How Business Communication App Helps Enterprises To Boost Profitability?


As a business, your major concern apart from increasing profits is to make communication hassle-free. You want to ensure you don’t miscommunicate to your internal team as well as the clients and other external members.

A good communication app ensures that the members within and outside of an organization can enjoy healthy conversations and can communicate what they intend precisely.

Let us explain how business communication apps truly help with examples that we have created for some of our clients.

How We Helped Our Clients with Communication Apps?


A high profile organization EO Mumbai, with members from the entrepreneur community, were facing a problem for a while before they approached us. They were unable to communicate with the other members within the community.

For one, the database was not updated with quick contacts. Secondly, there was no chat or call option with the member’s profile, which made it difficult for them to connect or communicate during emergencies.

So, here’s how we managed to help them?

  • We included a search option, which allowed them to search for the members within the community. This also helped them to know the members they were looking for better.
  • We also allowed the members to communicate using the mobile app. So, if they were looking for a particular person or category of people, the search option would help them reach there and then the option within the member directory would allow them to call or chat with them.

This helped the members connect with each other before an event, retreat or during emergency requirements.

Ensuring proper communication is important for all businesses, whether they work with the clients or, have their offices spread across various countries.

With real-time messaging, the key members are updated with the situation and can take informed decisions on the go. You can check out the work of web and mobile app development for the entreprenours community.

Must-have Features for your Business communication App


  • Take it Offline: While you are chatting with a group of people, there are some things that you don’t want to discuss with the entire group. Taking it offline allows you to stay within the chat page, and yet discuss it with one single person. This way all conversations related to the project, whether you were chatting with the entire group or with a single person, stay on the same page. It becomes easier for the person to search for a particular conversation.
  • Maintain History: A log of all the chats conducted for a particular project should be maintained within the same file/folder. This way the person can go back to the chat at any point and search for the conversation with ease. Make sure to log the separate project chats separately
  • Real-time Notifications: Yes, for businesses, going real-time is important. It makes conversations easier and simpler. If you incorporate real-time notifications and chat facility in the app the users can know the situation in real-time and can take actions immediately.
  • Screen Sharing: This ability is a must for business chat apps. The businesses should be able to use the mobile app to share their screen and show the documents, file or images, which is being discussed at the moment. The screen sharing ability is a must for a better conversation among the project stakeholders.
  • Easy Search: It is important that you allow the users to search within the chats and group chats. Searching for other members or outside the chat should also be made easy. Include the search icon wherever necessary within the application.
  • Document Sharing: It is important for businesses to be able to share the documents. Let’s take an example of the salesperson, who is always on the go. They need documents and other details while they are at the company, where they are planning to pitch the products/services. The document sharing and real-time chat feature will help the salespeople have the information requested by the client handy, and give it to them as and when needed.
  • Online Presence: The final feature within the chat app are the indicators. You should have the indicators for online and available, online and busy, and offline so that the other side would know when the person is available for a conversation.

Tips to Build a Real-time Business Communication App


  • The first thing that you need to consider when rolling out a business communication app is that it is real-time and instantaneous. It is important for the application to load within the seconds the attention span rests for, so that you can achieve the results you set out for.
  • Keep the sign-ins for the application simple and hassle-free. For instance, when you are allowing people to sign in, then make sure you allow for social sign-ups too. The user should be able to sign up using social media, Google accounts etc. This way the registration process is simple and effective.
  • The navigation is an important aspect of a chat app. You should keep it simple and interactive. Anything less is not accepted. Make sure your navigation menu and in general, the app is designed in a way that attracts the consumer’s attention and keeps it intact.
  • Allow the users to look through your app, understand what it offers, before asking them to provide you with more personal details

Things to Consider During Chat App Development


  • While the target market is quite specific in this case, you still need to narrow it down to the target audience and understand who you are aiming to introduce the app too. For instance, if the business app is for internal purposes, and basically to help the different teams stay updated about the progress of the project, the app structure would differ slightly. The target audience niche is important before you begin developing.
  • What kind of design are you looking at? For instance, do you want an elaborate chat app, which allows you to hold conferences, have group chats and manage your conversations while on the go or, do you want a simple business chat app? The design will depend on the type of app you are looking at. The features, the total requirements and the goals will help you design the app better.
  • The database of the application should be designed wisely. You need to maintain the needs of the database and also the goals you aim to achieve before you plan your database manager.

Summing up


Business communication apps are an excellent way for businesses to improve overall communication and boost profitability. The better the communication is the more chances you have of converting your potential customer into an actual customer.

If you want to develop a communication app for your business or, are looking for solutions to enhance the various layers of communication within your organization, then connect with us. You can call or email us, and we will give you the exact solution to your potential problem.

Let’s build your own app

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