Meditation app development: How to Develop a Meditation App that will Raise Funds and Attract Investors?

The mindfulness meditation application market is likely to see an incremental opportunity of ~US$ 184 Mn between 2019 and 2029 (Factmr.com).

Though you would like to not believe this, there is a tough competition in this segment, as a result of the boom in self-care and increasing awareness among people to maintain their mental health.

For a very long time, stress and anxiety were just words, and calming oneself down was not considered to be very real. However, times are changing and people are turning towards meditation and yoga to stay fit and mentally aware as well as healthy.

Things to keep in mind while Developing Meditation app which can attract investors

What kind of meditation app do you envision? Even before you set the stage for development, it is important to have a strong and interesting idea. Remember, the market is already full of people who are offering various solutions. You need to learn from them what kind of app idea you can have for more downloads and engagement. 

#1 Task-based Mobile App


You can go with a task-based mobile app solution, where you can ask the users to complete simple tasks, and get them to cope with failing attention. The idea is to have a calmness app that will help build focus too. The more you make the user use their brain, the less their mind will be involved in other activities and they will gain more focus. The brain will ensure that it is trained well, and eventually, the stress levels are lowered. 

#2 Live Coach Idea


Like a fitness app with a live trainer, you can have a meditation app with a live coach. This would be useful to those who want to opt for personalized lessons in meditation. The app will help them understand how to begin their journey and what ways to use to cope with their current situation. 

The live coach will talk to the user and understand their issues. As a result, they will offer a more customized plan for them, which will help them boost their mental health. 

#3 Global Support

When you are into meditation, you need support from the people in the same community. The more you talk to people facing similar issues, the better you will feel eventual. As a result, you should technically add an idea of global support. You could even theme your app around support and community meditation plans, which will help enrich the journey of the user. Together, users will find peace and harmony. When your user finds that they are not alone, and there is a whole team supporting their journey, it becomes easier for them to carry on with the meditation. 

#4 Live Meditation 


you can also go with an idea that offers live meditation across the day. You can get access to actual classes with people who are in the group and enjoy a joint meditation effort. This is an incredible idea as it helps people come together. You will need to get people to your app for them to join the live classes. 

Top Meditation App Features


When you are planning a good meditation app, you cannot miss out on planning the features. Here, we will take you through the top features you should include in your mobile app.

  1. Soothing Tunes: If a person does meditation, and is looking for an app for support, then the first thing they might look for is the tunes. Every user would need tunes that will help them meditate better and can be their stopwatch. That’s why you need to include some incredible tunes into your mobile app solution, which can help the user meditation better
  2. Offer Guidance: A lot of people are new to meditation, and require guidance and support. They need to know how to move forward and which path to take for meditation. As a result, you need to provide guidance in the form of a live coach, or just lessons that allow users to understand how to breathe, how to calm and how to start meditation. You should ideally introduce the beginner and advance lessons in your mobile app
  3. Brain Exercises: the brain is stressed and unable to calm itself. At this point, you need to introduce exercises that can help the brain increase its focus and enhance its abilities. You should ideally focus on all the stress-relieving exercises possible in your mobile app. you can even introduce users to brain training games
  4. Tracking Progress: Using the app, the user should be able to track their progress and watch their steps. They should be able to see how tense they were at the start, and how they have progressed. This will help them know how much the app has affected their meditation efforts. The user should be able to set meditation goals and track it with the app
  5. Alerts and Notifications: The user should be able to receive alerts and notifications that can keep the users engaged. These notifications could range from a new addition to the music to a new kind of game for the brain to any other kind of update introduced into the app
  6. Support: The app should be able to provide support to the user through live chat sessions. The app support team should be available at all times to answer the queries posed by the users
  7. Inspirational Stories: People want to know if anyone else has gone through the same struggle and how meditation helped them. As a result, adding true experiences to your app will increase the engagement and more people will showcase interest in using your app

Meditation Apps You Should Know


Few apps have topped the meditation app charts on the stores. Here, we will give you a glimpse into three such appsBu

1.) Calm


It is topping the charts at the moment. The meditation app not only helps relieve stress but also touches upon mental health topics such as depression and anxiety. The app offers guided meditation to one and all and helps track the progress as well as meditation time for the people. It provides users with sessions that touch on all aspects of life, stress as well as happiness. The app has till date raised $143Mn in funding. 

2.) Headspace


Yet another top-notch meditation app, headspace allows users to breathe with perfection and helps them stay calm and focused. The app allows users to get a good night’s sleep and enhances their mindfulness. The app has attained an annual revenue of over $100Mn. 

The app offers classic meditation techniques for those who are getting started. It offers real-time updates into how you should relax. With the in-app subscriptions, you can easily get access to the premium features. The app has till now raised $73Mn.

3.) Stop, Breathe and Think


This third app has been defined to offer a calming effect on the minds of the users. The idea is to increase the emotional strength and help the users de-stress and increase their emotional strength. With guided meditation and real-time tracking of the meditation progress, the users can easily understand how far they have reached and how much control they have over their mind. The app has till now raised $3Mn in funding. 

How to Increase Chances at App Funding?


When you are releasing a guided meditation app, you require funding to expand your horizons and keep offering a good solution to your user. However, funding comes with great efforts. 

To boost your funding, you need to essentially identify the one gap that needs to be closed, which will help you stand out amidst the competition. You should also identify the one feature that will maximize the downloads. Once you have done that, you will need to design an app with excellent features and a simple interface.

The more attractive your app is to the user, the more attractive it will be to the investor. Study these competitor apps, and you will realize that they are built on a single big idea, which was designed from the existing gaps. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Meditation Apps


  • How to Define a Good Meditation App Solution?

It is important to research the market and study the apps that already exist to ideate your own app. the gaps and the needs of the user will help you define the apt app solution. 

  • How much does it cost to create a meditation app?

The mobile app cost and timeline depend on the following aspects

      • The app features
      • The basic business requirements
      • The APIs to be integrated
      • The platform and technologies to be considered
  • How Coruscate can Help?

Coruscate has expertise in developing mobile app solutions on a big idea and has the experience that is required to offer a guided solution. 

Our dedicated team can convert an idea into a capable app solution using their understanding of the market, their technology expertise and after thoroughly understanding your requirements. 

Having been in this business for a while, we know how to deliver engaging and experiential app solutions. 

Summing Up

On-demand Meditation app solutions help relieve stress and guide you through improving your mental health. They are designed by mental health experts as well as people who have attained expertise in meditation and stress relieving. 

We partner with these people to offer technology support and help users relieve their minds of the stress and be more focused and organized.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

If you have an excellent meditation app idea connect with us, and we will convert your idea into an engaging app solution.

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

Let’s build your own app

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