Car Rental Software :Explore the unexplored markets and double the revenue of your car rental business with car rental software

Car Rental Software :Explore the unexplored markets and double the revenue of your car rental business with car rental software

The fusion of user app and admin software is doing wonders nowadays. It helps business owners to push the boundaries and explore the unexplored markets. Which results in an ever-increasing graph of revenue and customer satisfaction rate.

Like other businesses, the car rental business is also experiencing fruitful results from user app and car rental software. Many car renting companies that were once doing business manually have adopted the car rental software in recent years.

So, if you are an entrepreneur and planning to start a car rental startup or you are a businessman, running a car rental business, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we have covered everything about car rental software, its features, and its usability. We have also discussed the car rental software development cost. But before all of this, let’s first study the online car rental market.

Insight into the car rental market

The car rental business has been in existence for quite a good time. It has been a very straightforward business with sustainable growth. However, with the advent of mobile app development technology, things got changed. Technology has been helping car rental business owners to make their services accessible to a large number of users while maintaining a high user satisfaction rate. The following graphs are justifying our claims.

(In 2022, the global car rental market is estimated to be double by size than the 2016 and economical car segment is anticipated to lead the chart).

(By 2022, the number of car rental companies in all categories is also estimated to witness an exceptional boost.)

(Latin American countries, African countries, Asian countries, Australia and New-Zealand are going to be the most profitable markets (Note this if you are planning to start a car rental business)).

Why your car rental business needs car rental software?

Car rental software costs you around $10k. So, it is very obvious to ask about its usability before buying one!

» Seamless fleet control

In the car rental business, a car is the most important resource. By optimizing the fleet of cars, you can easily double your car rental business revenue.

Car rental software keeps an eagle eye on your fleet of cars. It stores each and every detail of those cars such as total kilometers, maintenance history, location history and booking history. Not only this, car rental software shows the variety of available cars to the users, straight on their car rental mobile app.

» More business opportunities

In conventional car rental businesses, customers can rent out the car or drop the car to car rental centers or brick-mortar stores only. But thanks to IoT technology, mobile apps, and car rental software, you can allow customers to drop the car anywhere within your business operational areas and rent out the car from that last known location by just using the mobile app.

» Outstanding customer service

When you rent out your car to a customer, it is your call to send help if your car breaks down somewhere between his journey. In such a situation, if you fail to provide him instant help, it affects your company’s reputation.

However, rent a car software and mobile app come to aid here. The car rental mobile app enables users to seek help and car rental software or admin panel helps admin to track the location of the user and sends the nearest roadside assistance service provider.

» Manage sales

A car rental software helps you to get rid of a lot of manual processes. With it, you don’t have to check your available vehicles and allocated vehicles manually. The software exhibits all cars and their availability status like available, booked or on-road in a well-documented window.

The business model you can follow in car rental software-enabled car rental business

In the car rental software-enabled business, the business model remains the same as a conventional car rental business. However, car rental software opens up many doors of opportunities.

You can tie up with hotels. So, when users book the car for rent, you can suggest to them a few hotels of your partners according to users’ destination or route. You can also tie-up with travel agencies, so they include your car rental option into their travel itinerary.

For the sake of earning more money, you can introduce a few premium cars into your fleet. However, you need to have a premium business model for your premium cars. You can also include airport car rental service into your premium service category.

After reading so far, if you are thrilled to opt for car rental software, here are the top features you will get in your custom-built car rental software, developed by Coruscate.

» Car rental software top features

By keeping the needs of car rental business owners in mind and studying the nature of the car rental business, we have listed out a few features which you will get in your car rental software.

» Vehicle management

The vehicle management module presents the list of all cars you own with some very important information such as insurance details, registration details, maintenance history, driving history and total kilometers. With several filters, you can retrieve your desired results. For instance, if you want to know the cars with registration due by next month, you just simply need to apply a filter and you are rewarded with your desired result.

» User management

From the user management module, you can know all the details of all registered users. You can filter them in different categories, such as, users who have pre-booked the cars, users who are currently driving your cars and users who have rented out cars in the past. From the same module, you can know where they are driving your car or where they have driven your car.

» Dispute management

The dispute management module contains the inquiries raised by users. From the single window, you can read all queries of customers, reply to them and track the status of each query.

» Payment management

Payment management is perhaps the most fundamental module in the car rental software. It lets you know all successful and failed payments with transaction numbers.

In addition to these modules and features, there are two most crucial features we are offering in car rental software.

  • You can set the price seasonally and according to the locations.
  • On the dashboard, you can know the real-time earning.


How much does it cost to develop car rental software?

Coruscate is the top car rental app and software development company that has entertained numerous amount of queries related to it. We accommodate a few highly skilled designers and developers who can develop your car rental software and car rental app in such a way that your business can break-even in just 2 years. We do not only develop apps, but we assist our clients throughout their business journey.

With our rapid app development technology, we can develop car rental software within 45-55 business days and under $10k.

To know more about features, market possibilities and ask for a free app and admin panel demo with consultation, contact our app scientists and business experts.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Let’s build your own app

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