber e-scooter nearby. So, he will walk a little distance to get the Uber e-scooter rather than taking the Lyft one as he has already paid for the services.

Another thing worth remarkable in San Francisco is the JUMP bike is experiencing competition in the dockless e-bike space for the first time. Lyft has recently deployed its e-bikes that can be both docked and dockless. So, it can prove a threat to Uber e-scooters. It is said to be Uber’s strategy to test its product in San Francisco to keep its users intact. Uber is also planning to sneak into the territory of the Postmate app. The combo plan that Uber has launched as a monthly subscription product for unlimited free deliveries. This is said to be a very lucrative move for Uber, as it locks customers into spending more money on Uber.

Benefits of providing Ride Pass like Uber to your users

As Uber is piloting its product in San Fransisco, here are some of the advantages that the Ride Pass provides its users:

  • The user is in control

    By using Ride Pass, the user’s costs of service are protected on all eligible routes. There is no compromise about it even in the case of traffic or weather or time of day.

  • A user gets more ways to ride

    The Ride Pass allows a user to unlock more benefits like free JUMP bikes and e-scooters for up to 30 minutes a day wherever available, even though for a limited period of time.

  • Protected Prices

    The user gets to save every time when they ride a JUMP bike or e-scooter. These savings can be tracked in the app.

Here are the steps for buying a Ride Pass:

The Ride Pass is accessible in selected cities across the US. The users living in the cities where the Ride Pass is available in the menu of their Uber app, they can use it. The pass renews automatically every month, and the user is allowed to cancel it anytime. If the Ride Pass is not available in your Uber app, be assured you will find it very soon as Uber is planning to expand this product into more cities in the year 2019.

What can be the next exciting feature for your Uber-like app - A monthly subscription model?

» Open the app:

Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the Uber app. Select Ride Pass from the list of options available.

» Buy a Ride Pass

The purchase screen with program benefits will be visible. Click on Get a pass when you are ready to buy. Then confirm your payment method and click Buy.

» Track your savings

Keep a watch on your savings, update your payment method, or cancel Ride Pass anytime inside the Uber app.
If the Ride Pass product has caught your interest and you wish to build a similar subscription module for your e-scooter app, taxi-booking app, food delivery app or any other on-demand Uber-like app, do not hesitate to connect with us and allow us to be your dependable technology partner to provide you unique solutions.

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