Farmcrowdy app clone: a revolution in the agriculture industry to connect sponsors and farmers digitally


Technology has proved to be a boon for the agriculture industry. It has helped in growing healthier crops than ever. Today, it is possible to do a proper analysis of agricultural fields beforehand in other to get healthy agricultural produce. These days, apps like Farmcrowdy are available for aiding the farmers to help in getting good quality produce.

According to recent reports on Ventureburn, an app called Farmcrowdy which aims to connect the farm sponsors and farmers digitally has raised 1 million in its seed funding round.

About Farmcrowdy

Farmcrowdy is a Lagos based Nigerian startup which provides an agri-tech platform to the people. They aim to empower farmers by strengthening food security. The startup was founded by CEO Onyeka Akumah with CFO Akindele Phillips, COO Tope Omotolani, CTO Jimoh Maiyegun and vice president for products and data Ifeanyi Anazodo.

The Farmcrowdy app was launched as an agricultural company in Lagos in November 2016. The CEO witnessed a lot of challenges in the agricultural sector and launched the company at around the same time when the Government of Nigeria was finding out a way to channel the resources to boost the agricultural sector and to strengthen the agricultural firms in Nigeria.

The CEO with an early age experience of running a poultry farm business noticed that the middle-class people in Nigeria were interested in farming but had no means, time and skills to get involved in agriculture.  However, they do possess the resources. These resources needed to be channelled in a way that they impacted 38 million small- scale farmers in Nigeria who have extra farmlands but do not have the finances.

According to CrunchBase, the company has 2.4 million as a total funding amount in 4 funding rounds and is CB ranked 871. The company connects more than 2000 small-scale farmers with over 1000 unique sponsors. The company was the only African startup chosen for the cohort of Techstars Atlanta. The company is currently active in 18 states in Nigeria and is growing across Africa.

Farmcrowdy app clone: a revolution in the agriculture industry to connect farm sponsors and farmers digitally

The top rival companies for Farmcrowdy are Agfunder, Cropital, and iGrow.

Using the app, Nigerians can get an opportunity to participate in various farms they wish to sponsor. The sponsor’s funds are used to secure the land and ensure high-quality produce. The money is also used to engage the farmers, plant the seeds and helping the complete farming cycle. After the harvest, the farm sponsor is paid a return for their sponsorship. While these sponsors are able to keep track of the agricultural cycle with the updates provided via text, pictures, and videos.

Farmcrowdy platform

The Farmcrowdy platform allows you to be a part of the agricultural revolution like never before. People can participate in the farming activity in a hassle-free manner just from their mobile phones and can make good returns. Apart from earnings, they somehow make a great impact on the lives of farmers in a positive manner.

Farmcrowdy app clone: a revolution in the agriculture industry to connect farm sponsors and farmers digitally
Working of the Farmcrowdy app

Farmcrowdy is building a great agricultural system which is funded by people who have a deep interest in farms. The main motto of this app is to connect these agricultural enthusiasts with the real farmers to empower farming and benefit both the farmers and sponsors.

The features available in the app that you can use for your Farmcrowdy clone app are:

Farmcrowdy app clone: a revolution in the agriculture industry to connect sponsors and farmers digitally

To sponsor farms:

You need to identify a far of your choice and sponsor as many units as you want by paying the required amount.  The app helps you in getting updates and experience the whole farming process right at your mobile screens by getting you the updates and progress reports. Once the farming cycle ends, you will be paid the initial sponsorship and returns after harvest.

To follow farms:

If you are not ready to sponsor a farm, the app provides you with an option to follow the farm that interests you. The updates and notifications that you get on your mobile screen can help you in experiencing the farm activities.


It is better to have information about the unknown waters that you enter beforehand. Through updates, blog posts and various other content, Farmcrowdy provides you with all the necessary information and the right steps and options available in the agricultural space for you.

The app has some of the newly introduced features like:

» An all-new dashboard for checking the details about the farms that you have sponsored.

» Sponsorship history to keep a tab on the last sponsored farms.

» Easier Sign up/Log in with more social options to make the system user-friendly.

» New Farmshop showing farm categories with filter and sort options to make it easier for you to identify and choose the farm that best interests you.

» More Payment options for local and international sponsorships to make your payments easier.

Farmcrowdy app clone: a revolution in the agriculture industry to connect sponsors and farmers digitally

The significant role of agritech in emerging markets and how Farmcrowdy app clone can benefit you?

Startups across the world in the agriculture industry are working in order to find creative ways to solve the complex problems faced each day by the farmers. Introduction of agritech and Farmcrowdy app clone is a pivotal step in the growth of agricultural companies in Nigeria and worldwide.

Emerging markets are experiencing a through growth in the population as well as urbanization. There has been a steady increase in incomes eventually rising the demands for food. Agritech and the Farmcrowdy app clone are being the key component in smart-farming and have found many intelligent methods for funding the farms. This method not only helps benefit the farm sponsors and farmers but also makes you a technology-powered company to make it big in the agricultural industry. Such apps also improve food security across the world.

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