How Our Marketplace Solution Helped Connect the Musicians with the Studio Owners?

The client was in the music industry, and was facing difficulty connecting the studio owners with the right music bands or solo musicians. They approached Coruscate to identify the missing connect, and to bring forth a solution based out of technology.

With our marketplace expertise, we defined an online marketplace solution for the client.


The Broad Requirements


  • The musicians wanted a place to practice or, to record their music. The client wanted a system that could make it easy for the musicians to identify such a place.
  • The system should be able to identify the places that are both affordable and within the vicinity. They wanted to search filters for both the conditions mentioned.
  • The client was looking for a system that would make things easy for both the musicians and the studio owners, and would help them connect with ease


Our Marketplace Solution

We developed an online marketplace where the musicians could find out studios that met their individual requirements, and opt for these places.

The Proposed Features



The musicians that required a space within their vicinity in the range that they could afford needed could use the search feature with the advanced filters to look for what they wanted.

Featured Spaces


The application gave out a list of featured places that you could choose from and book for your music practice.

Popular Activities


Check out all the music related activities that you can attend in the locations near you.

Music Host


If you have a place where the musicians can play their music, then check into become a music host. This is you perfect way to earn some extra money and host a few upcoming musicians.


Challenges faced

The application has reached 100s of musicians, and has helped them find a space to practice.

There has been an increase in the visibility of the studio owners and hosts for budding musicians.