How Developing Health Insurance App Can Raise Fund Like Bright Health For Insurance Solution?


There are smartphone apps for banking, apps for real estate and apps for shopping. There are apps for managing your health insurance benefits, too, but not every health plan has one.

Insurance field is the one that requires second wind, and it is not a mistake. Customers are looking for easier and faster ways to apply for a required insurance type or make requests for claim processing. And mobile software solutions can help achieve it. Insurance app development will help your users make their life more efficient even when they constantly move.

This article is going to reveal all secrets of how insurance app can raise funds. Check it out!

How Health Insurance App Benefits You?


While each health insurance app is different, most offer a similar suite of tools. With their phones, consumers can:

1. File claims.
2. Check copays and deductibles.
3. Manage a health savings account.
4. Find doctors and schedule appointments.
5. See lab results.
6. Compare prices on drugs and medical services.
7. Get wellness tips.
8. Get routine medical advice and check symptoms for common ailments.
As with any smartphone app, updates and new features are rolled out all the time.

For example, says Aetna health insurance spokesman Ethan Slavin, one of the newest features of the Aetna Health Insurance app is the Urgent Care Finder, providing turn-by-turn directions to the nearest emergency room.

Top Health Insurance Apps


We had a hard time finding decent applications from insurance companies because they usually lack important functionality, resulting in poor ratings on app stores and a few downloads.

Here, we’ll show you a few examples of best health insurance apps that can give you some ideas for creating your health insurance mobile app.


This app is rather simple when it comes to functionality, but it’s very useful when it comes to sharing personal data. The HIPAA application lets users fill in and change their personal information, choose what medical records to share with the company, and auto-fill forms. This application also enables users to share and print reports.

Life Happens: Needs Calculator

This simple app will show how much coverage you actually need according to your financial state. After filling in some basic financial information, this application will offer you suitable policies.

You can think about adding similar functionality to your own app to help your customers choose the right plan.


Sure is an insurance app that offers many types of coverage, including life and health insurance. It offers many plans from different providers and has a great search functionality and filters.

This is one of the best apps to manage your insurance information. The information about user’s coverage can be saved to a user’s profile and they can share it with friends and family.

Bright Health App

The Bright Health app puts all the great tools and resources of the Member Hub at your fingertips. View important benefit information and claims, find a provider, or track your healthcare spend anytime, anywhere.

How Insurance startup Bright Health, Health Insurance App Has Raised $200M at ~$950M Valuation?


Bright Health, a provider of exclusive Care Partner Health Plans for everyday individuals at competitive prices has raised $200M in Series C funding. Investors in the Series C round includes two new investors, Declaration Partners and Meritech Capital, as well as existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Cross Creek Advisors, Flare Capital, Greenspring Associates, Greycroft Partners, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Redpoint Ventures, and Town Hall Ventures. The insurance tech startup plans to use the Series C funding to support Bright Health’s expansion in 2020 and beyond, as well as build on and reinforce the company’s leading, consumer-centric technology platform.

Bright Health’s Innovative Care Partner Health Plan Model


Bright Health’s innovative Care Partner Health Plan Model works exclusively with one health system per market to offer superior, integrated care that removes the friction that has traditionally existed between payers and providers. This relationship allows for the coordination of services and administration to optimize consumer and patient experience.

“Bright Health has continued to execute at a fast pace towards our goal of disrupting the old health care model that places insurers at odds with providers,” said Bob Sheehy, Chief Executive Officer of Bright Health. “With our recently announced an expansion, we will triple our geographic footprint in 2019.

And Bright Health’s current high re-enrollment rate shows that consumers are ready for this improved healthcare experience – especially when it is priced competitively. We are honored to welcome these long-term investors to the Bright Health community as we look forward to what’s ahead for the company. We are just getting started.”

Since early its inception, Bright Health has raised more than $440 million in three rounds of equity financing.

Benefits of Building Health Insurance App like Bright Health Application


A mobile app can make your insurance company more profitable and effective. How?

First, with a mobile application information exchange between clients and your company will become faster than ever, as there won’t be any need for tiresome calls. You’ll also probably need fewer insurance managers, as they’ll spend significantly less time on each client.

On the other hand, you can keep the number of managers the same but scale your business by attracting more clients. This will become much easier as the convenience of your service will likely draw attention.

A mobile solution can also help you sell more of your services, as you can have a separate screen in your application displaying options for auto, life, and home insurance.

The most important thing is to make your health app really convenient. Some companies are already trying to adopt it, but while they have enough resources to create a health insurance app, they often lack the knowledge about mobile best practices and knowledge to do it properly.

The best way to solve this problem is to get mobile experts to make an app that will meet both your company’s and clients’ needs.



Mobile apps have already become an important part of many industries, and we strongly believe that such a huge market as health insurance also needs to become more modern and convenient for everyone with the help of applications.

Creating a health insurance mobile app is a win-win game, as it will become easier for your customers to interact with your service and your business will instantly become more competitive, as very few insurance companies actually have good mobile apps.

If you want to build an insurance application, Get a free estimate right away. We’ll offer the best insurance mobile app solutions and help your business by bringing our mobile expertise to the table.

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