5 reasons why flutter is the ideal choice to develop an On-Demand Grocery App Development?

5 reasons why flutter is the ideal choice to develop an On-Demand Grocery App Development

Flutter is a portable software development kit (SDK) backed by google for crafting cross-platform mobile app development as per the official document. In the latest release of Flutter (released on 27th January 2020) Google has provided the latest SDKs, so developers can build highly attractive and customized app solutions in less time.

In today’s technological world, if you want to start an online grocery business or make an online platform for your traditional grocery business, building an on-demand grocery app development just like Grofers or Big Basket would be the smartest decision to make your business successful. The success of mobile apps mostly depends upon the concept you choose to develop the app.

Why has flutter become a game-changer platform in cross-platform mobile app development?

  • The Language Bliss: 


Flutter uses Googles’ in-house programming language – ‘Dart’. The dart is a one-source, concise and object-oriented language, so developers with any level of knowledge find it very easy to understand. Dart makes it easy to develop online applications with flutter. Also, there is easy to follow the documentation on the official dart website.

  • The web view:


Poor UI/UX designs discourage people to use the app, no matter how brilliant your idea is. The flutter has instinctive and enhanced UI features which help to grab user attention and enhance their experience. Flutter uses neither Webview nor OEM widgets, but its own customized widgets for Android and iOS which help developers to address design challenges effectively.

  • Faster app development:


Flutter is platform-agnostic, meaning you can have the exact same app on more than one platform. With the Hot reload feature of flutter, developers can make changes to the codebase which will immediately reflect in the application.  Also, this feature helps to fix bugs or add new features instantly.

  • Testing and maintenance:


Flutter allows you to develop cross-platform applications for every OS with a single codebase. Which makes it cheaper to develop and maintain. With a single application on multiple platforms will reduce the QA process timing and cost. Flutter also allows automated tests which will drop your QA cost. Though you need some manual testing. When it comes to application management, Flutter will provide a complete package right from the cloud storage to a real-time database and authentic hosting as it is backed by Google.

But the basic question still remained unsolved: why required to develop an on-demand grocery app?


The OuterBox survey report reveals that 79% of smartphone users prefer mobile applications for shopping over shopping through stores or supermarkets. Grocery is also not an exception to this. Forecast from e-marketer shows that shoppers are more comfortable with online shopping in general and grocery is part of that and users of grocery apps will increase from 18 million in 2018 to 30 million in 2022.

On-demand businesses are part of a phenomenon uberization which implies more comfort and convenience you provide to the customers the more your sales will grow. First supermarkets and now mobile applications, traditional grocery businesses have seen major transitions over the years.

Going for grocery shopping, struggling to find your necessary item, waiting in a long queue for billing is a very tedious job. With an on-demand grocery app development, you can simplify the process and make it easy for the customers.

Being a startup or an entrepreneur, looking ahead to expand your business in the on-demand grocery business, then undoubtedly go for flutter to develop the application. With its extensive features, pre-designed tools, ultimate UI/UX designs flutter can help you stand apart in competition and grow your business. Many successful businesses got success by flying with flutter.

Cost to Develop an On-Demand Grocery App with flutter:


You will be surprised to know that the average basic cost to develop an app with flutter will cost you somewhere $15000 to $50000, which is half the price if you go with other frameworks. Because flutter wins the game with its excellent features which ultimately eases the process to develop the app.  So the shorter the development process the lower will be the development time of the app and the lower will be the development cost. So, hiring a developer would be much cheaper.

How can Coruscate help you?


In online businesses, mobile apps play a deciding factor in the success of the business. So it becomes crucial to select with which technology and mobile development app company you want to go with. While hundreds of grocery apps already exist in the market, we help you to stand apart in the industry. Our on-demand grocery app solution with flutter, you can integrate our unique features with basic features which will certainly enhance user experience and engage them with your app for a long period of time.

Summing Up:


When it comes to on-demand businesses, there are plenty of options available in the market but choosing the right one is a very crucial task. Flutter is cost-effective, easy to use and rich features seem to be a game-changer in the industry. It is already a very successful combination to invest in.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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