Segway-Ninebot launches automatic e-scooter: Future scope in e-scooter rental business with enhanced hardware and app with futuristics features

Segway-Ninebot launches automatic e-scooter Future scope in e-scooter rental business with enhanced hardware and app with futuristics features

When back in 2012, the first e-scooter was made available as the alternative of cars and public transportation to travel within a city, it was treated like a toy for teens. But today, it is a piece of public knowledge that e-scooters are reshaping our cities and enabling governments, companies, and users to make money or save money.

However, the future of this very profitable business seems uncertain. While many local governments are banning the e-scooters over the concern of riders’ safety, many other local governments are approving them to operate the business. User rate is also fluctuating city-to-city, depicting not all cities are ready to adopt the e-scooter sharing cultural.

So, to fight against such uncertainty, you need to kick off the e-scooter rental business by not only considering the past or current business requirements but also the future business requirements of the e-scooter business.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the same. We will explore the future market needs and how you can prepare your e-scooter hardware and e-scooter software to satisfy the future needs of users and governments.

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Future of e-scooter hardware

In the e-scooter rental business, the hardware is as important as software. It is a very critical asset to offer the ultimate user experience to the users. In recent times, many companies have revamped their hardware and launched much steadier and reliable e-scooters for the sake of public safety and not to get banned. Thus, hardware modification turns out to be the vitally important business process of e-scooter rental service providing companies.

Following are the potential changes e-scooter hardware is estimated to get in the near future.

» Automation

Though an e-scooter is very useful and fun to ride, it doesn’t look like the technology of the future. But an e-scooter manufacturer, Segway-Ninebot has just broken this illusion by launching a semi-automatic e-scooter which drives itself to the nearest charging station or its docking station.

At an event in Beijing last week, Segway-Nineboat which is a Chines scooter company introduced KickScooter T60 which is equipped with AI technology to drive itself back to the charging station. In one of his interviews, Nineboat’s chairman Gao Lufeng stated that automation is going to help operators to better maintain the e-scooters at a lower cost.

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However, to keep such kind of e-scooters in the fleet, you should have a robust admin panel and its compatibility with the IoT controller of the e-scooters.

» Multiple-use

The underlying purpose of the e-scooters is to let users travel within the city at an affordable cost. But with the rising popularity and hardware improvement, e-scooters are now being suitable to be used in the urban logistics industry.

Conventional logistics operations do have high impacts on congestion and environmental quality. Whereas, an automatic unmanned e-scooter can deliver the goods without human interaction and while not causing major delays and not harming the environment. If not automatic, any non-automatic e-scooter with a man on-board can deliver the goods in a much more efficient way than the conventional urban logistic channels.

In a partnership with giant logistics companies, many European countries such as Croatia, Italy, Netherland have run a successful pilot project of delivering goods via the network of e-scooters and e-bikes.

In addition to this, e-scooters can work seamlessly in the on-demand food delivery business too. According to the latest news published on Techcrunch, Domino’s has finally decided to deliver delicious pizzas on the e-bike. To achieve so, they have tied up with Rad Power Bikes.

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» Swappable batteries

Keeping the fleet of e-scooters charged has always been a tedious and resource-heavy task for companies. But with swappable batteries, they can keep e-scooters charged by spending less. It is an incredibly fast and low-cost solution.

However, battery-swapping technology has only been implemented in electric mopeds yet. But looking at the rate it is booming, it will soon solve the charging problem of e-scooter operators too.

Coruscate is the leading e-scooter app development company, keeping an eagle eye on the market trend of the e-scooter hardware. In fact, we have tied up with many e-scooter manufacturers to help our clients in choosing the perfect fleet of e-scooters. We also make sure that our clients will never have to halt the business operation just because of the unavailability of the e-scooter parts. Overall, we work as a complete business solution provider company rather than just an e-scooter app development company.


Future of e-scooter software


E-scooter software or app is undoubtedly the most fundamental requirement of the e-scooter rental business. It lets users find the e-scooter, unlocks it and pays for the ride. According to Andrew Chen from a16z, e-scooter apps will become for urban transportation what Google is for the internet!

Following are the potential features we can see in e-scooter apps of the future. These are the essential features you have to request the e-scooter app development company to integrate into your app if you want to develop a futuristic app.

» Real-time alert

In recent times, the number of fatalities caused by e-scooters has risen to an alarming level. Thus, governments are pushing operators to not only upgrade the hardware but to come up with revolutionary safety features in the app. One of these safety features is the real-time alert which notifies the rider before approaching any school, park or market.

Geo-fencing is the technology which can make this happen. It does not only track the live location of the riders and alert them according to their surrounding but it also reduces the maximum speed of the e-scooters, which brings us to the next point.

» GPS-based speed control

There are always some riders who overlook the alert and keep riding e-scooters at the maximum speed even while passing through school or a congested market. To address this issue, governments are asking operators to have a GPS-based speed control feature in the app.

Here, it is worth mentioning that there are two ways to implement this feature – either via in-built IoT controller of the e-scooters or via the mobile app. But we, as a leading e-scooter app development company suggest you go for the second option as it is quick and works perfectly.

» Photo of last known location

Recently, many news popped out saying that improperly parked e-scooters have created chaos in cities. Local authorities have also forced operators to solve this very tiny yet problematic issue immediately. As a result, Lime came up with a very straightforward solution. It asks riders to take a photo and upload it to verify the proper parking of the e-scooters at the end of every ride. Lime then uses this data to target specific users with preventive messages.

» Show CO2 saving in the app

Anyone who rents out e-scooter to ride is knowingly or unknowingly contributing to environmental sustainability. So why not appreciate his effort by showing the CO2 he has saved by riding on the e-scooter?

How much does it cost to develop an e-scooter app for the future market?

Coruscate is the top e-scooter app development company which entertains numerous amount of queries related to e-scooter app development. We accommodate a highly trained staff of developers and designers who works parallel with the research team to bring innovation into the app. We not only develop and deliver the apps, but we work with every client throughout their business journey and help them to get everything out of the market.

With our rapid app development technology, we develop and deliver an e-scooter app within 45-55 days and under $10k. We even allow you to host the whole IT infrastructure of your e-scooter rental business on our servers.

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