How To Make Money From Language Learning Apps Like Duolingo?


Today, when so many companies become international, it is very important to be at home with a foreign language. We are all aware of this fact. Therefore, while some of us are looking for ways of effective learning new languages, others are trying to find an optimal solution to the problem, in particular, by serving education in form of web and language learning app. And the most successful services of the sort can also be very good sources of income for their owners.

Do you want to take up the lead and make money on language learning apps? Then read our article! Our tips will help you understand how to make language learning app like Duolingo.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a free online platform for language learning and crowdsourcing translations.

The main advantage of Duolingo, a language learning app that provides the opportunity to learn the language from scratch. The training programme is organized hierarchically and presented as a tree of achievements. Getting points for each learned lesson, students are moving from level to level and it possible only when a certain number of points has been reached.

How Does Language Learning Apps Work?

To develop a language app like Duolingo, you should understand the operation of such programs. Let’s figure it out!

So, what possibilities must the language application offer?

1).Training exercises:

Offer users the maximum number of different lessons designed to learn new words, read and translate text, train listening comprehension, etc.

2).Video content:

To develop a language application similar to Duolingo, one should provide the service with useful video content: music video, fragments of movies, etc… Of course, the presence of subtitles (and maybe translation) is mandatory!


What is better than the opportunity to read a book of your favourite authors in the original? Especially if the text is accompanied by useful hints and tips (such as translations of difficult phrases)? Of course, beginning students will not master the task, but those who want to further improve their level in learning languages will be grateful to you.


It’s another useful possibility inherent in learning app like Duolingo. The bot task is to answer basic user questions (regarding the pronunciation of a specific word, etc). Besides, you can provide a user with the chance to ask a bot to assess the pronunciation level of a phrase that he (or she) has recorded (and, if possible, to make a translation).

For this, the speech translation function needs to be implemented, which may lead to increasing the project cost. But such an approach also improves the UX factor of your language learning service. We guess it worth additional expenses, right?

Do you still have doubts regarding the necessity to create a Duolingo clone? Well, we will try to convince you!

Reasons to Develop A Language Learning App

A Statista data shows that it is profitable to invest in learning applications. The question that remains is why? What makes these educational platforms so popular?

Obviously, such services help users to effectively gain knowledge, among other things – to learn new languages. But why is it beneficial to app owners? Put it otherwise, why do you need to think about language app development?

If you do not take into account the altruistic desire to help people, the benefits are obvious, namely: you’ll get an excellent source of permanent income! In fact, to earn this way, you should take advantage of any of the following methods:

  • You can pattern by Duolingo which does not take money from students for using the platform. Instead, until 2017, Duolingo had used a business model based on crowdsourcing. In other words, students were invited to translate articles and vote for translations. The requests were coming from organizations that paid Duolingo for such a kind of services.
  • A good option is to provide Light and Pro versions of the language learning application (the second one should offer the expanded functionality). As the practice of many apps like Duolingo shows, a lot of users are happy to purchase a subscription (if your service is really efficient and the subscription is not too expensive).
  • It is also reasonable to make the platform free, but offer some interesting paid features (access to all videos and books, free use of bots for transition needs, etc)..
  • In-app advertising. Duolingo takes advantage of such a monetization option after the company had given up crowdsourcing.

And while you’re thinking which way to earn you should choose, let’s see how language learning app benefits.

The Seven Benefits of Language Learning Apps

After above good reasons to learn a foreign language, we’ll tell you about the benefits of language learning apps used on smartphones like iPhone, Android, etc. New generations of mobile phones are now extremely advanced and able to handle complex applications and multimedia. For example, the iPhone has a powerful processor that allows it to run intensive applications like 3D games.

So what are the benefits of language learning apps compared to a more traditional means (evening classes, books, etc..)?

Learn Anywhere and Anytime:

Personally, I love to revise my vocabulary quietly in my bed before sleep using language learning apps. When I travel, I also listen to some Spanish podcasts and the time flies by! Obviously, it’s also possible to learn a language with a book,  but it’s so much more entertaining when using a language learning app!

Never Waste Time Again:

The advantage of a language learning app is that it is always on you. Often times, when we waste time such as waiting for an appointment or on the bus, you can get really annoyed or even stressed.

We think to ourselves, a lot of other things can be done besides than studying. However, when using a language learning app like Duolingo, I am very Zen when I have to wait around. The other day, for example, I had an appointment with someone, but he made me wait an hour. Before using a language learning app I would have been very annoyed and even angry, but by using the app I was able to pass the time and his lateness did not bother me at all, I took the opportunity to review and play a little, and I was almost disappointed when he arrived and he interrupted me in my session.

Proceed at Your Own Pace, Without Constraints:

Have you ever taken a course at night? I had, but I found it hard to complete it because there were many constraints. I was required to attend twice a week no matter what so, in the end, it became a chore. On the other hand, when we study on our own with a language learning app we can follow our own rhythm.

Multimedia and Interactivity Makes it More Entertaining:

A method that contains images, sound and video can be much more effective and motivating! In addition, one can obtain corrections or feedback immediately. No need to wait for a correction.

It’s Fun!

Yes, it is possible to learn while having fun, it’s called the serious game, and it may well be fun. Mobile, one can imagine a crossword puzzle or game speed to revise its vocabulary, or even role-playing to get into situations and dialogue.

It is Much More Motivating:

Already the fact that it is fun will help keep you motivated, so imagine what the content that is updated regularly, virtual coaching, and statistical progressions will do to your motivation.

We hope now you understand how to make a language learning app. Striving to become even more useful, we offer you our services on mobile app development. Contact us if you’re interested in the quality app development without overpaying.

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