Flash re-brands as Circ: know how to develop an e-scooter app like Flash (Circ) which has completed 1 million rides in just 135 days. + How to Make an App Like Flash + Create an App like Flash + Apps Like Flash + Develop Alternative of Flash

Flash re-brands as Circ: know how to develop an e-scooter app like Flash (Circ) which has completed 1 million rides in just 135 days.

If an e-scooter rental company Flash Which re-brands as ‘Circ’ has clocked up 1 million rides in just 135 days of its initial launch, we must have to dig out its business strategies.

In this blog, we will get to know,

  • The outcome of C.Scott Smith and Joseph P. Schwieterman written a research paper on the e-scooter scenario
  • About Flash (Circ) e-scooter rental company
  • Business strategies of the Flash(Circ) to acquire remarkable growth
  • Things you need to consider while outsourcing the e-scooter app development project

On December 12, 2018, Mr. C. Scott Smith and Joseph P. Schwieterman from Depaul University issued a very important research paper on the e-scooter sharing scenario. They have examined the degree to which e-scooter rentals can satisfy the mobility need within and between one of the most congested cities of USA, Chicago. They studied how e-scooters affect the travel time, reliability and convenience of trips.

Following are the major finding of their study.

  • E-scooters can beat the private automobiles on short distance trip by reducing the traveling time by 47% to 75%.
  • Due to their higher cost over three miles, e-scooters can not surpass the public transport on longer-distance trips.
  • The demand for e-scooters can differ widely between geographical areas.
  • Users would not prefer to pay more than $1.10 per trip plus $1.33 per mile.

Insight into Flash (Circ)

Europe is the most prominent market for e-scooter rental business. Thanks to its urban infrastructure and environment-friendly people, the e-scooter rental business is more likely to be successful in European countries than in other countries. Flash (Circ) is a Berlin-based e-scooter rental company which has witnessed an overnight success with its precisely implemented business strategies. It was founded by Lukaz Gadowski and co-founded by founders of Delivery Hero which is the publicly listed online food delivery company. After a few months of its initial launch, Flash (Circ) has raised a whopping €55 million in its series A funding round which was led by Target Global.

The ambition of the founders of Flash(Circ) is to dominate the European market of e-scooter rental. In one of his interviews, Mr. Gadowski has stated that the current trend of e-scooter rental is just a very beginning. There is still room for many e-scooter rental startups to start an e-scooter rental business.

After Flash(Circ) was launched in Berlin, they quietly launched it in Zurich and since then, Flash (Circ) has expanded its business areas to 21 cities across 7 countries. Moreover, Flash (Circ) has also completed its 1 million rides recently. However, Flash isn’t the only e-scooter rental company which has passed this milestone. Another e-scooter rental company named Voi has recently announced that they have completed 2 million rides in just 8 months. Tier e-scooter rental company which was launched after Voi is also on the way to hit that number.

Business strategies of the Flash(Circ) to acquire remarkable growth

Flash(Circ) has completed 1 million rides in 4.5 months, that means Flash(Circ) is getting around 7000 requests to rent e-scooters in a single day! How? Let’s find out.

» Properly understood hardware requirement

In the e-scooter rental business, an e-scooter plays a significant role. Many countries have banned e-scooters as in recent years, fatality caused by e-scooters has reached to an alarming figure. Thus, providing a reliable and secure e-scooter turns out the most important requirement of the e-scooter rental business. Unlike other e-scooter rental companies, Flash (Circ) assembles their own e-scooters, keeping all safety features in the mind. They use rust-resistant aluminum alloy frame and large airless wheels to ensure the safety of riders and pedestrians. They also provide free insurance to the users for every ride.

» Properly designed mobile app

The mobile app is one of the main reasons behind its impressive success. Its robust and user-friendly mobile app allows users to find and unlock e-scooters in a seamless manner. Users can also handle account and payment details with the app. Apart from this, the app lets users report any issue in no time.

Dive in the niche of e-scooter business with On Demand e-scooter mobile App

Our team of designers and developers has earned expertise to develop an IoT integrated e-scooter mobile app which connects with every available e-scooters in real-time to offer an ultimate user experience.

» Properly distributed e-scooters

Flash (Circ) puts more emphasis on machine learning and business intelligence which avail them to figure out the areas where the demand for e-scooters is expected to remain high. They also figure out how many e-scooters they need to satisfy that demand. So, their redistribution team will redistribute e-scooters according to the demand. By doing so, Flash(Circ) makes sure that usage per e-scooter per day is always high.

Coruscate Solutions delivers an e-scooter app like Flash which has the next-gen BI and AI enabled admin panel. With our AI and BI integrated admin panel, you can know the historical and real-time data of all important business processes and more importantly, you can know the heat map to manage the fleet of e-scooters.

Now, in the last section of this, let’s be familiar with the things you need to consider while outsourcing the e-scooter app development project.

How to Make an e scooter App Like Flash, Develop Alternative app of Flash, Flash alternative app features to consider

Things to consider while outsourcing the e-scooter app development project.

To develop an e-scooter app like Flash (Circ), your hired e-scooter app development company should have exceptional knowledge of IoT engineering. An IoT integrated app establishes a connection with e-scooters and presents details of e-scooters like location, battery level, and damage level on the mobile app. In order to establish a connection between the mobile app and e-scootersMQTT protocol is being used. So, we recommend you to approach only those e-scooter app development companies which have dedicated IoT engineers.

There are lots of smart and conventional e-scooters are available in the market which you can use for the e-scooter rental business. But the problem with all available e-scooters is that they demand a little bit of customization in their IoT controller. Thus, it is advisable to go for only those e-scooter app development companies which know the ways to customize the IoT controllers.

You may think to acquire a clone app or scripts to get a quick and economical solution. But with the clone app, you can not expand the boundaries of your business as a clone app doesn’t support customization and doesn’t offer a few groundbreaking features like data analytics and AI. Instead, you can opt for a custom-built app which helps you to run an e-scooter rental business in a most possible way like Flash (Circ). However, the custom-built app requires a big investment and a longer development phase. So, we encourage you to choose a hybrid solution provider e-scooter app development company. A hybrid solution reduces the time of development and offers custom-built-app-like features. Coruscate Solutions is one of the few companies which provides a hybrid solution for e-scooter app development.

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We, at Coruscate, work on the latest technologies to deliver an innovative e-scooter app. Our team of developers and designers know the craftsmanship to develop an artistic mobile app. We have dedicated teams to help you to choose a fleet of e-scooters and to draft the business model. We even allow you to host the whole IT infrastructure of your e-scooter rental business on our servers. To know more about the pricing and features, visit our e-scooter app development page.We also provide a free consultation. So feel free to ask for it.

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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