Launch your own Food Delivery App Like Zomato or Swiggy

On-the-go became on-demand with the evolving needs of the consumer. The millennials glued to
the phones want details on the nearest restaurants, their menus, the prices and even ability to order.
Zomato and Swiggy are the apps born out of this need.

Coruscate offers unique solutions to battle this growing need with a suitable solution that will enhance experiences and boost engagement. We don’t develop direct clones; we pull in a differentiation angle, which will enhance the user experience and close the gap that exists in the on-demand delivery market.

With a team of highly talented and experienced people waiting to explore possibilities, backing our structure, we are ready with the tools and resources to make your business solution a success.

Opportunities swarming the food delivery services

While a lot of investors have been served with their dishes, there are millions that are still playing around as opportunities

  • The B2B marketplace for food and ingredient delivery is still not getting enough attention
  • According to techcrunch, there is a $210Bn opportunity available in the food delivery segment
  • A new startup Delivery Hero raised $350Mn and is valued at $1Bn. This is a Berlin based on-demand food delivery startup
  • US based Grubhub is valued at $3.21Bn
  • Swiggy, earlier in this year, raised $210Mn and was valued at $1.3Bn
  • Zomato has already reached the top space in the on-demand food delivery segment

How Zomato truly works its wonders?

Zomato has used the deep linking within the app, a specifically tuned feature for the search engines, in a engaging way. With this deep linking feature, all the search results will link you to the Zomato app.

The Zomato app is divided into two parts: the restaurant finder and the online ordering segment.

The restaurant finder

This feature allows you to find the restaurants in your vicinity or restaurants for the particular type of food. You want to go with friends or family, the restaurant apps will help you get into a good place for lunch or dinner

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