Develop an e-scooter app like Dott to make a way into the augmented European market to open new doors of opportunities

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Europe can be called as a gold mine for e-scooter rental companies. Because of its e-scooter-friendly urban infrastructure and the people who believe in environmental sustainability, many e-scooter rental companies have flourished easily in Europe. The billion-dollar companies like Uber and Ford have initially started their e-scooter rental business in Europe. Moreover, top USA-based e-scooter rental companies like Bird and Lime are also expanding their business into European countries.

Not only the geographically dispersed companies but also the local e-scooter rental companies which have started with an ambition to dominate the local market are currently pursuing a path to conquer the whole continent.

The following image depicts the impressive fundings raised by the top Europe-based e-scooter rental companies:

Develop an e-scooter app like Dott to make a way into the augmented European market to open new doors of

In this blog, you can read about one of the Europe-based E-scooter rental company named Dott and its approach to offer a pleasant user experience. We have also described the important features that you should request an e-scooter app development company to integrate into the admin panel of your e-scooter app to hammer the European e-scooter rental market.

Insight into a Europe-based e-scooter rental company, Dott

Dott was founded by the two former executives of Ofo named Maxim Romain and Henry Moissinac. It is a China-based bicycle-sharing company, have started Dott in 2018. It is headquartered in Amsterdam where most of the people are already using Eco-friendly mode of transportation.

When Maxim and Romain launched Dott, a lot of e-scooter rental companies were performing well in the European market. But with its legal way of doing business, more scalable e-scooters, and rich value proposition model, they managed to surpass most of the E-scooter rental companies in Europe. In one of his interviews, founder Maxim has stated that they collaborated with the city officials to satisfy all legal standards. They also did not rely on gig economy workers to recharge the e-scooters. Instead, they have hired a dedicated team who is responsible for the maintenance of each of the e-scooters. Moreover, the e-scooters of Dott are steadier. They have double brakes and wider decks to provide more safety. Each part of these e-scooters is replaceable.

Dott had previously raised $23 million in its venture capital round which was led by top investors like EQT Ventures and Naspers Ventures.

According to the latest news in TechCrunch, Dott is about to raise a $34 million Series A round. The startup is being very careful about its growth and reputation as compared to other e-scooter rental companies. Their aim is to have a sustainable service in the micro-mobility sector.

The e-scooter startups are aggressively growing in many cities. But Often buying a fleet of e-scooters and dropping them on the streets is not enough. You need to think of a long-term plan. Dott has made many efforts with its “move fast, break things” motto.

Dott rolled out 1000 to 2500 scooters in every city. The company currently has its scooters active in Brussels, Paris, Lyon, and Milan. The startup has its own warehouses instead of juicers to charge and repair their vehicles. They have hired full-time employees and they also work with third-party logistics providers.

Dott is moving a step ahead with the inclusion of insurance coverage for no extra cost. They have partnered with Zego and La Parisienne Assurances to cover personal injuries and third-party liability in France, Belgium, and Italy.

They are planning to release the next generation of e-scooters which have swappable batteries in order to make the fleet management much easier. Also, they are already up working on their third generation vehicles. Dott is also in the process of launching e-bikes even though they aren’t ready for prime time. The company is gradually expanding to new places in Germany, the U.K., and the Netherlands. Though a sustainable approach makes cost them tons of capital they are sure to be on the top of the e-scooter market.

Like Dott, which are the other top e-scooter rental companies are intensifying the e-scooter rental market of Europe?

As we have discussed, Europe has the most business-friendly market for e-scooter rental companies. A small e-scooter rental startup can grow more swiftly in Europe than any other continent. With the same thought, many entrepreneurs have started e-scooter rental companies in different cities of European countries.

Develop an e-scooter app like Dott to make a way into the augmented European market to open new doors of opportunities


Following are the two major Europe-based e-scooter rental companies which work like Dott.


1) Tier

Tier is the Berlin-based e-scooter rental company. It is one of the top e-scooter companies in Europe which was founded by Lawrence Leuschner. Service of the Tier is currently available in all major cities of Europe like Malaga, Lisbon, Madrid, Vienna, Helsinki, Oslo, and Brussels. Riders need to pay €1 to unlock the e-scooter and €0.15 per minute to ride. By now, Tier has raised €27 million in its only series A funding round.


Wind is another Berlin-based e-scooter rental company which provides convenient, inexpensive and fast access to short-distance transportation. They put equal emphasis on three major aspects of the e-scooter rental business – availability, quality, and safety. In its seed funding round, Wind has raised $22 million. With this money, they have expanded the business areas and made the e-scooter rental service accessible in France, Spain, Japan, Korea, and Israel.

In the next section of the blog, we have described the strategies of top Europe-based e-scooter rental companies which they have followed to be successful and how important it is to have feature-packed admin panel of your e-scooter rental app. This section of this blog is very significant if you are planning to develop an e-scooter rental app like Dott. 

The strategies followed by the successful Europe-based e-scooter rental companies


1) Getting Approval of the City Government Officials

The road and safety department of every city have documented some rules and regulations for e-scooter riding in the city. Many cities don’t allow e-scooter rental companies to operate within the boundaries of it. So, it is a reasonable idea to get approval from the government before deploying a fleet of e-scooters on the streets.

The USA-based e-scooter rental company, Bird didn’t bother to ask for approval from the local authority of San Francisco and so, business operations of Bird in San Francisco area were banned in just a few months.

To keep themselves away from a legal battle, founders of Dott always prefer to talk with government officials before they deploy a fleet of e-scooters in a city. 

2) Local teams of professionals

Maintenance and battery charging of the e-scooters are the two major resource-sensitive business processes. Thus, all major e-scooter rental companies follow the gig economy model and allow anyone to be the responsible person for the maintenance and charging of the e-scooters. Following the gig economy model will certainly reduce the internal cost of the company. But it will also reduce the quality as gig workers don’t work as professionally as your hired staff.

Dott has designed a few teams which roam around the cities and make sure all e-scooters are fully charged and working perfectly. They are also using IoT technology to remotely find out the e-scooters which need to be charged and which have performance issues. Coruscate Solutions has an efficient team to develop an app with IoT technology to deliver you an efficient e-scooter rental business infrastructure which is very easy to sustain. 

3) Safety

The main reason due to which most of the cities have banned e-scooters is the lack of safety measures. In order to offer a safe riding experience to the riders, you need to acquire scalable and safe e-scooters. Among all e-scooter rental companies of Europe, Dott is providing the safest e-scooters.

However, it is worth to mention that a few safety features in the e-scooter app also cater safety to the riders. So, always ask the e-scooter app development company to accommodate comprehensive safety features. We at the Coruscate integrate safety features like different reminders, speed alert, real-time update of surrounding and smart diagnosis.

Now, let’s understand what are the features you need in admin panel to keep your e-scooter rental business running without difficulty.

Admin features you need to consider to develop an e-scooter app like Dott

An admin panel is the most underrated module in e-scooter app development. It gives you very important real-time insight into the business. It also lets you monitor the fleet of e-scooters in a very painless way. So, don’t neglect to discuss admin panel while outsourcing your e-scooter app development project. 

Here are the few admin features, you should have in the admin panel.

E scooter app development table


It is easy to find out those areas where the demand is high.

We, at Coruscate, work on the latest technologies to deliver a robust e-scooter mobile app. We will not only develop your e-scooter app, but we will help you to find the perfect fleet of e-scooters and craft the profitable business model. We will also allow you to host the whole IT infrastructure of your e-scooter rental business on our server. Our teams of developers and designers are trained to satisfy all your requirements in the most possible way. To know more about e-scooter app features and price for developing an e-scooter app, visit our e-scooter app development page. For any further queries feel free to contact us and schedule a free consultation session.

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