Develop an App like Noon Grocery in UAE: Cost and Challenges 2022

Develop an App like Noon Grocery in UAE: Cost and Challenges 2022

Homegrown in the middle-east, Noon is beating other e-commerce giants in their game. Launched in 2017, Noon UAE, has quickly become the top choice of emiratis and expats alike. 

It  is an online marketplace Selling fashion, electronics, beauty, home & baby products online in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all across MENA.  

Noon Grocery is integrated in the Noon Application and users get access to a wide range of products and get it delivered in less than 90 minutes without any minimum order.

In other news, Noon.com will sponsor Newcastle United shirts in the new Premier League season for 2022-2023. The brand will be displayed on the sleeve of all the team kits in the upcoming 2022-2023 season. (Source)

Noon Grocery Features 

1. Easy Registration & Login 

2. Attractive Landing Page

3. Exclusive Sales and Offers

4. Wide range of products sorted by Categories

5. Different Payment Methods

6. Excellent Market Insight 

Noon Grocery has a section called Foods of the world. This is particularly helpful for UAE as the country has a variety of cultures and people from different parts of the world inhabit the place. 

This is a helpful tab for anyone to easily access products of their choice. 

How to develop an app like Noon Grocery?

1. Conduct a Market Analysis

Noon has aced the market based on thorough market research. For example, during the start of the pandemic in 2020, it was quick to partner with Visa and implement a card-only method of payment across the UAE. 

Quick deliveries were also based on market research. Noon understood that every other app is providing delivery services but they are not quick! So it took advantage of that and gained market share. 

2. Choose a Revenue Model

Configure how you want to monetize your app like Noon Grocery. There are many revenue models through which you can make money from your app such as 

• Sign Up fees 

• Merchant fees

• Delivery charges

• Commission fees

• Listing charges

• Subscription fees

• Designing, Developing and Launching of app

Hire the right development team and right techstack to build an app like Noon Grocery. Make sure that your app is well tested before launching. 

Cost to develop an app like Noon Grocery

All the factors that are involved in the app development process affects the cost to develop an app like noon grocery. The approximate cost to build a grocery app in UAE would cost you around $20,000. While the moderate version would cost between $25,000 to $30,000.

This is just a rough estimate, The actual cost depends on various factors such as 

➢ App Design

More complex design would cost you more for obvious reasons.

➢ App Development Platform

When you are clear about the target audience, then only you can determine the development platform. Whether it be iOS or Android or Cross platform, cost would vary with app development platform.

➢ App Size & Features

If you want to develop the same app as noon grocery then its app complexity and size demands a high budget. More features means more complexity of application. 

➢ Development Team

It affects the development cost with various factors like Number of developers in team, Region of development team, Designers, QAs, etc.

Challenges while developing an app like noon grocery

1. Low cost margin profit

For online grocery stores, one has to sell products at the same price as it would sell in traditional stores, so making profit margin from that would be tough for app owners.

2. Delivery Cost and Storage

Some grocery items would need a proper storage facility and temperature. Also, You can charge very minimal fees as delivery charges. Sometimes it can not be enough.

3. Difficult to service remote areas

Customers expect fast delivery of their order but in some remote areas, it is hard to reach the location and deliver the order on time. Which can have a negative effect on your business.

How can Coruscate help you?

There has been a rapid and remarkable increase in the number of people who prefer grocery shopping apps over visiting grocery stores. Save time for your buyers by delivering the groceries to their doorstep. Develop an application for your grocery business with us, we will ensure that you have the best app with top-notch features like noon grocery. Contact us at Coruscate, one of the leading app development companies in India.


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