Does Your Store Need an eCommerce App? Here’s a Complete Guide into eCommerce Mobile App Development with Latest Trends and Tips


When eCommerce was first introduced to the market, it was a giant leap forward from the traditional ways of conducting business. From getting people to your stores, the businesses went to the customers’ homes, and lured them into buying goods. Convenience was the unique selling value here.

Mobile apps intend to further the convenience that users are getting used to with time.

62% of the total smartphone users have made at least one purchase online via mobile devices. A total of 73% increase in the company sales has been realized as a result of predictive analytics.

Looking at this, you will see that there is a growing need for mobile ecommerce, not just for convenience but also for the profits and visibility it offers. The changing consumer dynamics and business scenario calls for a change in the way you attract customers and offer them your products and services.

Having set the need for ecommerce app, we will take you through the benefits of having ecommerce app, and must have features, while developing an ecommerce app.

Why eCommerce App?

With the increase in the number of people preferring having a mobile app for their ecommerce business, along with a Magento-based store, there is a need to understand the benefits these apps carry for the users.

  • The app improves the user engagement as it allows the user to get in touch with you immediately. The customers can interact and get their queries solved almost instantly with the mobile solutions. Searching is made easy with the audio search feature that comes with the mobile apps, making it interactive. You can also use the GPS feature to look for the location of the product, in case the app points towards a local store.
  • The mobile app leads to fewer cart abandonments and greater profits for the business. The main reason for cart abandonments with websites was the long process involved, and the complex navigation. By the time the user reached the checkout page, they would be bored of completing the process. The frustration of checking out is reduced in case of ecommerce apps. With single page checkouts and easier methods, the users can easily buy their products.
  • The average value of order is higher with the mobile apps, as the order processing and checking on the orders is easier and possible on the go. The various secure payment options are integrated with the ecommerce mobile app, making it easier for the user to complete the purchase. As a result of different push notifications and clearly engaging interface, users prefer buying more via apps than any other mode.
  • The visibility and reach is higher with a mobile app. You can easily reach out to more people with social media marketing. With the engagement levels and easy checkout processes, the one time visits convert higher with the mobile app solutions. As a result, businesses identify higher conversions with mobile apps, and enjoy more profits as a result.
  • Finally, you can personalize better and customize the products to meet the individual requirements via ecommerce app solutions.

eCommerce Trends 2018


  1. You need to improve the delivery logistics and ensure timely delivery of the products to the end consumers. With different locations and various sellers added to the list, you need to make sure your delivery time is up to the mark.
  2. AI is the way to go for your ecommerce app solution. With enhanced AI-based apps and integration of machine learning, you are definitely rooting for a more engaging conversation between the app and the users, and you will be enjoying better buying culture outside the store.
  3. Facebook to handle payments is an excellent way of allowing social media integration for your business app. With Facebook, the engagement is enhanced, and you will be able to deliver better results.
  4. AR and VR will benefit the retail industry if you adopt them into your eCommerce app solutions. The 3D videos of the products you are planning to buy and an insight into how they will appear in real is offered by the AR integration. VR will allow you to try the products, and get a first-hand feel, similar to that in the store. This will help you buy the products with ease. Businesses will profit with this integration, as the conversions will be higher as a result.
  5. You will need to integrate the safe and secure payment gateways to your mobile app for faster and better checkout processes. You will need to integrate all wallets that are essential to the user and help them with purchasing the products.
  6. Integrating assistants to your mobile app is a must in the present times. People prefer voice search and other assistant related activities to the regular search methods. You will see more engagement and increase in loyalty with this integration.

Must-have Features for eCommerce App


  • Social Sign-in: Getting your users to register to your mobile app is the biggest job for you. If you have a long form for registration, and ask the users to type in the data, chances are you will fail to increase your user base. The best way to perform this task is to integrate social sign in options and include a short registration form, and allow the users to choose from either method.
  • Navigation Made Easy: It is important for the users to move along the app to the categories of their choice with ease. You need to have a navigation that follows the golden rules in order to enhance the user’s experience on your app.
  • Bookmarking Options: You need to allow people to bookmark the products they are interested in. This will help them keep an eye out for these products during sales, and will allow them to buy the products at a later stage when they have the money for it. This way they won’t have to go searching for the product again, when they are finally buying it.
  • Secure Payment Options: You should have a number of payment methods integrated into your mobile app for the maximum conversion. You should make sure you have secured all the gateways so that people can buy without worrying about compromising on their card details.
  • One-step Checkout: It is important that the mobile checkout process is easy and one-step in order to increase the conversions. Make sure you allow the users to add their addresses and other details in one step, and seek for minimum information. This will allow them to checkout and process their purchase with ease.

Summing up


Having an eCommerce app will benefit your business massively. It will increase the engagement levels and improve your conversion rate. It will go one step beyond the traditional stores in terms of brand loyalty owing to the convenience they offer and the steps they are taking to increase the user experience.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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