Case Studies

Coruscate itself is a self-explanatory word. In fact, we have accumulated the best talents available in India, particularly from the eminent technical education institutes located at Ahmedabad in the western Indian region where headquarter is located.


years of experience


professionals in our team


projects done successfully

The Centre Court was started in 1998 to craft the finest of foods using only fresh and natural ingredients. There is only one constant at The Centre Court which is “Quality”?, cutting all the other noises out.
The client is into bakery as well as fine-dine.

Loan studio offers one-stop financial solutions and is based in Surat. They make loan processing easy and fast with their custom and pre-defined solutions.

They are furniture manufacturing and trading company. They have different franchises and retail outlets that sell their manufactured products.

The client is a renowned jewellery manufacturer and trader.

EO or Entrepreneur’s Organization is a global peer-to-peer network. The members include influential business owners, and the organization has its footprints in 58 countries.

The client is a medical association, which looks after the interest of the doctors and the medical community.

The client is a travel company that aims to give unique and personalized travel experiences to the customers, exceeding their expectations.

The client is a leading jewelry business in the B2B segment.

The client wanted to create a B2B marketplace where the farmers, area admin and markets get together for buying and selling agricultural products.

The client is a jewellery product company i.e. they sell products such as rings, earrings, anklets etc. They offer custom jewellery design to their end customers. Along with jewellery design, they are also involved in purchase of the stones.

A B2B marketplace that makes borrowers and investors meet.

Diam book is a product developed for the diamond manufacturers specifically, to ease their operations.

Folikonnect is a Germany based company that offers PPT services to their end clients.

Times club offered memorable and lavish holiday experiences to the members. They were new-on-the-block players in this holiday segment when they came to Coruscate.