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We all know that our future has a lot to do with the consumer adoption of the “shared economy”. This is slowly changing the human way of thinking about ownership and access to everything from transportation to living spaces, to work spaces.

Expansion of Revel electric scooters in Texas

With the Revel moped launched in Brooklyn, Washington, DC, and most recently Austin, Texas, we can say that the future in which automobiles too will be eventually shared. This will not only reduce the number of cars on the road but also make more room for the other environmentally friendly, including bicycles, electric scooters, and, of course, electric mopeds like those from Revel.

With its recent expansion into Austin, Texas the presence of Revel moped will provide mobility for a city that has become one of America’s burgeoning transit hubs.

Revel moped is based in New York. It is a shared electric moped startup and they are now preparing to expand into Texas as reported by Thinknum Alternative Data. This expansion would be Revel moped’s fourth market and its first west of the Mississippi River. It is a move that would be uniform with comments CEO and co-founder Frank Reig made to TechCrunch.

The startup was launched in 2018 and has more than 1400 mopeds in Washington, D.C., and Brooklyn and Queens, New York. The company raised $27.6 million in its series A round which was led by Ibex Investors. 

The startup wants to use the funds to expand its fleet of scooters within the cities it currently operates as well as into new markets. They are targeting around10 cities by mid-2020. These targets mostly would be the major US cities with temperate weather conditions which make Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California as the likely destinations.

How is Revel electric Moped different from other scooters in Austin, Texas?

Revel electric moped is different from other shared mobility-as-a-service providers and the scooter dealers in Austin, Texas. Why? The main reason is that it doesn’t use a gig economy or contract workers. It has all the workers hired as full-timers making it much more reliable than the other scooters in Texas. It is not merely experimenting with the expansions but instead, it has intentions of building operations. 

» Texas scooter laws

In the year 2018, Austin faced trouble in regulating the scooters in texas as a flock of electric scooters descended on the roads. Just within an overnight, Austin was whirring with electric scooters. The riders moved through packed sidewalks and traffic downtown and rushed out of drivers’ blind spots near the University of Texas campus. This haphazard driving was catching motorists and pedestrians both off guard.

Bird, a dockless scooter company dropped a few scooters on the road and the number quickly grew to over 700. LimeBike later joined them flooding the streets.  Austin’s political leaders and government officials were thrown into a frenzy and were rushed to roll out a plan and implements laws to regulate the scooter dealers in Austin, Texas and their businesses.

A bill was filed in Texas legislature that created some restrictions on electric scooters throughout the state. There were some basic scooter laws enacted to allow the cities to create more restrictive policies if they wanted to. Austin watched the scooter riders being hit by cars and the city officials felt the need for education.

There was a bill passed that would require riders to be at least 16-years-old and have a driver’s license and an age limit was implied. Only one person was allowed to ride the scooter at any given time. The scooters were required to stay off the footpath and in bike lanes or the side of the road. Also, any road with a speed limit of over 30 mph would be off-limits. 

The bill also had speed limits and options for counties or cities too. There were also rules for banning scooters from certain locations, creating parking rules, and requiring helmets. The Austin Transportation Department crafted its own rules. Currently, there are 10 providers renting out more than 14,000 scooters. And over 5 million rides have been completed. The violation of laws would mean a fine of $20 for a first offense and $40 for any subsequent ticket.

Texas welcomes Revel moped-share

Revel electric moped is a two-seater. It can be parked anywhere in a city within the company’s operating limits. The electric moped in Texas is available for just $1 to start and $0.25 per minute of riding. The moped is available at  $0.10 per minute while parked if riders want to keep a scooter waiting for them while they run into a store.

The Revel rides come with two DOT-certified three-quarter helmets in the storage compartment and sanitary paper hair covers. The electric scooters began their pilot program in Brooklyn last year with Torrot scooters. They expanded with a full fleet of 1,000 electric scooters sourced from electric scooter manufacturer NIU. The startup later expanded its fleet in Washington, DC.

How to Make an e scooter App Like Revel, Develop Alternative app of Revel, Revel alternative app features to consider

Develop electric  Scooter sharing business app in Texas

Bring it on! There is not a single doubt the electric mopeds like Revel and e-scooter rental apps are quickly growing around the US. The European and Asian cities are also enjoying the benefits of these small electric vehicles that are proving helpful in reducing traffic, congestion, pollution, noise and so much more for daily transportation. 

We think Texas has set an example in drafting and passing electric moped and scooter-friendly laws. This has made it easier for the commuters to be aware and safe while riding the vehicles. Not only that, if you have the answer to crowded urban streets like Revel, Texas and many other states around the world are welcoming you with open arms! 

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