GOT actress “Maisie Williams” launched a social media app “Daisie” for creators, letting creators collab with other creators. Develop a social media app like Daisie to earn millions

Develop a social media app like Daisie for creators to earn millions while letting creators collab with other creators.

Social media is a lonely place. It is very easy for creative or talented people to get lost in social media platforms which are riddled with frivolous content and annoying ads.

To address this issue, actress Maisie Williams who is very popular for her role of Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones TV series and a film producer Dom Santry have launched a talent discovery app named Daisie. In other words, Daisie is the social media app for the creators. However, it is focused and industry-specific platform.

In this blog, we will discuss about Daisie, it’s business model, it’s services, the scope for developing social media apps for creators, Daisie like other social media apps for creators and how much does it cost to develop social media app for creators.

What is Daisie?

It has always been difficult for creators to find the work they are interested in. And when it comes to female creators, finding work becomes even more difficult.

So, Maisie Williams who advocates for women’s rights founded a company named Daisie which allows both male and female creators to network, like, share and collaborate on different projects from a social media – like app.

Daisie app
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Here is how it works: As soon as a user installs the app, he/she needs to select the ‘Type of Content’ from the list which contains different categories like Photography, Music, Film, Art, and Literature.

After they select the content type, they land on the page where they can see what other people are working on or have worked on. They can even upload their own projects. If a user likes the project of another user and finds potential, they can talk with each other and collaborate.

Apart from talent discovery, Daisie app can be very useful to learn new skills from the videos and projects uploaded by creators.

Brains behind Daisie

The social media app for creators, Daisie, was founded by two creators, Maisie Williams, and Dom Santry.

Talking about Maisie Williams, she is the English actress, born on 15 April 1997. She made acting debut as Arya Stark in a very popular fantasy TV series, Game of Thrones. She has won many awards as the actress. But in 2018, she became the latest celeb to venture into tech entrepreneurship.

While Dom Santry is the English film director and producer who started his career as the Marketing Coordinator in SALT.TV in July 2015. He worked in SALT.TV, an established creative production studio for just 4 months. He then co-founded Daisy Chain Productions with Bill Milner and Maisie Williams and worked as the Producer. But after being there for almost three years, he co-founded one more company, Daisie.

The business model of Daisie – a social media app for creators

The business model of Daisie is very straightforward. It generates revenue in almost Tinder-like fashion.

Daisie app comes with the ‘Plus’ program that allows users to open locked features of the app by paying a minimal amount. This is a very effective revenue stream in such a talent discovery app where users have certain objectives and goals to satisfy only through the app.

The app has one more advantage for both the founders. Thanks to Daisie app, their other company Daisy Chain productions finds potential sources of new talents very easily.

Here, it is worth to mention that they are not interested to display annoying ads on mobile and web platform just for the sake of earning more money.

Daisie like other social media apps for creators

With the increasing number of mobile phones, the scope of developing some strange yet very useful apps is becoming wider. Today, the PlayStore is flooded with a few useful apps which people can use to share their talent with the world and to build their network.

Following are the top three popular social media apps for creators to build their network.

  • Mighty Network

Mighty Network is the social media app, similar to Daisie. However, the only difference between Daisie and Might Network is that in Mighty Network app, a user is placed in the group based on the interest he selects. He can now talk with the people who are interested in the same topic he is in. They can ask questions to each other, send notifications to the group members, share photo and trips, discover trending posts, and polls.

  • devRant

devRant is the social media app for the developers. In this app, any developer can connect with fellow developers, view their works, give suggestions, share his own experience and collaborate with other developers for any development project.

  • MobStar

Mobstar is one of the best apps for the creators who want to show their talent to the world and discover the super cool new talents from the world. The app lets users sing, dance, vote, and live stream to build a fan base.

However, one major question is still unanswered.

Is it profitable to develop a social media app for creators?

Like Maisie Williams, if you are thinking to develop social media app for creators, you must be wondering the success rate of such apps. Following are the reasons why developing social media app for creators is the safe bet.

Mobile devices are the first choice to find work

The mobile market has advanced very rapidly over the years. Currently, almost all people are equipped with smartphones and different mobile apps. Whenever they need to complete any task, they prefer to do it through mobile apps as it costs them very less and saves a lot of time. Talking about building a career and network, the mobile app can be the best solution for the users. According to the Glassdoor data, 89% of people prefer to find new work through their mobile devices.

It is more feature-packed than any other conventional job searching apps

You are offering social media type career-building app which is much more advanced in terms of design and features than the conventional job searching apps. Because of this only reason, acquiring the initial users for your app won’t be as hard as it sounds.

It is an industry-specific app, making a real impact

People nowadays post their every achievement on social media platforms. But since the social media platforms aren’t industry-specific, their talent doesn’t reach to the right people. In contrast, the app like Daisie is industry-specific where every talent is noticed by relevant people only. This very unique feature boosts the user satisfaction and user engagement rate that eventually make your app successful.

How much does it cost to develop a social media app for creators?

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