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How to begin with your own Cannabis Delivery business

Marijuana is not legal in every country or region. The legalization of Marijuana has always been a hot topic of debate. However, there are some states in the US and Canada where Cannabis delivery is legalized.

How much revenue will be generated by states with the legalization of Marijuana?

One of the most influential pro-legalization reasons was that states would be capable to get a fresh source of tax revenue.

For example, Colorado has imposed a 15% excise tax from cultivator to retailer and an additional 15% sales tax on the end customer. In the year 2018, Colorado was able to pull in about $270 million taxes by topping the legal pot sales with $1.2 billion. Whereas, alcohol generated $45 million which was much less when compared to Marijuana

According to a study by Georgia State University, alcohol sales dropped by 15% in countries where only medical marijuana had been legalized. The alcohol sales fell by 20% in provinces where recreational marijuana is traded legally.

Not only Colorado, but many other states are being benefitted by the marijuana taxes as well. In the case of California, the taxes collected were $345 million whereas in Washington the taxes were $376 million. The cannabis market is anticipated to grow to $25 billion by 2025. The governor of California prophesied a much larger $643 million in revenue and Washington proposed that they would earn $160 million.

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What factors do you need to consider before starting your Cannabis business?

Exploring popularized endeavors and comprehensive knowledge about cannabis

Before jumping into the Cannabis business, you should get detail information about it. Uber Weed is not discussed too much in the medical field. However, you need to find out the locations where Marijuana is legalized to start your medical marijuana delivery business.

You should be accessible to the right audience at the right place. Make your target audience aware of cannabis and provide them information related to the typical weed strains, tinctures, topicals, concentrates, or edibles based marijuana. This way, you can make your users know about the exact uses and medical experiences of the cannabis app.

Unite autonomous permitted cannabis dispensaries with legitimate users

The map integration can help legal users to connect with the licensed marijuana dispensaries. A startup can filter the audience with the help of a verified prescription of the doctor which the users upload in the app.

You can provide an option “dispensaries near me” for your user in the marijuana delivery app development to make it easier for the users buying legal marijuana to get an accurate solution. You can earn profits by being the one-stop destination for the users and dispensaries and at the same time create your own brand.

Notifications about the latest news on the legalization of marijuana delivery service

You might want to consider sending your users the real-time updates linked to recently declared weed regulation laws, research on marijuana, via push notifications. You can also simply blend the itinerary of your original medical products with the prevailing news and share its advantages with your app users.

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Features we provide with our Marijuana Delivery App Development service

➯ User verification– This is an important feature as you can deliver the cannabis only to legal users. You need to verify the age and doctor’s prescription from the user in this step.

➯ Search weed commodities– All the medicinal cannabis products can be uploaded in this category to let the users view and select the most desirable one according to their choice.

➯ Payment – Like every other app, the cannabis delivery app should also provide the customers with in-app payment methods like a credit card, debit card, and mobile wallets.

➯ Tracking– The users can be allowed to track their deliveries via the GPS services integration in the app.

➯ Doctor’s consultation– If in case any user is not sure about buying a particular product and need a doctor’s guidance, they should not wait until they visit the doctors. Online consultation should be enabled to make it hassle-free for the users.

➯ Map integration– The users need a map to locate the licensed dispensaries and the doctors near them. For this, integrating an in-app map is the best choice to make the app engaging for the users.

➯ Push notification– Notifications regarding new products, discounts, deliveries, and news related to cannabis can be provided to the users via this feature.

How can you grow your cannabis delivery app?

The factors that influence the potential of scaling a cannabis delivery app business are:

➯ Money

Like every other business, the cannabis delivery app funding design needs to maintain the essentials and emergencies that will come along with your scalability requirements. You need to keep the cash flowing when you are preparing to grow.

➯ Innovation

Well, the cannabis industry needs innovation at each step. You will encounter endless competition in this industry. And to keep up with it you need to prove your originality and deliver out of the box products and services to the users. If you are able to keep your users particularly engaged with new stuff only then you can have them loyal to your brand and grow gradually.

➯ Assistance

Alone, you cannot conquer the cannabis industry. You need a reliable and hardworking team to take your cannabis business to the next level. You need to divide tasks to keep the process smooth and effective.

Why choose our Cannabis delivery app?

We have been developing hundreds of successful on-demand apps. We know each on-demand business has its own special requirements. Cannabis app development is one of its kind and requires extraordinary attention. Our developers are skilled in the latest technologies and can provide you an amazing solution for your cannabis delivery app. We can help you with the market research and choosing the technology stack for your app according to your personalized business needs.

We provide end-to-end solutions and become your technology partner in every phase of your business. If you require more information regarding the cost of development, development team or technology and infrastructure for app development you can connect with us for scheduling a free consultation session.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:


» How is technology transforming cannabis delivery?

The involvement of technology in the marijuana industry is making it better in many ways. The mobile apps are making the order and delivery of cannabis easier and prompt. Also, with the latest technologies like AI and Blockchain in the picture, they are helping the cannabis to get into customer lifestyle from the farm.

» How to generate funds for a cannabis delivery business?

Getting funds for any business is not an easy task. And though many financial institutions are open to funding the cannabis business, due to the rising competition obtaining those funds becomes really tough. You can either raise funds through SEED capital rounds or go for alternatives like Cannabis specific funds, high net worth individuals, investors, business accelerators and incubators, etc.

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