Offer ride-sharing services with apps like Via to pay the way for a new transportation system

There is a unique turmoil to an ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road. According to the green car report, it is expected that there will be around two billion cars on the road by the year 2035. It is not only traffic jams but the environmental degradation due to toxic emissions from vehicles.

People need to understand that, it’s time to shift on to carpooling or ride-sharing apps, that offer cost-effective and eco-friendly choices to a private vehicle. A ride-sharing service can be rightly described as a settlement between a vehicle owner and an individual who gives a pickup location with their desired address within an app or website.

There are several speculations about why carpooling and ride-hailing apps are deemed a better option for transport over a personal vehicle. Some of them are as follows:

  • Saves money: Sharing a ride with others can spare you a substantial amount of money.
  • Reduces stress: You can avoid the difficulty of driving a car and instead travel comfortably in a shared cab.
  • Saves time: A carpooling cab is licensed to run on the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) path. So, it keeps you from the traffic of the regular lanes.
  • Help the environment: Less the number of cars on the roads maintaining the air quality.
    Increase the vehicle’s life: By opting for the shared cab services, you can have a prolonged life for your car as fewer miles will be added.


What is Via?

As a piece of good news for the city of Cupertino, they are launching an on-demand public transport network along with the shuttle startup Via. This is an example of how municipalities are finding alternatives to traditional buses. The main goal of launching these on-demand shuttles, which will start with six vans branded with the city of Cupertino logo is to offer the citizens more dynamic links to CalTrain and improve passage to public transit across the city.

The on-demand shuttle service is set to commence on October 29. It will ultimately rise to 10 vehicles and introduce a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. The vehicle will be managed and maintained by Avis Budget Group- the fleet management and another partner in this service.

The residents and commuters are enabled to use the Via app or a phone reservation system to hail a shuttle. The network is expected to traverse through the whole 11-square-mile city with a satellite zone encircling the Sunnyvale CalTrain station for passengers declared the Via authorities. The Mayor of Cupertino, Steven Scharf envisions the Via on-demand app as the next generation of public transportation. This can be seen as something that allows the citizens to improve mobility while taking a step forward towards the greater purpose of reducing traffic congestion.

How you can generate money with Via clone app?

The service can be bought at weekly and monthly passes for $17 and $60. And they will be charging $5 per ride on Saturdays. There are two sides to Via’s business. The company works with customer-facing shuttles in Chicago, Washington, D.C. and New York. The company also partners with cities and transit professionals, providing customers access to its platform to expand its shuttles.

The Via platform is used to power the city’s pickup service by Austin’s Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The platform is also used by Arriva Bus UK, a Deutsche Bahn Company, to provide its customers with the first and last-mile transportation service along with linking the passengers to a high-speed train station in Kent, U.K. Via stated that the company was partnering with Los Angeles as part of a pilot program. As a part of this program, the company will provide rides to three busy public transit stations. The company has now more than 80 launched and unfinished deployments in more than 20 nations, rendering more than 60 million rides till today.

How does Via work?

You get a shared service and lessened carbon trail while riding with Via. The Via drivers pick the passengers on a nearby corner. All you need to do is set up your pickup and drop off request. The driver is allowed to wait only for 30 seconds. The passengers need to confirm their name with the driver before boarding as there are many Vias over the same route. Via does not drop the passengers door-to-door. But they leave you at the corner that is very near to your destination. This helps them to keep their routes optimized and fast. All in all, Via is the most intelligent, most trusted, eco-friendly, and most cost-effective method to get around.

Features of an on-demand shuttle app we provide with our ride sharing app development

» Find a Ride-
The on-demand ride-sharing services can allow you to find a ride with the commuters who are moving in the same direction as you.

» Get in Touch-
Once you find your right ride, you can connect with the driver through the app.

» Travel together-
This feature allows you to share the rides with your friends and family and travel together with cheaper alternatives,

» Easy Payment-
Payments can be done through the app with the app payment options like a debit card, credit card or pay after the journey is completed in cash.

» User Feedback
The analytical tools to find problems that the users may face during the ride.

Admin panel features of Via :

» Dashboard:
Allows the admin to gather important stats and rideshare service metrics at a flash on a splendidly placed out dashboard screen.

» Driver Management:
The admin can handle new driver registration permissions, payments and more from the driver’s segment.

» Passenger Management:
The admin can check records of all users listed on the platform, observe their feedback and present them targeted offers.

» Payments Management:
Through this feature, the admin can enable automatic payments to drivers for shared rides. They can even set the deduction a pre-agreed commission per ride.

» Reports & Analytics:
The admin can stay versed and make data-driven business decisions leveraging essential business visions and metrics.

What does Coruscate have in store as a solution for your ride-sharing app?

We have entertained thousands of ride-hailing and ride-sharing app queries in the past one year. We are experts in the technological process and have in-depth knowledge about the trends in the field of ride-sharing services. Our research team can provide you with detailed information about the scope of your app and the recent market analysis. We can also help you to choose an appropriate business model and the app features for your app. We offer scripts and white-label solutions that could save time and money for you so that you can hit the market and concentrate on generating revenues. If you need any more information regarding the ride-sharing app, please feel free to connect with us.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

» FAQs

What is the cost of developing app like Via?

There are various factors that decide the cost of a ride-sharing app like Via. The cost is decided on the basis of the features that you consider to have in your app and the time taken for the development. Not just that, the cost is also dependent on the team of developers and the tech stack that is chosen. However, we can offer you white label solutions in $10000 which are fully functional and 100% customizable.

What is the size of the development team required to build a ride-sharing app?

The size of the development team depends on the features and the size of the project also. Each project has different requirements and to decide the team size, we can help you out by guiding you to choose the tech stack and other things required for your business. Connect with us to ask for a free demo and schedule a free consultation session.

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