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build a home service application like TaskRabbit

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When we all were little kids, we used to watch various animated shows on the television. The shows like Richie Rich and Ducktales had these robots designed to do the household chores. These robots were good enough to manage and complete everything in a matter of seconds.

When we grew up, we all kept dreaming of having household help. Though robots are still not very common, there are alternatives that can be as competent as these robot characters in the animated shows. The on-demand apps for home services is an option that you can use to make your life easier.

Home service applications like TaskRabbit and Handy are becoming highly popular with the audience in this industry. These applications are said to have become the most profitable sectors of the on-demand industry. These applications are not only appreciated by the end-users but also by the entrepreneurs who are looking for a business model generating a huge sum of money for them.

Develop Alternative app of TaskRabbit, How to Make an App Like TaskRabbit, TaskRabbit alternative app features to consider

Why should you go for TaskRabbit clone app? – On Demand home service application

Let’s check out the market view of TaskRabbit to provide you an answer.

TaskRabbit – a home service app

TaskRabbit is an American online marketplace. It matches freelance labor with local demand. They help the customers to get quick assistance with their household chores. The tasks include cleaning, relocating, delivery and helper work. The company was founded in the year 2008 by Leah Busque. The company has tens of thousands of reliable taskers with their full background checks done. They also have generated more than $37.7 million in the fundings to date. The founder was struggling with her daily tasks like buying dog food. She came up with an idea of “neighbors helping neighbors” and founded TaskRabbit.

In the year 2008, TaskRabbit came up with RunMyErrand in Boston with their first 100 runners. Later in the year 2010, the firm’s name was changed to TaskRabbit. The firm expanded in San Francisco Bay Area to New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and California. The firm launched an app that enabled users to post a task with an iPhone.

Scope of Home Service app like TaskRabbit clone app

According to an article on the Home service sector in Verified Market Research, the Global Home Services Market was valued at USD 281.65 Billion in 2018. The industry is expected to observe a growth of 18.91% from 2019-2026 and reach USD 1,133.40 Billion by 2026.

The newest survey on Global Home Services Market is directed including various institutions of the industry from different topography to come up with a 100+ page report. The study is a comprehensive mixture of qualitative and quantitative information highlighting essential market developments, disputes that industry and opposition are facing along with gap review and new chance possible and trend in the Home Services Market. The report proposes to provide the cutting-edge market knowledge and support decision-makers take judicious investment evaluation.

Features to consider for your on-demand house service app:

Features to consider for your on-demand house services app

1. Choices of Service

The most important feature that should be present in your on-demand home service app like TaskRabbit is providing the users with the list of services to choose from. This feature should be like the marketplace where the users get to see all offered services. The individual categories section will be able to take users to the detailed category pages where all options will be available.

2. Booking

The booking feature is important for both the users and the service providers. When the users use this feature, they will be able to book a service immediately or schedule it as per their convenience. The booking feature also allows rescheduling the bookings. And for the service providers, the booking feature enables the accepting and rejecting of any bookings that are made. They will be able to view all the booking made and scheduled by the users.

3. Make Reviews & Ratings

The reviews and ratings received by a particular service from the users play a very important role in getting the next booking. The more good ratings and reviews a service gets, the more are its chances of getting booked again. So, the users should get the options to provide ratings and reviews on the experience they obtained from the service provider.

4. In-App Chat

The influence of messages over calls is evident these days. The same distinction is sound in the on-demand home services as well. While developing a TaskRabbit clone app, you should give your users and service providers the advantage to get in touch with each other in real-time by the in-app chat. This in-app chat platform should be a safe and encrypted platform to interact with each other

5. In-App Payment

Users can always have an option to pay in cash but you can give them an option to pay with comfort and ease through the app itself. By providing your users with a secure platform you can also put a step forward for the better engagement of your users.

6. Tracking Service Providers

The users should get an option to track the service providers. The users should be able to track the path of the service provider and should get an estimated time for the completion of the task. This can get you a clear idea regarding the time that you need to prepare for the visit.

7. Booking History

Booking history is another essential feature which you would want to include in your app. The booking history helps the users to keep a record of previous availed services along with the details of service providers. If the user wishes to ask for the same service again they can just click on repeat order and avail the service again.

8. Help Section

The help section, though it feels unnecessary, it is a section where you can present your users with the information about the application clearly presented and there can be an FAQ section to avoid common questions and queries.

9. Service Invoice

The users should also be provided an invoice regarding every service that they receive. This can be provided in the Orders section and separately through email or SMS.

10. Push Notification

Any notice of marketing and app engagement will remain unfinished without the push notifications. The Push Notifications can keep your users updated regarding all the information and the coupons and discounts that you wish to provide them.

On-demand Home Service App TaskRabbit Clone – Admin Panel

The admin panel should have various features that are simplistic in nature. These features are very crucial and need to be supported with a robust technology stack. Coruscate can help you in choosing the tech stack wisely as it plays a very critical role in deciding the cost of development for your TaskRabbit clone app and also the security of the app. 

The most important features that you need to include in your admin panel are:

  • Admin Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Service provider management
  • Changed fees and prices

Cost of Development for the TaskRabbit like App

The estimated cost of the TaskRabbit application depends on many different factors. But majorly, the deciding factors are the platform choice and the mobile app designing cost. 

We have various customizable white-label solutions which are available for you costing $10000. However, the costs can increase or decrease according to the features that you wish to add in the app. The app cost also depends on the native platforms like an individual Android or iOS platform. The cost will be a lot higher if the app is developed on a cross-platform framework like React Native or Flutter.

Team Size Required to Develop On-Demand Home Service App 

Normally, the team size needed to create an on-demand home service app is as follows:

» Project Manager, Designers, Developers, and QA Experts.

But the composition can be different when it comes to different apps. Just knowing the cost of the app development is not enough, to get a clear picture, you need to understand how to earn money when the application gets live. 

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

How to Earn Money From Your On-Demand Home Service App? 

To earn money when you are primarily acting as an aggregator in business, you can follow the business model of the TaskRabbit clone app. There are two methods of earning money via the app:

» First: By charging a processing Fee:

You can charge a certain percentage of money as a service charge out of the amount that your providers would get from the users.

» Second: Peak Pricing :

Like Uber has its surge pricing, you can also have an increase in the prices at the time of high demand. You can take advantage of this approach during the festive period when the home service requirement is the highest.

FAQs About Development Cost to Make an App like TaskRabbit 

1. How to develop apps like TaskRabbit?

You need to get in touch with us to understand the complete process of app development. We understand the on-demand home service industry and working to its core and we can help you to develop an amazing app either using a custom app development process or through our white label solutions.

2. How to determine the cost of TaskRabbit clone app?

There are a few factors which can determine the cost of development for TaskRabbit clone app:

  • The features
  • The associated tech stack
  • The location of your technology partner
  • The platforms on which the app will go live.

3. How does TaskRabbit like app help you to earn profits?

To earn back the invested amount in the TaskRabbit clone app and then to generate profits, you can charge a processing fee and charge the extra amount at the peak hours. Using these methods, you can generate a huge amount of money via the TaskRabbit clone app.

Technology Stacks for TaskRabbit Clone App:

Using some latest and robust technologies for developing your TaskRabbit like app is very essential for you to keep yourself on the top of the competition.

Coruscate can help you with our latest technologies and infrastructure to design and develop an amazing home service app like TaskRabbit. Our expert team of researchers and developers can help you to imbibe the latest features in your app to make it popular among the users. If you are interested to know about the development cost and get into this venture, connect with us to discuss and kickstart your new business.

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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