EV connect – an electric vehicle charging software has raised $12 million

Nowadays, several cities are planning for electric prospects, and services are taking the lead in the selection of EV implementation. The utility company need an EV  charging software management and operations process. 

EV Connect has a  smart network that offers a variety of electric vehicle charging solutions to maintain and monetize the EV charging stations.

EV Connect is based in Los Angeles. It is a company that sells software to manage electric vehicle charging. It has raised  $12 million in a Series B round led by investors Mitsui & Co. and Ecosystem Integrity Fund. The company has generated $25 million to date.

EV Connect’s cloud-based platform that has an open standard architecture that is designed to be hardware agnostic. The company intends to provide a variety of devices vendors a way to monitor, manage and maintain charging stations. The terminal goal is to drive the industry away from a closed and fragmented system to a further open one, as per the EV Connect CEO and founder Jordan Ramer.

EV Connect basically has a two-tiered strategy. The organisation implements and operates 1,000 electric vehicle charging sites through its EV Connect network. The software has a smartphone app to present drivers of electric vehicles real-time access to charging station situation. The company also sells a cloud-based software platform that businesses can customize. 

The company has clients like Yahoo!, Marriott, Hilton, Western Digital, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New York Power Authority. In the seed round, Mitsui and EV Connect have consented to grow new business models around EV charging infrastructure. 

EV Connect intends to work with Mitsui on several applications of EV charging to reduce the cost of charging and maximize its utilization. It even includes fleet and energy management solutions, Ramer embellished to TechCrunch in an emailed reply.

The company feels that EV Connect’s infrastructure management technology stimulates the electric vehicle revolution in the energy and power industry. At the same time, Mitsui has many assets and access to partners as told by Kazumasa Nakai who is the COO of Mitsui’s infrastructure projects business unit. He also stated about the unique engineering skills, in combination with EV Connect’s cloud-based EV infrastructure can allow them to develop new business models to solve the difficulties EV infrastructure recently poses for energy management companies.

The company is leading the way!


EV Connect is a great leading EV charging software providers in the United States. It has deployed more than 2,500 charging stations. The customers consist of major corporations, big-city governments, and countless small businesses, schools, and municipalities. The company also works with utility companies, who generate the power that brings electric vehicles to life.

The company offers an excellent, complete software solution to integrate the physical hardware with almost every electric vehicles and trace and investigate usage data and other relevant statistics. The app for drivers makes the experience easy and comfortable for them. 

Developing the EV charging software


People do not have a lot of time to deal with the EV chargers. So, they need some really great management services consisting of ongoing maintenance, the operation of charge stations, driver and customer support, consulting services, and network software products. 

Coruscate can design and develop an EV charging software to enable you to develop, execute, and support an EV charging program that is cost-effective and beneficial for both you and drivers.

According to research by Global EV Outlook, the number of EVs on the road will touch 125 million by the end of 2030. This accelerated development initiates many gateways of possibilities in an electric vehicle charging station or EV charging station business.

The following graph explicitly represents that demand for EV charging stations has been steadily growing. In the last August,  Centre for American Progress published a report which says that the USA alone will need more 330,000 new charging stations to meet the large demand in the EV market.

Building EV charging stations:


The government and a few user organisations recognise the fact that how EVs can resolve the global warming issue and lessen the price of transportation. People are adopting more of EV’s and the authorities of all countries are urging carmakers to create more secure and affordable electric vehicles. The electric vehicles market has emerged dramatically with the appearance of a few e-scooter rental companies. People are quite comfortable while opting for these tiny vehicles. 

Building an EV charging station at such a time can cost less and the ROT is very high. The average price to develop the EV charging station, having regular 240-volt outlets, ranges between just $435 and $979.

But when you build a charging station, you need an electric vehicle charging app as well. 

Know how to develop EV charging station app like EV Connect

You need to take your business online. The smartest move and investment for every businessman is to develop an EV charging app. The app not just increases the visibility of the business but also allows the enterprise to generate more revenue. 

An EV charging station app assures that individuals don’t have to keep waiting in the line at the EV charging station. It permits them to book the spot before they need it.  The app also allows payments to be done online once the charging is done. The app makes it a convenient way of charging for the EV owners.

As an admin, you can also receive a lot of advantages from the EV charging station app.  The admin panel, the admin can keep a tab on the statistics related to the EV charging station business. The app can also show the daily profits earned, the power consumption of every station, customers’ details, failed and successful payment transactions, and customers’ concerns and feedback.

So, if you are excited to develop an EV charging station app or EV charging station management software, the most important things that you need to decide are the features of the app. We have our research team deployed to dig deep and find out the recent market trends and advise you with the best features and business model for an EV charging station app.

Connect with us to discuss in detail the EV charging software development or any app related to electric vehicles and e-scooters. Our experts will be happy to help you with world-class service and extraordinary technology to take your business to the next level.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Let’s build your own app

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