Catterfly Disrupted The Travel Industry To Offer A Singular Experience

We want to empower the travelers with personalized solutions and a good holiday experience,
without intermediaries. This one-line idea initiated our conversation with Catterfly, a distinctive
player with a holistic vision, in the travel segment. After days filled with asking questions,
understanding their needs, and brainstorming, we came with a solution.

The Broad Requirements

  • The traveler should be able to roam around foreign locations without a guide or local help.
  • The traveler should be able to customize the packages based on their leisure and budget needs.
  • There should be a single point of contact in the virtual world to answer all the queries.
  • A log of the travel itinerary, customizations and queries answered should be maintained.
  • There are a few tasks that the agent works on manually. A log should be maintained of the repetitive tasks and they should be automated.
  • The user interface should make customization simple and hassle-free
  • Should be compatible across browsers and devices.

How our solution helped them score increased customers?

The team at Coruscate decided to develop a web application that worked as a start to end holiday manager for the customer. With a single click, the user could customize their holidays, connect with agents, get insight into their itinerary, and navigate to their location.

We sent them a complete proposal inclusive of all the features and functionality we would be offering as part of the solution. The final application that was accepted by the client allowed users to intuitively move around the application, customize their packages and make the payment in a secure manner. We have ensured a high-end, highly secure database for the purpose of deriving this application, for the safety of the end users.

A Pictoguide

This was a unique concept that we devised for this application. Once the traveler has customized the package, the pictoguide will be their guide in their choice of location. From giving pictorial view of the landmark to their hotel to a pictorial view of the pickup at the airport, the guide will be an equivalent of the human guide.

Requirement check


You can customize your packages based on your individual needs. You can add/delete certain elements with ease. The UI is intuitive and takes no major effort to customize the details.

Planning and Designing

Offline Sync

The application is ready for offline mode as well. So, if you don’t have internet connection while touring, you can simply download the details and view them in offline mode, while on-the-go.

Front end Development

Personal Coach/Counsellor

This feature has been specifically derived to solve the endless issue of not being able to connect with someone at the company to resolve issues before or during the trip. The coach will help you with queries before the start of the trip while the counsellor will help while you are on the trip. You will be assigned different counsellors for the different countries you would be touring.

Back end Development


There are a few off-the-shelf solutions available in the system. Some of the packages that have been defined by users are also used in off-the-shelf solutions in order to reduce the efforts logged into customization.

Back end Development


The admin side tasks such as customizing packages to certain locations, answering regularly asked queries, etc. have been automated. The algorithm will check if a particular customization is already available. If yes, then it will automatically send it to the user.

Back end Development

Technologies Stack

Angular Js

Results we achieved in the process

  • The client has noted an increase in customer acquisition and retention by several manifolds since the development of this application.
  • The client has been logging at least a 100 queries in a day for customization of holidays and other travel requests.
  • The user experience has been commended as top-notch.