Which one to choose between No Code/Low Code vs Custom Code?

Which one to choose between No Code/Low Code vs Custom Code?

There are a lot of fierce debates going on about which code development method is better. Many people out there believe that as No Code/Low Code development is becoming more popular, custom code development will be outdated soon.

But that is not the truth! 

In this article, we will cover 

What is No Code/Low Code Development?

• What is Custom Code Development?

• Advantages of No Code/Low Code Development

• Advantages of Custom Code Development

• Which one is right for your business?

What is No Code/Low Code Development?

No code development approach requires very few lines of code to develop any application. With minimal programming skills, you can build an app effortlessly.

Low code development is done in a manner that takes very little time with a visual development environment. This type of application can easily be drawn and configured instead of the coded applications.

Example: Bubble, Zoho

What is Custom Code Development?

It is a full software development process which starts with brainstorming and goes on with designing, creating, developing, testing, deploying and maintenance. 

Custom code development is generally performed by an in-house development team or an outsourced app development team.

Example: If you have an app idea, then you go to any app development team to execute the idea. They transform your idea into an application.

Advantages of No Code/Low Code App Development 

No Code/ Low Code Development Custom Code Development
Saves time Fully Customizable
Improved Agility Full Access to the code
Less Code Meet the customized needs of users
More Productivity Flexible & Reliable
Easy Changes Company retains full ownership of an application
Anyone Can Develop Maintenance is easy
No need to hire an app development team Security

Which one to choose for your business?

As a business owner, if you are thinking of having an app for your business, then you might be wondering which platform to choose for app development.

It depends on the requirements of your business and you should assess the following determinants to know exactly what you need. 

1. Time:

Determine how much time you want to launch your app. 

Low code/No code solutions do not take much time to build an application. They provide ready-to-go solutions for your business.

While Custom code solutions can take time. It can take a minimum of 6 to 9 months to develop an application from scratch.

This time period depends on the business requirements, size of the development team, the complexity of an application etc.

2. Cost:

Before making any decision determine the budget/money you want to spend on app development.

With low code/no code solutions, you just have to purchase the services. You can have your app at a minimal cost.

While with custom code development, you need to have a good budget to pay your app development company

If you want to develop a high-end application with full control of the code, then we strongly recommend that you hire an app development company to build a reliable and full-fledged application.

3. Maintenance:

In Low code/No code solutions, the hosting company is in charge of all the maintenance activity. This solution works very well for small businesses or startup owners.

But as the need and number of customers grow, you need to make certain changes to your application in order to handle big amounts of data and traffic.

With a Low code/No code solution, you don’t get the complete authority to change and modify your application as you don’t have complete control over the code.

Custom code development brings complete authority to the code. So whenever you want to make some major changes, you don’t have to worry about any other third party owning your code.

4. Security:

In low code/no code solutions, there are so many third-party integrations done by the hosting platform. They generally claim that integrations are done with major security measurements.

But it is very easy to breach the security measures done by the hosting platform. Hackers generally take advantage of these integrations to steal the data.

When you choose to develop an application with custom code development, developers make sure to apply strong security measures as they are experts in this field. 

Also as your application is not hosted by any other platform, there are very less chances of security breaches in your application.

So determine the sensitivity of your application and data along with it, then choose the development platform.

What do we recommend?

We strongly believe that if you are thinking about launching your application in the market then go for the custom code app development.

That will help your app to stand out in the market. Custom code app development ensures to deliver high-quality, well-featured, secure and long-lasting solutions.

Customization is also one of the main factors to consider. This makes your application unique from other applications out there in the market.

Simply hire an app development company!

How can Coruscate help you?

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