A Complete Guide To Hiring App Developers London. From Why To How, We Have Answered Everything


Mobile app development, specifically for the mobile app startups, has started gearing up in London.

  • Homie, a concierge-style service that allows Londoners to search for affordable property hassle-free and with fewer efforts, recently raised $4Mn in seed funding. The startup aims to speed up the rental investments and improve their lifestyle.
  • Pusher, another London based startup, secured $8Mn in series A funding. The startup offers tools and cloud infrastructure that allow the developers to add real-time functionality to their app, which includes push notifications and messages.
  • Poq secured 9.5Mn pounds in series B funding. The SaaS-based applications allow the eCommerce retailers to launch as well as maintain their consumer-facing app solutions.

These are just a few instances of how London based appreneurs and app businesses are getting investors on-board and improving the way of living for the end consumers. CityMapper, Fever, etc. are some of the other apps, based in different distinctive segments, which are earning the faith and money from the investors.

App developers London as well as the appreneurs in this city function differently from the ones we know and acknowledge. Here we will discuss in detail about the app development process in London, the top apps and startups in London as of today as well as some more funding stories that you need to know about apps in London. We will become your guide in hiring the best app developers from London.

App Development Process London

Here is a detailed purview into the app development process.

  • Planning & Prioritizing:

    The moment the idea is validated, the team will begin working on how many tasks need to be accomplished, the timeline for the tasks, and the priority task list. The planning team will list down all the tasks, mark them by urgency and timeline, and finally break them down into subtasks for easy accomplishment. The blueprint for the app design is also readied at this point. This includes sketching the app screens and the movement of the user. The following are the requisites to accomplish detailed planning.

    • The target market for which the application is being designed.
    • The user behavior and their app usage needs.
    • The complete analysis of the user’s app requirements, the problems existing in the target market, and how the app will act as a solution.
    • User personas defined from their app usage and their personality.
  • App Design:

    At this point, the team will get the screens they have sketched and the user experience design they have identified for the target market, approved by the client. Once approved, the prototypes for the same will be delivered to the client. This prototype will include the navigation aspect so that the client will know whether or not the movement will work for the users. Once the prototypes are approved, the actual designing process begins. The colors, placement of buttons and even the fonts are decided at this point, and everything is executed, from the plan, at this point.

  • Defining the Approach:

    Once the design is ready, the team has to define the approach for mobile app development. There are basically two types of approaches, distinctively possible- native app development and hybrid app development.

      • The native app is specifically developed for the platform in concern, and the set of devices that work on that platform. The application will work in tandem with the guidelines specified by the platform. They are reliable and faster, as they are developed for the specific platform. You will get the native-like experience and the push notifications that are specifically defined for the native platform.
          • Hybrid app development is more like the same application that works on both platforms. They are not really devised for the specific platform, which means they will lack the platform-specific features but, they will be high-performance, and offer the same level of security and reliability.
  • Development:

    The process of development includes actual coding and developing the design for the operating systems and the devices. The development team will understand the design, get ready with their tools, and begin crafting the actual application.

  • Testing and Deployment:

    The team will test the application while it is being developed and then after the development process is accomplished. This helps ensure a bug-free and reliable application. Once the application works perfectly, it is optimized and uploaded to the app store.

Finally, the support and maintenance services allow the team to work through the development, upgrade the app to meet the latest operating system updates, and even patch updates when required. This makes the app work in sync with the operating system.

Tops Apps In London


Some of the applications that have made London ready include.

  • CityMapper: As discussed, this app works towards simplifying the public transport in London. You get multiple route options, the best transport to take from a particular spot option as well as offline maps and taxi fares
  • Santander Cycles App: This allows the users in London to check for cycles available in the docks, and the routes to the nearest docking station. You can even get a cycle without visiting the docking station terminal from your phone, with this app
  • Regent Street App: The application allows you to personalize your overall shopping experience, and get invites to events and promotions with this app
  • London Bus Live Countdown: Get a minute-by-minute update on the local buses, and know when the bus to your station will arrive.

These are just a few apps that have ticked the popularity list. There are other apps such as Redi, which will help you grab some good food during lunch, and Monzo, which helps you manage the lunch hour spending.

Government Apps London


It is not just the regular Londoner that requires an application to get through the day, but also the government agencies. That’s precisely why mobile app development has geared up in government agencies.

  • The UK visa application has become easier with the help of the application that makes you go mobile and apply with ease.
  • The London official city guide app is the perfect application for the tourists, as they will know everything there is to know about the city along with the tourist must-visit places. Searching for the council members London has become easy with the mobile application specifically developed for the directory.
  • Government digital services are going mobile. From data sharing to getting your hands on files and documents, the government data is now mobile. They have upped their security with their development process.

How Coruscate Helps?


For a while now, Coruscate, an app development company London, has been working on developing mobile apps in the London area. We understand the target market and are aware of how the businesses and end-users use their applications.

We have been working in the market for a wide range of industries long enough to know what issues they are likely to face, and what are the best solutions to these problems.

The app developers cost London is a combination of the features, the resource time and the timeline to accomplish the application.

Our team works on gathering insights, and researching the probable solutions before planning and developing the mobile app.

If you are looking for the app solutions in London, connect with us for the best possible solutions.

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

Let’s build your own app

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