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Get going with the new dine-in feature for your food delivery app to earn more by avoiding driver fee and service charges

Get going with the new dine-in feature for your food delivery app to earn more by avoiding driver fee and service charges.

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Uber Eats has added a new option in its app for the diners who preferred the ambiance of a restaurant but at the same time hated waiting in long queues. The company has launched its dine-in feature in a few cities that will let the customers pre-order food on the app and then relish it at the restaurant. According to a report in TechCrunch, Uber Eats has entered the dine-in business with its most competing dine-in app.

Unlike Uber’s most services, in the dine-in feature, the driver or the carrier is cut out of the equation completely. Diners can order their choice of food from the restaurants ahead of time themselves through the app. They can later visit the restaurant to sit and enjoy their order. The dine-in feature also waives off the standard Uber delivery and service fees.

By adding the dine-in feature in the Uber Eats app, Uber has entered into more food businesses. The company is slowly expanding into the restaurants which care more about presentation. These restaurants do not do delivery and avoid paying drivers. The restaurants also wish to earn some low-overhead revenue.

Uber’s Dine-In option is now accessible in the cities Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, and San Diego. The option can save diner’s time and fees and at the same time helps the restaurants to fill their empty tables and the waiters to earn more tips. But the dine-in option could also compel more and more restaurants to go for UberEats and there will be more and more competitors.

UberEats app allows diners to order food on the app and Uber can arrange transport to the restaurant. Though there is no option to link a ride with the diners food order, there is always a chance for further development. Diners can pay with the UberEats app and can add an optional tip.

The Uber authorities want to focus on making amazing food and providing top-notch service. The Uber Eats app wants to allow the customers to order and pay in the app and streamline the experience for the customers and the restaurants. As there are no drivers involved and the diners aren’t charged for any service or delivery fee for using the dine-in option, Uber charges the restaurants with a fee less than the fee charged for the delivery for using and participating in the dine-in feature.

The dine-in feature is Uber’s strategy to make easy cash from the restaurants partnering with its platform. It is also not sacrificing any of its earnings to delivery drivers. They can also yield the data on customer’s dining habits that are much valuable to Uber down the line.

Uber authenticated that the presence of dine-in option can be called as an enhancement in the Uber Eats experience. They also confirmed that by using this feature, the restaurants can achieve 100% of the tips left by the in-app users. However, to make this feature profitable for Uber, some of the restaurant items are silently marked up from that of the restaurants to help it make money directly from these purchases. This has been discussed in details in the Uber Help Center FAQ.

Uber has been continuously experimenting with Uber Eats and its food delivery business. They have tried out different schemes like discounts, Uber Eats pool, and unlimited delivery subscriptions. Uber, with its recent advancements, is undeviatingly expanding in all sectors and is becoming an omnivore.

Working of Uber Dine-In explained:


Dine-in seems to be the next phase of the Delivery and Pick-Up options amidst various other exciting options available in the food delivery app-Uber Eats app in a few of the cities. The customers order from the menu and can choose to go to the restaurant and eat “ASAP”. In a few cases, the customers are also allowed to schedule their own time of arrival.

uber eats

Through this option, the customers can view how long the food will take to prep, distance to the restaurant, the price of the ordered food and the restaurant’s rating. The notifications are sent when the order is prepared and gets ready. The customers can just go to the restaurants and immediately get served as the food is already ready. There is also an option where the users can add a tip through the app itself on the table.

There is also an option where the users can add a tip through the app itself on the table

Further scope of enhancement in the dine-in feature:


If yours is a food delivery app and you wish to add the dine-in feature in it, you can even think of entering another major business that is the taxi booking app. You can have your own fleet for transportation which you can easily link to the dine-in feature. Whenever a customer orders food and needs to arrive at the restaurant at the scheduled time, your app can manage the food order as well as the transportation for your customers. You can even tie-up with some transportation business to earn profits together. You can even bring back Uber’s strategy of merchant-sponsored rides. In such rides, the user would get a rebate if they travel and spend money as a certain prescribed store. The restaurants could also feel this strategy much profitable for them as the users would get down to enjoy the food right at the restaurant if they are getting back their money spent on transportation.

The new dine-in feature can provide neck-to-neck competition to other dine-in apps like Allset and table reservation apps like OpenTable and Resy. If you are a startup, it is recommended to go for dine-in feature for your food delivery app instead of developing different apps for the purpose of table booking. This feature can allow your users to pre-book and schedule their meals and enjoy them in the ambiance of the restaurant just when the food gets out of the oven.

The feature is convenient and time-saving. The research team at Coruscate has predicted that there are going to be more delivery players opting for the dine-in feature and earn from it. Also, instead of the apps that provide just one solution for the customers, the apps with a one-stop solution for all will be most successful.

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