Why You Should Invest In Developing Apps Like Zillow or Trulia For The Canada Real Estate?

Posted on September 10, 2018 By Vishal Virani


Canada is gradually becoming the land of opportunities, with more people moving base to this land. This has also led to an increase in the opportunities for the real estate market, which had been tied down and not so relevant till now. With people relying on technology to access solutions to their problems, the real estate in Canada can’t be left behind. There are two best real estate apps Trulia & Zillow already leading the Canada market, by allowing peoples to find homes in an easy and effortless way.

The Growing Need For Real estate Apps in Canada


For a while now, finding a home in a new location meant connecting with new brokers offline or requesting people to find you a place. Even after months of searching, you turned up with nothing that suited your needs or met your bare minimum requirements. This became a pain for you, as not having a good place to stay, meant compromising on a lot of things.

Apps like Zillow and Trulia found a solution to ease this pain. They helped people who wanted to rent out residential or commercial properties and made them meet people who were looking for such accommodation. The mobile marketplace became a huge hit instantly and connected with the people who found it difficult otherwise to find a decent place for themselves.

As rental service platforms, they helped the users look for accommodations using filters, wherein they could mention their requirements. Once the listing was out, the users could identify the locations and the places that connected with them, best.

Walk Through The Zillow – Real Estate & Rental App


Before we move into the other aspects of real estate app, and how you need to work through one, here are a few points about the Zillow app that makes it unique and distinctive.

The app has one feature specifically for the tenants, which helps them find their apartments. The parameters that are used to make the choice ideal and instant include GEO location services, range, size, amenities etc.

There is a rental manager within the app, which allows you to list the property, and get the property and your listing verified. You even get checked for the credit score and criminal record, which makes the app secure and reliable.

For users planning to rent or buy a property, the most important consideration is the price. This could be based on the square feet or the location. The Zestimate feature within the app allows you to get an ideal estimate of the cost of the property you are planning to rent or buy.

Must-Have Features of Real estate App


After looking at the Zillow app, there are a few features that you can’t avoid having in your real estate app. We have shortlisted a few of them for your consideration.

  • Advanced search: The search is an important feature of any real estate app. This feature will allow users to look for properties based on their requirements. It is important that you make this feature smooth and streamlined, to meet the usage requirements. Advanced searches should offer niche requirements and should be an important part of the app.
  • Sorting: This feature allows the user to sort the available listings based on their popularity, newness etc. You should ideally introduce this feature to make viewing the properties and adding one to the favorites easy for the users.
  • Image gallery: A property that has been listed should also carry images with it. This will allow the user to get an idea of how the property will look, and what are the features of this property. You should ideally upload at least 10-15 pictures of the property to get a perfect idea.
  • Social sharing: This feature allows you to share the property details with someone who is looking for a similar property. You can easily share it via messenger apps or other social media applications. This makes information sharing easy.
  • Listing format: The listing of all the available properties should be done in a format that is easy to view and compatible across devices. The best format for the view is list format and is used by real estate apps across the globe.
  • Map view: Finding the location of the house listed on the app can be made easy with the map view of the location. The users can click on the map view and get directions to the concerned place. This will make their travel easy and effortless.
  • Saving the favorites: If you like a particular listing or are interested in a particular location, then you should be able to save it with ease. You can always go back to the saved listings and view if they are still relevant. You can even check out the homes in case they meet all your requirements.
  • 3D VR tours: With people appreciating comfort and convenience, you ought to prepare them for VR tours that will make the homes accessible while the people are seated at their offices or houses or current country. It saves a lot of time and efforts, for both the agents and the users.
  • The mortgage calculator: When intending to buy a house, there are mortgage requirements that you need to fulfill. This calculator will give you an idea of the amount that you need to mortgage to buy the house or property you are interested in.
  • Digital documents: It is important for the real estate app to have a facility to sign digital documents. It will save a lot of time for both the parties involved. In fact, the users don’t need to go and visit the location in order to finalize the deal.
  • Camera for editing: As a real estate manager or agent, you need to deal with floor plans. The smartphone camera will allow you to click the floor plan pictures and edit it. You can add furnishing details and other things that you want to the floor plan, to provide your clients with a complete understanding of your requirements.

Things to Consider When Developing Real estate App like Zillow & Trulia:


If you are planning on getting a real-estate app developed for your business, there are a few things that you can’t ignore.

The Purpose: Before you go ahead with the actual strategy building or planning for the app, you need to have a purpose defined for the real estate app.

1. Why do you believe your real estate business needs an app?
2. How will the app benefit the users?
3. Will your app add value to the life of your target audience?

If you have satisfactory answers to these questions, the next step for you is to proceed with the mobile app development process.

You need to plan the app before you can start the development. For this, you need to identify what your app ought to do, and how it will help the end users? For instance, the Zillow app allows the rental markets to connect with those who want to get an apartment on rent.

The Zillow app is the perfect place for those planning to invest in the real estate market. It helps them identify properties based on their needs. You will need to identify this path for your mobile app as well.

Define the target audience even before you start planning the application. It is important that you know for whom you are building the application. Is it for the real estate agents or for the real estate buyers/sellers?

You might also have the application defined for the investors in the real estate market. When you have the target audience defined, building the app and defining the app’s usage will become easy.

Consider the diversity of the market and the huge database that is readily available for you before you start planning the application. There are several points within the database and several features that can be developed based on the database that you have identified.

For instance, the properties can be listed based on the amenities, locations, routes, nearby places etc. Your database will carry all these data points when building the application. You might need to consider the ideal database technology such as PostGIS SQL database etc. for this purpose. Elasticsearch is also an excellent technology that solves your purpose.

When developing your application, you may need to concern yourself with the various tech stacks that come into play. In order to integrate the maps feature, you might want to use the MapKit API. Similarly, CoreLocation needs to be integrated in order to track the user’s location and introduce other location-specific features.

CoreData or Realm helps with saving the favorites. Finally, the social sign-in integration is a must for all the social integration that you want to introduce in your application.

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Summing up


Let’s say, when you plan for a Canada real estate app, the first thing you should do is study the competition. It helps you understand the markets better and allows you to work on features that will solve the gaps that exist in the market. It is equally important for you to plan out the features as well as the functionality of the app before you begin development.

Coruscate develops an app from the idea stage and helps with maintenance and complete support for the app. If you have an app idea for the real estate market, then connect with us via email or phone. We will pump in our efforts to give you the best-in-class app for your ideas.

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