How technology business get affected on coronavirus and on-demand app is solution in this flu season?

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In the wake of Coronavirus, people are isolating themselves from the outside world. A lot of companies are offering work from home to their employees. In fact, people are opting out of social gatherings and are reducing social contact, if possible.

While a lot of people are stocking up cleaning supplies and other essentials that will prevent from attracting the virus, there are a lot of businesses that are seeing dull days. The meltdown will eventually result in slowing down the economies as the industries that drive maximum revenue such as entertainment and media will be impacted by this isolation. 

Apart from this, industries such as alcohol, mobile phones, and other consumer products will see a slowdown. People will restrict to buying online from stores that guarantee cleanliness. A lot of people have eventually stopped buying food from Chinatown in the US and other places where the fear of getting the virus is high.

Travel and tourism is yet another industry that will be highly impacted.

However, despite the slowdown, people have to eat and people have to calm their minds. The online streaming channels, on-demand delivery, and other such online segments will remain unaffected. If anything, they will need to plan for the growth in demand, as people will opt for online marketplaces instead of moving out of their houses to shop for even basics. 

We can see tremendous growth in three segments of on-demand specifically, among others:

The fact that people have to survive and get their stuff cleaned will give rise to the demand for these services. Apart from these, people will need basic services in their house to survive being locked inside, which is why on-demand services will also see a surge in demand. 

Is your business ready for the increasing demand? Do you think you have thought through the specific processes to keep your resources safe during the virus outbreak?

Here, we will take you through the on-demand app solution, and how to think through this specifically during the flu season?

How to Develop an On-demand App for Flu Times?

Most people require specific things in on-demand solutions, where a virus can spread through contact. Coronavirus is spreading panic among everyone, and there is a fear of the unknown. For now, not many people are actually aware of how this virus spreads, how far it extends and other details. As a result, the panic is high, and if you are delivering products of services to the users, you need to be cautious and take necessary precautions. 

At this time, developing an on-demand app requires a thorough plan and a total understanding of what the user needs. 

#1 No-contact Couriers


When planning an on-demand solution, especially food or grocery delivery, you need to plan for no-contact couriers, so that neither the person delivering nor the restaurant or place of delivery is in contact with the things being delivered. This way, even if these people are infected or, have some contact with people infected, then it would not transmit to the people receiving these couriers. This can curb the spread of the disease. 

#2 Plan for the Demand


People will start revising their orders, and all that you know about the people till now may not come to your use. You will need to work on a fresh set of data, one that is based on the geographic location, the intensity of the virus and the changing habits of the people. This will help you realize how and what they will consume. This will help you plan for the demand, which could be sudden and high. If you are not well-planned for the new situation, you may not be able to serve the customers efficiently.

#3 Make the People Aware


People are panicking everywhere, and for a good reason too. We know far less about the virus and most of it is a myth. As a result, if as a brand you are able to educate the customers as well as your employees about the ways in which you operate, how you aim to deal with the situation, and what steps you are taking to ensure everyone’s welfare, then you will not only stand out, but will also help customers and employees take the right steps. Incorporate the material that will help people buy from your brand, instead of opting out of the same.

#4 AI to Make Supply Chain Efficient


When you are planning an app to match the changing mindsets of the people during this flu outbreak, you need to be sure you are aware of how often their mind changes and what is influencing their decisions at present. You will get better data, be able to take real-time decisions, and will have key insights into the minds of the people. 

The question here is- How the on-demand app solution can match the demand for a particular product or service, and what kind of technology can help increase the efficiency of the supply chain?

how the on-demand app need to watch out for the demand, and what kind of technology will help them manage efficiency in the supply chain

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ought to be part of your on-demand app solution. it will help you personalize the recommendations to your user’s geographic location, needs, and specifications. It will also update the recommendations as and when the preferences or mindset changes. This will help businesses with demand forecasting and ensure increased engagement and better conversions.

With a smarter supply chain and intelligent warehousing abilities, the companies can not only manage the demand but also ensure quicker purchases and inventory stocking. This is a fast-moving situation that we are talking about, and intelligent machines can help with monitoring the stock.

In fact, the intelligent machines can also monitor the health of the people, if implemented the right way, and will allow companies to know if they have employees who need to be taken care of. They will also know how the changing markets will impact their business and what they need to do to keep up with the business revenue needs. 

How Coruscate Can Help?


We understand these are tough times. We aim to extend support and guidance to ensure the safety of both the customers and employees with our intelligent and well-defined solutions. 

  • We have industry expertise, which helps us understand the changing market situation and accordingly define our solutions. We have been keeping abreast with the on-demand economy well enough to know how it works, and what signifies the increasing demand
  • Our experience in delivering a vast number of on-demand solutions has helped us understand what the users are interested in. this helps us deliver engaging and highly experiential solutions
  • Finally, we know that businesses are learning to cope with changing times, and we understand the situation perfectly. That’s why we incorporate solutions that are smart, efficient and environment-friendly, which allow businesses to survive the tough times.

Summing Up


We are treading through difficult times, especially in the wake of Coronavirus. It is time we businesses not only educate the people but also offer solutions that enhance their experiences and offer them security while availing and concluding their transactions. 

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

With the support of Artificial Intelligence and deep learning techniques as well as other technologies, we can help businesses offer on-demand solutions that make up for secure transactions, efficient supply chain management, and better demand forecasting. We partner with businesses to offer better technical support and offer end-to-end mobile app development.

Let’s build your own app

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