Develop Angkas Clone App Which Is Challenging Grab in Manila and Proving That a Small/New Startup Can Surpass Big/Old Player

Develop Angkas clone app which is challenging Grab in Manila and proving that a smallnew startup can surpass bigold player

Yes. It is an illusion that the taxi booking app market has already been intensified and you as a newbie cannot dominate the market where some big players have been running their app-based taxi booking business successfully. 

At least looking at the Bloomberg news which says that a Singapore-based motorcycle taxi app is challenging Grab in Manila, we can firmly say that there is still room available for new startups to not only launch the taxi app but to surpass the big players. 

In this blog, we will discuss the business journey and business strategy of AngKas taxi app which is emerging as the major rival of Grab in Manila. 

We will also discuss the app features responsible for its popularity, the cost of taxi app development, and many other crucial things that are really important for you to know before going for taxi app development.  

Insight into AngKas app – the alternative of Grab in Manila 

Inception and current position

A former Singaporean banker, Tham founded AngKas in 2016 after being the victim of the world’s worst traffic jam in Manila which claimed her more than 6 hours. 

Since she was really aware of the infrastructure and user needs of Manila, she decided to go for a motorcycle taxi service rather than an Uber-style car taxi. 

As of now, AngKas app has been downloaded more than 3 million times and they have more than 27000 registered drivers. 

Cutthroat competition with Grab

According to a trusted source, Similarweb, AngKas is very close to Grab when it comes to popularity. 

But considering the fact that AngKas has raised less funding than Grab, AngKas is the clear winner here. 

The reason why people prefer AngKas over Grab is because of its affordable fare. AngKas promises faster commutes starting at 50 Pesos ($1.30) a trip. 

AngKas’s business journey

The business journey of AngKas is nothing to get excited about. 

The government has canceled its operational license two times because of the 50 years old law against the use of motorcycles for public transport. 

But thanks to Tham’s legal experience which she had earned while working for JPMorgan Chase & Co and Softbank, she managed to get a temporary license.  

Currently, AngKas is on the grey list but Tham claims that they will soon get the permission and funding too. 

AngKas’s safety procedure

In the Philippines, more than half of vehicle deaths involve motorbikes. Thus, it is the fundamental requirement for AngKas to sustain the safety of both riders and drivers. 

For that, she has introduced some of the strictest safety standards including a written exam and driving course. With it, they have been maintaining their safety record at 99.997 percent. 

Top features of AngKas app which you have to consider to develop AngKas clone app 

Following are the top features of the AngKas app. 

Easy Booking

AngKas allows riders to book the ride in just a few steps. App automatically fetches the location of rider and marks it as the pick-up location which rider can change manually if he wants. 

After adding a drop-off location, all a rider needs to do is click on the ‘book’ button. 

Moreover, the AngKas app asks for all important details like payment method, mobile number, and age while signing up so that riders do not need to add these details every-time when they book the ride. 

Fare estimation 

As soon as a rider enters the drop-off location, the algorithm calculates the fare and shows it to the rider. This is how AngKas (and many other taxi apps) wins the trust of riders. 

Well-documented driver profile

When a driver accepts the ride request, the rider can see all vital information of the driver, including his rating and reviews of other riders. He can even contact the driver from the app itself. 

Emergency button

AngKas app is equipped with an emergency assistance feature that connects riders with the emergency services as well as customer executives of the AngKas. 


Riders can schedule the ride to avoid the last-minute hustle. 

Multiple payment methods

Riders can pay the fare using debit/credit card as well as popular eWallets. 

Multiple services

Apart from the motorcycle taxi, one can book a courier delivery service to deliver the different sizes of packages on-demand. 

Here, it is worth mentioning that like user app features, admin panel features also play an important role. 

A feature-packed admin panel makes running a taxi booking business as easy as pie. So, let’s discuss the top admin panel features of the taxi app. 

But since AngKas cannot share its admin panel features due to so many obvious reasons, we will discuss common admin panel features Coruscate is offering in its all taxi app development packages.  

Top Admin panel features you must have to run taxi booking business efficiently 

User management

The user management module of the admin panel contains information about all active users. From here, you can see their activities including their previous and future rides. You can also delete or update their profile. This module is really useful to know the number of users, their behaviour, their locations, and their preference. 

Driver management

Through the driver management module, you can keep an eagle eye on the activities of drivers. You can know their online time, their rating, their completed, active, and upcoming trip details, their earnings, and their vehicle details. You can also track their location when they are online.  

Vehicle management

This is a dedicatory developed module to check the status of the vehicles. Admin can know the insurance details as well as the age of the vehicles with a single click.  Every vehicle and its detail is linked with its driver and his details. 

Ride management

Ride management is the most useful module. It stores the data of each ride along with the details of the driver and rider who involve in that ride. It also shows the route of the ride in the Google map. 

Fare management

Though the fare is calculated by the algorithm, the fare management module lets you set the fare manually or lets you activate or deactivate the surge pricing algorithm for a particular location and at a particular time. 

Payment management

Payment management stores every incoming and outgoing payment. It also shows the status (either successful or fail) of the payment.  

Dispute management

The dispute management module presents the details of queries raised by riders as well as drivers. This module is intelligent enough to mark the priority level of the queries so that customer executives can solve the important queries first.  

What does Coruscate offer beyond taxi app development? 

Coruscate is the top taxi app development company that understands the additional requirements than a taxi app to start the app-based taxi booking business. Thus, we offer more than just a taxi app in our all taxi app development packages. 

Business model crafting

After understanding your business requirements and studying the market, our business experts will suggest to you the most profitable business model and help you to break-even within 5 months.  We will guide you throughout your business journey and we will always make sure that your business model is sufficient to keep revenue-per-employee high. 

Government approval

Government approval is the biggest challenge for a mobility startup to overcome. However, after working closely with many governments and mobility startups, our business experts have listed out a few ways to satisfy each regulation and get a business operational licence quickly. Also, they share those rules and regulations with our developers and designers so that they can develop your app in such a way that it never disobeys government regulations. 

What are the benefits of our Angkas Clone app? 

Coruscate always puts emphasis on the latest technology. Meaning, your app will be having all futuristic features which will work without a glitch and attract the maximum number of users. 

Also, we have studied all the features of AngKas and our extensive study will be reflected in the AngKas clone app. We will not miss out on a single feature so that you can not miss out on a chance to challenge a big player! 

Our feature-packed admin panel will always make sure that you are getting all the important data on the computer screen. We will also integrate business intelligence into the admin panel. 

With business intelligence, you can know the performance of your business and heat map in a very elaborated way. 

What does our business experts suggest all taxi app owners to double sales during and beyond the pandemic? 

You must be familiar with the super app – GoJek that offers more than 25 services from a single app. 

If GoJek had not offered multiple services from the single app, it would never have succeeded. 

Unfortunately, all taxi apps including Uber failed to understand the gravity of the super apps until the pandemic hit us. 

As soon as the COVID-19 started tightening its grip on the globe, the Uber app user activity dropped dramatically – by almost 70%. 

To keep revenue high even when the world was in lockdown, Uber started delivering groceries and medicines as it already had the logistic infrastructure. 

In the same way, if you’re providing a taxi booking service, you must have sufficient logistic infrastructure to accommodate courier, grocery, food delivery modules.

Thus, it is advisable to add such other delivery app modules in your taxi app. This will not only give you a competitive edge but it adds extra revenue streams. 

We’ve already engineered a platform that supports the taxi + courier delivery app. 

You can get a free demo of it along with free consultation.  

Get Free Demo + Consultation

How much does it cost to develop a taxi app or develop an AngKas clone app? 

Generally, the cost of taxi app development depends on the features you ask taxi app development companies to accommodate in the app. But since in our case, we have already disclosed top AngKas app features, Coruscate can give you the cost estimation right now. 

With our rapid app development technology, we can develop an AngKas clone app within 45-55 business days and under $10k. 

To know more about the AngKas app, ask for a taxi app demo, and discuss your custom taxi app features, you can contact our business experts.


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