TikTok copies Instagram: Know the next big thing for your TikTok clone app, inspired by TikTok’s new features

Know the next big thing for your TikTok clone app, inspired by TikToks new features

Only a few apps are there on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store which stand out like a sore thumb and attract entrepreneurs from all over the globe to develop the clones of it. One such app is TikTok which is honored well in both the startup industry and app cloning industry.

Looking at the popularity of the TikTok app, many entrepreneurs have developed similar apps. However, the probabilities to earn millions of dollar from the TikTok clone app have reduced significantly in the last couple of months as the market is flooded with many similar apps. As a result, app owners have to work hard in order to acquire initial users.

But by just working hard, can you achieve what you want through the TikTok clone app? The answer is simply no. In order to make your TikTok clone app viral, you need to reward users with more groundbreaking features or you just need to follow the strategy of native TikTok app.

In this blog, we will discuss how by bringing in new features, TikTok is preparing to lock horns with future market need and how you can develop a TikTok clone app which is future-ready. But before that, let’s quickly apprehend some facts of the TikTok app. 

TikTok app Statistics


  • In Q1, 2018, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the Apple App Store.
  • It was the 6th most downloaded app in the world during Q1, 2018.
  • Currently, TikTok is available in more than 154 countries.
  • TikTok app is more popular in Asian countries than the USA, Canada, and Uk.
  • In November 2018, TikTok was the most downloaded app in Google PlayStore.
  • Owners of the TikTok app earn more than $1.4 million in a single month.
  • 41% of the users are aged between 16-24.
  • As of June 2018, the monthly users of TikTok were numbered 500 million.
  • In China where TikTok is known as Douyin, almost 50% of users use TikTok daily.

To know more about the brains behind TikTok, how TikTok works, salient features of the TikTok, other apps like TikTok, and most importantly, how much does it cost to develop TikTok clone app, read this very detailed blog:

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Now that you know about the popularity of TikTok, let’s discuss how TikTok is working smart to sustain the astonishing popularity even when people have a lot of other choices to swap. The strategy of TikTok which we are going to discuss in the next section of this blog will surely help you if you are planning to develop the TikTok clone app.

The strategy of TikTok which you have to keep in mind while developing the TikTok clone app to conquer the future market

Despite the fact that Bytedance introduced the original version of TikTok first in 2016 and it has been holding up a good ranking in both Google PlayStore and Apple App Store, they still need to plan out and execute different strategies in order to survive in a highly competitive market. Recently, a reverse engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong has disclosed several new features TikTok is reportedly working on. Following is the list of new features TikTok is working on.

    • The first feature TikTok is planning to integrate into the app is algorithmically generated ‘For You’ page in a grid-style layout like Instagram. Currently, users have to flip through each video on a page which follows the vertical layout format. The new design of the most important page of TikTok will allow users to bypass videos which they don’t want to watch more easily.


    • Another change users of TikTok will likely to witness in upcoming months is an addition of a ‘Discover’ tab to the TikTok’s main navigation. This ‘Discover’ tab will replace the current Search button which lets users enter their desired keywords and show videos, hashtags, and sounds based on the keyword. Meanwhile, the new Discover button will have the people icon on it that helps users to find more people and follow them more easily.


    • TikTok is also working to bring in a feature only for the creators. This new ‘Suggested Users’ feature will highlight top talents and help them to increase their fan base.


    • TikTok has finally realized how important it is to collaborate with other companies. They are now planning to improve connection with social apps. For instance, users will soon be able to send TikTok video through Whatsapp and link their TikTok account to Google and Facebook.


    • And the last feature Jane has mentioned in her series of tweets is Account Switcher Interface similar to Instagram. This feature will enable users to operate the TikTok app in a single smartphone with multiple accounts.


    Here, it is worth to mention that the reason why TikTok decided to integrate new features in the existing app is that a lot of other TikTok like apps have already been offering features like TikTok. This very uncommon similarity can affect the user base of the TikTok. So, by adding a hand-picked feature set, TikTok is making sure that people will not find any alternative for it in the near future.

    But what about you? Like TikTok, how you can make sure that your TikTok clone app keeps acquiring more and more users even after 5 years from now? How can you develop a future-ready TikTok clone app? Which are those features which make your app future-ready? And how much does it cost to develop a future-ready TikTok clone app?

    The answers to your all questions are here.

    How to develop a future-ready Custom TikTok clone app?

    TikTok app falls under the entertainment category and for such app category, the scope of business model innovation and setting up new services is very limited. So, the only thing you can do to not disappear from the market after tasting an early success is to offer more convenience to users by accommodating a few disruptive features. Following are the few trendsetting features our research team has documented for the TikTok clone app.

    Flawless app design

    The thing which perhaps matters the most for the app owners is how their users feel and act while being online. If the design of the app isn’t ‘well-designed’, users face trouble to satisfy motive behind their presence on your app. In such a case, they will straightaway opt for some other app even if your app is more feature-packed than others.

    If you have noticed closely, almost half of the new features of TikTok we have discussed are related to the design of the app.

    Offer personalized user experience

    Long before then the TikTok starts thinking to reshape its feed into the grid-style layout, they have brought a major update to the feed: an AI-enabled personalized feed for the personalized user experience. In fact, they have started a sub-company named AI Lab, only for researching and experimenting the brighter side of AI.

    An AI-enabled feed boosts the user engagement rate by showing only those contents to users which they are interested in. This very unbelievable thing can be achieved via a few robust AI algorithms that work on two sides. On one side, it identifies each and every content and on another side, it studies the users’ behavior and their interests. Now, when algorithms know both content types and types of content users want to see, it displays only relevant contents to the users.

    More ‘Convenience’

    Generally in the mobile app development industry, ‘Convenience’ is measured by considering how well UI design your app has and which are the innovative features you are offering to the users. ‘Convenience’ can be anything which avails users to justify the purpose behind downloading your app in the most possible way.

    Following are the things which you need to take care to offer ultimate convenience to the users.

    • The loading time of the app should be as minimum as possible.
    • Let them log in via social media accounts.
    • Let them share any video on all major platforms.
    • Solve any query of them within no time by introducing chatbot.
    • Offer them the choice to enable or disable the notifications.
    • Very popular creators should be treated differently than regular users.
    • All videos and other information of the users should be kept in a safe and secure environment.


    How much does it cost to develop future-ready custom TikTok clone app?


    Coruscate is the leading mobile app development company which has already developed a customizable TikTok clone script. With our customizable script, we can add more features than what a TikTok clone app usually provides. Our teams of designers and developers are so trained to design and develop next-gen TikTok clone app which is AI-enabled and has all necessary features that you won’t need to upgrade it in the next 5 years.

    With our rapid app development technique, we will develop and deliver a TikTok clone app within 45-55 business days and under $10k. To know more about features and ask for a free consultation, connect with our app scientist and business expert today.

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