How ClassDojo, a Parents & Teachers Communication App has raised $35M funding : Features & Benefits of ClassDojo Education App


How can Ed.Tech entrepreneurs and education startups bring a positive impact on education by building a mobile classroom communication app like ClassDojo?

How ClassDojo, a Parents & Teachers Communication App has raised $35M funding : Features & Benefits of ClassDojo Education App
How ClassDojo, a Parents & Teachers Communication App has raised $35M funding : Features & Benefits of ClassDojo Education App

Tim and Joanna were checking out their son’s progress for the first academic term. Charlie was a brilliant kid. But this year, he had low scores in major three subjects. They were extremely surprised at the progress of their kid as they were not aware of any issues that Charlie was facing in his studies. His teacher told them about Charlie’s inattentiveness in the class and about the parents and teachers meet that they had missed.

Not only Charlie’s parents but many other working parents are concerned about their kid’s progress. They need interaction with the teacher from time to time and also they need updates about how their ward is performing.

This is where ClassDojo proves to be extremely helpful. ClassDojo is nothing but a classroom communication app to share reports between parents and teachers.

Today it has more than 300k downloads. Here is the download rank recent history for ClassDojo.

ClassDojo Downloads

How did ClassDojo come into being?

Messaging apps have become the easiest way for many people to keep in regular contact with each other. These apps have also found a way to make communication between parents, teachers, and students easy.

ClassDojo was launched in August 2011. Two of the education technology entrepreneurs who have experience as teachers, Sam Chaudhary, and Liam Don came together to find out a solution for the classroom.

They knew managing student behaviour is one of the biggest challenges that teachers face. Also, the school’s way of dealing with student behaviour can have a great impact on children’s character. ClassDojo, a technology-based classroom tool was designed to help teachers to improve the classroom behaviour and share information about student behaviour with parents and administrators.

Growth of ClassDojo

Since its launch in 2011, ClassDojo grew rapidly. This growth showed the importance and need for such a tool all over the world for the teachers. ClassDojo is currently being used in more than 180 countries worldwide.

In Australia, more than 50% of the primary schools have adopted this technology. 90% of the schools in the US have already adopted ClassDojo like it always existed.

Class Dojo Country presence

ClassDojo Features to consider while developing classroom communication app like ClassDojo:

Here is the yearly progress of ClassDojo from the time it was launched:

» Sam and Liam left the UK to join ImagineK12’s inaugural class.

» In August 2011, the first version of ClassDojo was launched. Within a week, 80 teachers joined the community.

» Within five weeks, Dojo has more than 12000 teachers.

» After ten weeks of the launch, it became so popular as a messaging app, that all the US teachers, approximately 35000 joined ClassDojo.

» In January 2012, ClassDojo was translated in 30 different languages by teachers making it international.

» In 2012, ClassDojo allowed students to signup as the next step in the progress and went on the iOS platform.

» In 2013, it was launched on the Android platform as well and received a series A funding.

» In January 2014, it went to messaging making the communication easier and then in the same year it launched its mentor program to connect the educators across schools.

» In 2015, it received “Best Startup Award” from TechCrunch. In the same year, it came up with the feature where the teachers could share classroom moments with the parents in the form of photos, videos, and messages. These messages could be translated into 35 different languages. It also received a series B funding this year.

» In 2016, 2 of 3 schools in the US were active on ClassDojo and it expanded over to 180 different countries. It launched two major features – School stories and Student stories.

» In 2018, ClassDojo launched a feature where the families could give points at home and build the character of their ward. They called it ClassDojo beyond school.

» According to a news in TechCrunch ClassDojo has raised $35 million as a series C funding in March 2019.

How are the teachers using Classroom Communication App : ClassDojo?
Class Dojo App Slides

Miss Brown’s morning starts early. She teaches the first graders in one of the best schools in California. She uses the best messaging app like ClassDojo, a communication app to check parent messages and tries to find out if any of her students are going to remain absent. She can even check out the school news without leaving her comfortable chair.

Whenever she teaches, she tries to use the best possible methods and imparts practical learning to her students. And when a child responds with out of the box thinking or great behaviour in the class, she adds points to the child’s profile. The profile is nothing but a personalized avatar- a cartoon generating a bright ping.

She can even share the classroom activity photos or videos with the parents through this app easily. And if she wants to have some value education classes, she plays the short personal-growth videos in which cute monster like Mojo teach qualities like empathy and perseverance in a fun way.

Benefits of using a messaging app like ClassDojo for the classroom communication

Apart from giving points to the students, the messaging app like ClassDojo can benefit you in a lot of other ways. Let’s discuss some of them here.

» ClassDojo is fun and easy to use. It helps in motivating the students.

It is a great way to communicate with parents without actually giving out a teacher’s personal phone numbers.

» It is easy to set up in class. Each student can be identified with a personal cute monster or avatar as it is called. So, it makes the profiles interesting and funny for the students as well.

» Parents can find out about all the activities their child is doing in the school and also know the exact information about various events like the parents-teachers meet.

» Teachers can tally and reset the student’s points on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

» The class teacher can invite other subject teachers to give points to the class.

Is building a messaging app or classroom communication app like ClassDojo profitable for you?

The current education scenario needs change. There is no doubt that ClassDojo – a classroom communication app, has brought a positive impact in the structure of education and overall development of a child’s personality through a great way of communication between the parents and teachers.

There is a wide scope for the development of such classroom communication apps. These apps can bridge the gaps in the current e-learning system.

As a bottom line, the education sector has most chances of development across the globe. You must surely explore this sector to touch the rainbow.

How can we help?

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