Unagi And Rohak (Remarkable results under this pandemic)

Unagi And Rohak (Remarkable results under this pandemic)

One of the prominent E-scooter rental service providers – Unagi came up with a subscription service.

These subscription services are fully operational in Los Angeles and in the Empire city.

There are basically two subscription plans provided to the clients:

1. Monthly Subscription

The rider for this plan is charged $39 and enjoy the scooter rides for a month.

2. Yearly Subscription

This subscription model helps a rider to save money and where they are charged with $34 for their solo rides of E-scooters.

An additional fee of $50 is levied on customers which are called an introductory fee and which often leads to around $90 for the first month.

As soon as they subscribe to this model the scooter gets delivered within the next 24 hours at their respective doorstep.

The primary purchase of model One scooter can cost a rider around $1000.

When every economy due to this pandemic is having a downfall E-scooter companies and startups are providing solutions for all the individuals to commute in a more secure way.

Shared vehicles and public transport are avoided by the inhabitants for the fear of getting infected from this virus.

The pandemic gave a major boost to this industry as E-scooters are for solo travellers and one can follow guidelines easily issued by the Governments to stop the spread of the virus.

Therefore Unagi introduced its subscription services in this time period.

Many E-scooter companies such as Bird, Razor and much more are weaving through the competition and making a successful path and roads for their E-scooters by bringing some innovative changes in its ride.

Growth of the E-scooter industry

According to a report on the grand view research E-scooter industry is likely to flourish in the next decade as in the year 2019 it reached up to $18.6 billion and the popularity of E-scooters across the developed countries is rising rapidly. 

The skyrocketing growth of this industry is likely to bring revolutionary changes in the overall transport industry.  

Since 2016 this industry has been reaping rewards but it came into limelight because of COVID as it forced everyone to bring out innovative ways to commute and work.

Along with the growth of the whole industry, major companies and startups are in the cutthroat competition to prove their products and services.

Unagi e-scooters are considered as the iPhone of E-scooters among all the companies in the micro-mobility industry.

These scooters balance speed, the weight of solo riders, batteries, price and style is the uniqueness and these are the things which make Unagi’s Model One – The iPhone of E-scooters.

How Coruscate can be the Ace of Spades for your E-scooter rental service business.

Looking at the exponential growth of the micro-mobility industry, Coruscate has specially designed a new platform – Rohak.io for all the micro-mobility start-ups and companies who are willing to start their ventures in this sector.

Rohak can open new gates of opportunities by providing convenient solutions with hardware and software at a minimal cost.

Why Choose Rohak?

Overall building an app can cost a huge amount of money which ranges somewhere between $90,000- 150,000 but with Rohak the app can get build at a Software setup cost of $9600 which is even less than the half when compared with another app developers.

The start-ups who are not sure about their budget and other costs can also consult with our team of experts who will navigate you in the right direction and where your budget matches the app of your choice.

Rohak is convenient, affordable and provides all the necessary features and a subscription model where start-ups can start the process of making an app by providing a small amount of money. 

The subscription model allows you to complete the payments partly along with the stages in the construction of the app.

Don’t assemble just ride – the tagline of Rohak which perfectly matches the micro-mobility industry.

Our team is here to assist you in the functioning of the app and you as a business owner just need to focus on strategies and tactics for the successful venture of your business.

You can rely on us for the technological part of your business and even after the launch of the app if you find any bug which needs to be fixed urgently we are just a call away.

Summing up

Make wonders in your business by having our technical support team to assist you when stuck somewhere with technical difficulties.

The popularity of these micro-mobility invites many business giants to invest in this sector and such investors will provide major opportunities to fresh entrepreneurs and startups.


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