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Jeff was on the way to the airport to fly for his business trip. He bought a cup of coffee and a sandwich and paid for it through his e-wallet. He also received a credit automatically for the purchase on his loyalty card.  After his flight landed, he arrived at his hotel where he paid again with his e-wallet without spending any cash the whole day. 

The digital technologies like as e-wallets and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lendings are having a tremendous influence on the way we buy and sell, with a predicted USD 1 Trillion anticipated to go through mobile payments by 2020. This shows an increasing influence of FinTech on our lives,

Digital wallets have revolutionized the means of how people use to keep their money. Digital wallets are the same as your physical wallets where you store your money. But in the digital wallet, you keep your money in digital form and get all your payments and transactions done with the help of your smartphone. The transactions are absolutely secure and safe. 

The payments done with digital wallets are more trusted and are done with a blink of an eye. If you employ an electronic wallet service in your digital platform, you can provide accessibility for frequent customers to deposit their money in your wallet and use it to make their purchases without having to go repeatedly through the payment gateway. 

A WNS DecisionPointTM report evaluates the influence and increase of e-wallets and P2P along with other game-changers in the FinTech industry

PayPal, Alipay, ApplePay, Oppo, Paytm, QFPay, etc. are some of the chief players in the e-wallets section. The e-wallets have become a global marvel as there are 80% of millennials shopping and paying bills online using their mobiles.

Let’s check out the data in various countries which indicate a positive outlook for e-wallets.

Growth of E-wallets across the world


  • Europe: Europeans are heading in choosing the mobile payment, with 74 percent of that population using a mobile device to make payments and control their finances.
  • United States: The popularity of e-wallets is anticipated to grow somewhat from their 2017 figure of 21.8% to 22.7% over the next five years. However, the credit and debit cards are assumed to fall from 16% and 15% each to 10% each.
  • China: The mobile payment action in China was nearly 50 times greater than in the U.S. in the year 2016. Also, the number of Chinese mobile payments was foreseen to increase by 7.4 times between 2015 and 2019.
  • Sweden: It is expected that by the year 2020 cash will be used for merely 0.5 percent of all payments and all the other transactions will be done digitally. 
  • France: The French customers used to prefer card payments before e-wallets came into the picture. However, with the launch of  Paylib by the significant French banks, it became the most popular wallet in France. It has about 40 million users as compared to the 7 million PayPal users. 
  • Germany: It is not an exaggeration to say that internet banking solutions like ELV, SOFORT, and Giropay rule the German market. However, the e-wallets are projected to surpass them and become the most used payment method by the year 2021. The bank transfers and e-wallets are expected to own 23% and 23.9% of the German market respectively.
  • The Netherlands: In the Netherlands, an online banking solution iDEAL is leading by a whopping 57% share. In Belgium and Luxembourg, people preferred using cards. However, a local e-wallet, Payconiq is now being used frequently. 
  • E-wallets picture in Asia: Asia is the world leader when it comes to digital wallets. 83% of Asian conversations fastened against 75% of overall global conversations. This is just the start! WorldPay’s recent report says that the credit card payments are expected to drop from 30% to 10% and e-wallet usage is expected to grow over 51% by the year 2021. 

We have a similar scenario of e-wallet usage in Japan, Singapore, Russia, Australia and almost every corner of the world. 

E-wallets – the road ahead:


The launch of Google’s e-wallet in 2011 provided only a few users access to its services as the system worked only if the users had a compatible device with NFC chips. Later, native mobile experiences hit the market with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay jumping in the competition. QR code scanning remained in the picture as people trusted it and over the period of time, it became stronger and stronger with fewer security threats. 

In short, the success of mobile wallets has been dependent on three factors: 

  • Access
  • Interoperability
  • Sustainability

Our white label solution provides you all of these qualities in a package to make you an instant star in the market.

Coruscate’s FinTech White-label solution:

Our white label global e-wallet solutions are designed specifically for payment service providers, ISOs, acquirers, online businesses, enterprise corporates, government and more. The e-wallet solutions are architected by a team of extremely talented digital payment market analysts and engineers. Our research team has put their insight and payment industry experience in designing an effective e-wallet white label solution.

Our adaptive payment technology is the best in the market and can help your business in reaching its true potential. Our focus has been on removing the pain points in the transaction process and we have been emphasizing on boosting the adoption of NFC and QR code technologies. With our state-of-art solution, we are pushing the digital wallets towards productivity. 

You can refer to our previous blogs to know the features and technical details of our white label solutions. 

Develop GoPay clone app. 

Develop AlexPay clone app.

Summing up :


Looking at the current global scenario, we believe the e-wallets are going to conquer the world soon and will be visible in every landscape. The latest technological developments have made the payment transactions very much safe and secure. The white-label solution price starts from $10,000. 

We can assist you with an end-to-end solution for establishing your mobile wallet business and making it climb the stairs of success. Connect with us to discuss your personalized requirements and ask for a free demo of the MVP model. 

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Let’s build your own app

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