Know how developing taxi app with these features made Pathao a game changer in Bangladesh

Know how developing taxi app with these features made Pathao a game changer in Bangladesh

There was a time when Uber was an inspiration for many entrepreneurs. Inspired by the Uber services and Uber business model, many entrepreneurs have started companies to solve different problems of their locality. Patho is one of them, basically, it’s Bangladesh-based company which was started to follow the legacy of Uber and other top taxi booking companies. Currently, Pathao is one of the most successful online taxi booking platforms in Bangladesh.

In this blog, we will study how Pathao managed to dominate the online taxi service market of Bangladesh with its generic taxi app. We will also discuss the features of Pathao App which you need to consider before developing a taxi app.

Everyday problems people of Bangladesh were facing

There are 160 million people living in Bangladesh which makes it the most populated country. Because of these many people, traffic problem was becoming worse. Most of the commuters were using CNGs (CNG-run auto-rickshaws). But it wasn’t easy to find one. It was also creating congestion on the streets of the big cities of Bangladesh. Moreover, it wasn’t secured, safe and comfortable.

According to a Daily Star reporter, Mansura Hossain who frequently travels Bangladesh for interviews, finding a CNGs was a half hour long business. She also hated the way drivers were upsetting the fare.

How online taxi booking platforms solved those problems?

For the people of Bangladesh, things radically changed with the launch of Bangladesh’s first online taxi booking platform, Pathao in 2015. It changed the way people were traveling in big cities. Soon after Pathao, Uber also targeted the market of Bangladesh and launched its services in three major cities of Bangladesh.

Mansura Hossain wrote in one of her articles that ride-sharing is a revolutionary change. It is easier, safer and time-saving.

Now, let’s be familiar with Pathao and its services.

Insight into Pathao

In 2015, a Bangladesh-based transportation company named Pathao was founded by Hussain M Elius, Shifat Adnam, and Fahim Saleh. Since they owed very limited capital fund, they decided to provide delivery service for e-commerce sites on bicycles and motorcycles. By mid-2016, Pathao managed to earn more money than their expectation and so, they expanded their business by starting bike-sharing service. People of Bangladesh quickly adapted the Pathao’s taxi service on motorbikes. Pathao signed up more than 100,000 drivers and 1 million users by March 2018. Pathao has also started Uber-like premium taxi service and food delivery service.

As of April 2018, Pathao had a fleet of 50,000 motorbikes and the company was valued over $100 million.

Funding of Pathao

In its initial seed funding round, Pathao has raised $1 million from Battery Road Digital Holding LLC. In 2017, Pathao raised more $2 million in its series A round. After one year, Pathao closed its series B funding round with more $10 million.

Services of Pathao

Pathao is the fastest growing ride-sharing service in Bangladesh. It offers a features-packed mobile app that tackles everyday problems of the users. With the ambition of making users life simpler, Pathao is constantly expanding its core business processes and services and integrating it in its taxi booking app.

Currently, Pathao is providing following services.

  • Pathao bike – a taxi service on the motorbike
  • Pathao car – a Uber-like premium taxi service
  • Pathao food – food delivery service
  • Pathao parcel – parcel delivery service


Pathao app features which you need to consider for develop pathao like taxi booking app.


Pathao is providing a resourceful app to the users to utilize its all services including taxi service.

Pathao app screens

Pathao welcomes users with a very easy method of signing up.

  • User can choose different services like Pathao bike, Pathao car, Pathao food and Pathao parcel from the home screen itself. Each service is treated with different app module.
  • To utilize the taxi service, users just need to add the destination address and to select the taxi type. App automatically fetches the location of users and shares it with drivers to minimize the waiting time. Moreover, a rider can track the location of the driver in real -time.
  • Pathao has developed own e-wallet to let riders pay the fare in an easy way. However, it also allows users to use other payment methods to pay. If you want to derive more benefits from your taxi app, we recommend you to ask your taxi app development company to develop own e-wallet and integrate it into the taxi app.
  • From the same app itself, customer can order the food in a few easy steps.
  • Pathao app always shows a comprehensive fare breakdown to earn the trust of users.
  • With just a few clicks, users can see the history of their rides, orders, and deliveries.
  • Pathao app offers different promo codes to avail discounts on rides and food deliveries.


How generic mobile app like Pathao helps you to earn more?

A generic mobile app is an app which is developed to satisfy more than one requirements of more than one user bases. Pathao has developed a generic taxi app and integrated more than one services in the single app. If we analyze the reasons behind Pathao’s success, then its generic taxi booking app demands the highest heed. It avails Pathao to generate more revenue streams.

So, rather than developing bespoke mobile taxi apps which only satisfy one specific requirement, ask taxi app development company to integrate a few trending on-demand services into a taxi booking app. By doing so, you will attract more users and earn more money.

Coruscate Solutions is one of the few taxi app development companies which can integrate more than one services in your taxi app. We are also capable to provide a bespoke taxi app. Our highly skilled developers and designers will first understand your requirements and then start developing your taxi app. To know the price of developing and common features of the taxi app, you can visit our taxi app development page. We also provide a free consultation. So, feel free to contact us.

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