Healthcare app development : BrainCheck Clone app – a boon for the healthcare industry for maintaining the cognitive health of your patients

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BrainCheck app is another step forward in the healthcare industry to maintain cognitive health for your patients, get going with your own Braincheck clone healthcare app to generate revenue.

The population of people aged over 65 is growing at a great rate than any other age group. According to the United Nations data, every one person out of six will be aged over 65 years by the year 2050 as compared to every one person out of 11 right now. Also in Europe and North America by the year 2050 one in every four people could age over 65 years.

A few startups have identified the growing opportunities to cater to this aging population. Some are producing the products which could be sold to individuals and their family members straight. Whereas, a few others are arriving with the means to permit those who work directly with the older American population.

BrainCheck is a Houston-based startup. They currently have a staff of 20 people. Their aim is developing cognitive healthcare products to assist practitioners to evaluate and track the mental health of their patients. The investors are very much interested in what the company has to offer. The startup has raised $8 million in Series A funding round co-led by S3 Ventures and Tensility Venture Partners.

The BrainCheck co-founder and CEO Yael Katz explained why it can be interesting for the doctors who are not aware of it and the opportunities in this app. He himself is a neuroscientist. and CEO of NeoSensory which is a company that develops devices for sensory substitution.

He explained that maximum cognitive assessment is managed by a subspecialty of clinical psychology called neuropsychology. In this process, the patients are provided with a series of tests. Each of these tests is created to investigate a distinct type of brain function — memory, visual attention, reasoning, executive function. These tests can measure speed and accuracy, and based on that, conclude if there’s a deficiency in that domain.

When these tests were done on a paper, it was a very lengthy process. But with the digitization and gamification, they are made available to everyone who is upstream of neuropsychology. This includes neurologists and primary care doctors.

The BrainCheck app created a tech solution that implements clinical judgment assistance to physicians so they can handle patients’ cognitive health. There are currently 250,000 primary care physicians in the U.S. and 12,000 neurologists and they are defying what has been named as a silver tsunami. With so many aging people it becomes difficult to discuss the need of the aging population without tech to assist them.

How does BrainCheck work?

An evaluation is done on an iPad which takes approximately 10 minutes. They are typically given in a doctor’s office by medical technicians. They can also be administered remotely through telemedicine. These are not online quizzes and not subjective questions as well. These are the objective tasks that need the patients to connect the dots. Or some times the tasks are like which way is the center arrow pointing — these tasks measuring speed and accuracy.

How much does it cost these physicians’ offices, and how do they sell the software?

The founders are selling a monthly subscription to doctors. This subscription is nothing but a tiered pricing model as measured by volume. The software owners meet the doctors at conferences, they even publish blog posts and white papers and through that process. Then they sell the product with a free trial for 30 days along with providing them a web demo.

The BrainCheck product is reimbursable by insurance. It makes it possible for doctors to report on and optimize metrics like patient satisfaction. Medicare designed a new code to remunerate doctors for a cognitive care plan. Even if it was rarely used because the needs and data involved were so complex.

A lot of doctors think that their jobs are completed once an evaluation is made. People never believed that impairment and dementia are things you can address. But there is around one-third of dementia which is preventable. And once the disease is detected it can be slowed down even if it requires hard work. BrainCheck Clone app is a tech solution that utilizes the output of tests to administer clinical assistance to physicians so they can maintain patients’ cognitive health. The app also provides personalized recommendations in a way that’s scalable.

There are nine modifiable risk factors that are found to be accountable for dementia cases. These include certain medicines that can worsen cognitive impairment, including poorly managed cardiovascular health, hearing impairment, and depression. People can have problems like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s but in conditions like major depression and physical conditions like cancer and treatments like chemotherapy can cause brain fog. The app can suggest a care plan that goes to the doctor who then uses that information and modifies it. It also works with medication management.

➯ Future scope of BrainCheck

The founders are planning to combine the assessments with digital biomarkers similar to changing voice patterns and a test of eye movements. They are developing eye-tracking technology and voice algorithms.

➯ What about the privacy of the patients?

The software is HIPAA compliant. And the product manages to follow most of the standards in place. And even after that, the big and small companies need to be vigilant about a data breach.

Why should you go for a Healthcare app development or BrainCheck clone app?

Mobile apps provide healthcare specialists to deliver the patient’s updates to their family members. This can be done anytime and anywhere basis.

According to a report in Statista, health and fitness have been identified as one of the top businesses to stimulate the growth of digital devices. Besides, the global mHealth or mobile health solutions market is anticipated to attain $90.49 billion by 2022.

Healthcare specialists can examine and enhance their methods through mobile apps. Moreover, they improve the quality of care services with improved workflow and extended patient interaction. That aids greater performance and patient satisfaction.

How can Coruscate help you to develop a healthcare diagnostic app?

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We can guide you with the market research as our research team keeps updates of each little detail happening in the industry. Also, we can help you with the end-to-end solution for your apps.

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