On Demand Car Wash mobile app development tips : Incorporate these Features to your On-demand Car Wash App to Grow your Business

What started with Uber, has penetrated all industries known, including the food delivery apps and laundry services. It is gradually spreading into the lesser known industries as well, such as the car washing segment. 

For most car owners, taking care of the car gives them ultimate joy. They ensure that the car is taken care of and all the parts are well-maintained. However, it is the car wash that promises maximum care. As a car owner, you would always want to get your car washed by a professional. With the on-demand car wash services, you can easily get assistance from the professional and make sure that your car is well maintained. 

There are close to 16k car wash establishments in the U.S. alone. The yearly revenues add up to $9Bn.

These establishments offer a mix of services that include conveyor car wash, detailing and hand washing services as well as in-bay automatic car washes.

There has been a 69% increase in the number of car owners using the car wash facilities.

Here is a complete chart that takes you through the growth in car wash and auto detailing market in the U.S. from 2008 to 2019.

A lot of companies have incorporated car wash app solutions in a way that they can leverage both the car wash needs expressed by the industry, as well as the technology used to improve car washing abilities. 

As a car wash business, you need a mobile presence and a solid on-demand solution to increase the convenience for the customer, and improve your business.

Planning the app solution is essential if you want to maximize the downloads and see a good reach. Here, we will talk about some of the established features that your car wash app should include.

Without these features, your app will seem incomplete and may not fetch the necessary growth for your business.

Essential Features for Car Wash App


  1. Location Selection: In case your car wash business is available at different locations, then you should necessarily offer location selection feature in the app. It allows the user to select a location in their vicinity, one that is accessible, and easier to reach.
  2. Scheduling Made Easy: For an on-demand car wash app, scheduling is the key feature. The user should be able to schedule the car wash time and date without much intervention. The learning curve for scheduling and using the app otherwise should be made easy. 
  3. Car Wash Package: If the app business offers various types of car wash packages, then the user should be able to make the right choice. Offer car wash package choices, and make the choosing part easy and hassle-free.
  4. Real-Time Tracking: If you have chosen for car pick-up and drop along with carwash, then you should be able to track the detailer. You should know when they will come and pick up, and if they are on their way or not.
  5. Cost Estimator: After having chosen the details for the car wash, along with the type of car and the car wash package, the app will tell you the estimated cost for the car wash. You will, based on the amount, decide whether you want to go ahead with the package or not.
  6. Payments within App: You can pay for car wash using the payment mode that is most convenient to you. The app should include all the payment modes including net-banking, cards and wallets.
  7. Service Acceptance: The detailer should be able to accept or reject the service that has been requested by the user. The app should make it easy for the detailer to let the user know if the available date and time is convenient to them or not.
  8. Reviews and Ratings: The user should be able to review/rate the technician who has attended to the car wash, in case they are listed in the app. 
  9. Service Packages: This need not be part of the basic app features. In case your business offers bundled packages, you can list them in the app, and improve the conversion rate.
  10. In-app Support: In case the user faces any sort of issue or wants to share their feedback, then the app should offer immediate support. This will help you improve your business’ customer support, and increase customer satisfaction.

Key Aspects to Consider while developing on demand  Car Wash App

If you are planning on getting a on demand car wash mobile app developed for your business, there are a few things that you need to consider. The on-demand industry has been raising the benchmark for convenience and comfort. You need to instill these two in your app for increased downloads and better visibility. 

#1 Offer On-demand Convenience


Why are people opting for an on-demand solution, rather than a simple solution? The users can book their service effortlessly. It is way more convenient than the regular methods. If you are planning a car wash service app, then make sure that you offer complete convenience to the user. 

Plan a user interface that is user-friendly, and requires no learning curve. You want to make the task of booking for the service easy, thus reducing the wait period and the unnecessary hassles. Apart from the convenience, you should also work on the quality of the service. 

If you offer convenience and quality in the same service, then more users will want to opt for your app. 

#2 Work on Customer Retention


Developing a quality on-demand car wash solution is not enough. You need to work on ensuring customer retention, and maximizing your downloads. The ultimate aim for any business is to increase conversions. 

To get people to download your app, and use it, you need to deliver on the marketing guidelines as well. Plan your app’s marketing strategies, promote it in the segment you have defined as your target audience, and increase customer retention. you can even offer packages and monthly subscriptions that you believe will help with strategic promotions.

#3 Optimal Solutions for the Customers


If you develop a mobile app without considering the user, then you wont be able to deliver the apt solution for the user. Think through the business processes, the inefficiencies that exist, and plan for a solution that can remove these issues.

You should not only focus on B2C solutions, but also on B2B solutions that you believe will maximize the business efficiency and help accomplish the strategic goals. The process is very important for the app solution. 

Think of a solution where the user can choose anything ranging from a quick wash package to a package that allows them to schedule a time and date for the wash. Once the schedule is accepted, someone from the car wash facility will pick the car up. The technician for the car wash would be assigned, and the user will be able to see the ratings and reviews for the technician within the app. 

The customers will get a picture of their car once the wash is done, and they can make the payments within the app. They can even rate and review the technician who performed the job.

In some cases, the customers will also get details of the car wash, including the equipment and other details.

You can offer similar services to the businesses such as corporates, hotels etc. where there are a fleet of cars and all of them need to be maintained.

Summing Up


Car washing can be made more experiential for the customers if you offer on-demand and convenient services. It is important that you add relevant features that you believe will pique the customer’s interest in your services.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Offering features such as social signup, monthly subscription packages, cost estimators and pick-up and drop, will increase your reach and improve your business conversions. Before you begin planning the features, it is important to make your internal process efficient and smooth. Once the business is efficient, you should strategically align your app plan with the business vision and goals. You can either move towards a B2C app solution or a B2B or, have a hybrid app solution that combines both needs. once all of this has been effortlessly designed, you can incorporate a user-friendly interface and get started with your business app. 

Always remember, at the core of a successful on-demand business lies unmatched convenience. 

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