Build Yulu Like Scooter Sharing App: Uber ties up with E-scooter sharing company Yulu. Know the success story and challenges they have overcome

Posted on May 8, 2019 By Vishal Virani

Electric bike and scooter sharing is certainly a scalable, affordable, cost-effective and clean mode of urban transportation. People of developed countries like USA, Sweden, Germany have already adopted the top electric bike sharing companies and their services. Nowadays, the market of developing countries is also witnessing the presence of electric bike and scooter sharing companies. In fact, People from all around the world are seeking an easy way of transportation that avails them to get rid of congested traffic and highest ever fuel prices. Looking at the market scope, a few established urban mobility companies like Uber and Ola are investing in innovative electric bike and scooter sharing startups.

Recently the news has been published about Uber’s partnership with the India-based electric bike and scooter sharing company named Yulu. According to the news, Uber has tied up with Yulu which is providing electric vehicle sharing solution in the urban cities of India. Uber India has added a tab to book the electric bike or scooter in its app, but it is not offering direct booking. It redirects the user to the Yulu app to register. However, Uber hasn’t declared whether they have invested in Yulu or acquired Yulu. But after Uber’s partnership with Yulu, there doesn’t remain any doubt on Uber’s plan to be a multi-modal transportation company. Recently, Uber has also started its electric scooter and bike service in Madrid, Europe with an electric scooter company named Jump. Uber has also invested in one of the leading electric scooter sharing companies of the USA named Lime.

After reading Uber’s collaboration with electric scooter and bike sharing companies, you must be wondering about why electric scooter and bike sharing companies like Yulu are gaining popularity? Why a billion dollar company, Uber is showing interest in the electric scooter and bike sharing business? Let’s discuss this in details.

Insight into Yulu

Yulu is the Bengaluru, India-based electric bike and scooter sharing startup, started by former InMobi top executive Amit Gupta. He has started Yulu with the ambition to reduce the traffic congestion of Indian cities and to offer more affordable transportation solution to the people. In one of the interviews, founder of Yulu, Amit revealed how traffic problem is making everyday commute costly. He stated that during the peak hours, taxi drivers take 15 to 20 minutes to pick the riders. As if this is not enough, he even has to pay surge price which is 50% and sometimes even 100% more than regular price. He also said that the time requires to cover 3 to 4 Kilometers is 30 to 40 minutes. He even stated the bad impact of the traffic on the mental health of a person.

Yulu is using IOT technology in order to actualize the vast network of electric scooters and bikes. They are providing dockless electric bikes and scooters which are powered by GPRS, GPS, and Bluetooth technology. They have put more emphasis on the design of the E-scooter sharing app. By using the app, the user can locate the electric bike and scooter, unlock it and pay the usage charges. They even have developed a secure and easygoing wallet to pay in more ways.

If we talk about the funding of the Yulu then, it has raised whopping $7 million in its seed funding round.

Why Uber has tied up with Yulu and other electric scooter and bike sharing companies? – A comprehensive market study.

It is undeniable fact that our living place is becoming more and more polluted as thousands of new cars are hitting the road every day, thanks to urbanization. Cars emit the tons of Carbon monoxide which is the main source of polluted air. Government authorities and even people have understood the urgency to reduce pollution from the atmosphere. This is why many countries are promoting electric vehicles as the primary mode of transportation. People are also opting for electric vehicles. But all other electric vehicles except an electric bike and scooter, come with a high price tag. Majority of people cannot afford it. Due to these two reasons, potential users of the electric scooters and bikes are numbered in millions. A graph of the Statista depicts the acceptance rate of the electric scooters and bikes in the major US cities.

Electric scooters and bikes are safer than any other mode of transportation. However, there was the time when electric scooter and bike were losing their popularity after riders involved in several crashes. But soon, electric bike and scooter sharing companies have started working on safety features and achieved the safest transportation environment. The blend of IOT technology and awareness regarding the proper use of electric bike and scooter on the roads has made it possible for electric scooter and bike sharing companies to maximize the safety of riders. With the magnification in the safety features and standards, the electric bikes and scooter sharing companies are witnessing the steady increase of users.

If we sum up the last two paragraphs, we can get the reason why Uber is investing in major electric bike and scooter sharing companies. Like all other companies and people, Uber is also believing in the fruitful future of electric scooter and bike sharing business. People from all different user groups are expected to use electric scooters and bikes for their daily commute.

After reading so far, if you are triggered to start electric scooter and bike sharing business, it is advisable to know challenges associated with the electric scooters and bikes sharing business and ways to overcome it.

Challenges you will face to build electric scooter and bike sharing business and the challenges, the founder of Yulu has overcome.

Electric scooter and bike sharing business is neither a product business nor a service business. The fleet of electric scooters which can be considered as products and a mobile app which can be considered as a service. These both hold the same importance in this type of business. Two-Way intelligent communication between the mobile app and the electric scooters and bikes assures the success of such a business. This is why IOT integration is vital. With proper IOT integration, fleet management becomes easier. Team of the electric scooter and bike sharing company can easily locate and diagnose the electric scooters and bikes.

Electric scooters and bikes are running on the battery. To keep them charged is the key responsibility of the company. But it demands more human resources. Thus, rather than hiring a human force, all major companies are allowing people to register themselves as a responsible person for the charging of electric scooters and bikes. The company pays them, based on the number of electric scooters and bikes they have charged.

Vandalism is one of the major challenges you have to overcome. A lot of incidents of wittingly destructing electric scooters and bikes have been recorded. In one of the interviews, the founder of Yulu has suggested the solution for it. He stated that the penalty is one solution if a user deliberately damages the electric bike or scooter. Another solution is the proper placement of a tracking device. So the bike can be found easily even if it is damaged. It should be like a black box of an airplane.

What is the cost to develop an E-scooter sharing app?


Following is the pricing module of the basic E-scooter sharing app. However, the pricing of E-scooter app development depends on the number of features included in and time taken for the development.

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