Why Should You Plan to Develop An App Like Alan Map For Healthcare Startups?


Alan, a health insurance startup, recently launched an app “Alan Map” which will help the users locate doctors in their vicinity. The map-based application allows you to search for GPs, dentists, etc. around your location. Tiny dots appear on the map when you type in your area and the type of doctor you are looking for. Eventually, you click on the dot to get detailed information about the doctor.

The information includes the doctor’s visiting hours, whether an appointment is necessary etc. This is phase one for the application. In phase two, the app developers are planning to include scheduling an appointment, and various other tasks, which will help a smooth collaboration between the doctors and the patients.

For the phase 2, they are planning to integrate MonDocteur, which is a leading scheduling service in France. The app has connected with over 245,000 healthcare professionals and would offer you their pricing information as well.

Finally, Alan plans to utilize the data made available to map its product and augment it for the users.

The success of the app can be attributed to two factors- being user-centric and using data as well as current technologies in a collaborative way.

You need to plan your business like Alan if you want to succeed in the industry. Here are a few tips that should help.

Plan to be User-centric:

It may seem like the usual thing to say however when you see Alan Map, you would realize that they raised the bar in being user-centric. They knew that people want all the information at a single place, which is why they have used dots along with the map. A click on the dot will reveal the information. The user is not forced to move out of the page they are in, and they get everything they want.

The users would need pricing information, before booking the doctor. In some cases, the users prefer visiting the doctor without stating the reason on any app. The app understands this and offers insight into whether you need to book an appointment or not. They also offer complete pricing details.

When you plan your app around the user, you can improve the engagement, and help them be at ease with your app.

Useful Designs are Important:

A successful healthcare app development is a result of a well-planned design. If you have not designed your app according to the need posed by the client and the user, you may not be able to derive the exact outcomes. In the case of Alan Map, the first design excellence has been observed in the map style interface. Second, in the ease of acquiring information through a single click. The way the systems have been integrated to offer complete information is yet another success the app has achieved.

If you want to derive the exact outcome, your design should be in line with the requirements of the target audience. Study user behavior and learn how they use the app. It will help you design the exact experience for the end-users.

Helping Tools are Always Welcome:

Healthcare startups such as Alan’s success has been determined with Alan Map. The free product that the company has offered to the users has allowed them to increase the visits on their website and has also improved their conversions. An app like Alan Map has also allowed them to collect relevant data about the users that will help them enhance the product. This freebie was their chance to get into the user’s devices, and then collect information using which they can help these users.

If you want your users to trust you, you should provide them with tools that will aid them into leading a better life. A tool like Alan Map helps the user connect with the doctors immediately and even book their appointments. The users won’t mind sharing their details with you if you give them something to trust you with. Transparency is the key to maintaining healthy and long-lasting relationships.

Reimbursements are Important:

With Alan Map, both Alan and the national healthcare system can help the patients in many ways. The way they are reimbursed, in the form of claims and insurance, is undoubtedly brilliant for the users.

If you want to develop a successful app like Alan Map, you might want to look into reimbursements as they help your users come back to you. Think about ways in which you can help them financially or reduce their burdens. Giving them cost-effective ideas is a great way of reimbursing them.

Finally, it is important you deliver a usable product that does not shy away from being high-performance if you want attention from your users.

Summing up:

Before stepping up your business, always study the market and understand the competition, the market as well as the users. This research will help you take steps that should put your users at ease and improve your product.

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