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Top features of UberEats to consider for your own food delivery app

Gourmet food is what everyone is demanding these days. After a tiring day of work, people prefer ordering food instead of cooking themselves.


There are many on-demand food apps available in the market. After online shopping and taxi booking apps, the market is flooding with food delivery applications. If you are interested in entering the on-demand food delivery business, here is how you can dominate the world. Food delivery apps like Eat24, UberEats, and Zomato are delivering very well these days. The demand for these applications is rising day by day and very helpful for those who like sitting in the convenience of their home.

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Many of the food delivery giants have collaborated with all the restaurant owners to expand their services. With the help of these food delivery apps or restaurant finder apps, you can treat yourself with mouth-watering food without actually going out. There is a tremendous response to these food delivery apps as people are using them regularly.
The users are allowed to choose their favourite or nearby restaurants and order food by using food delivery apps like UberEats.

You need to consider three important factors while considering the food delivery app:

  • Where – Survey the menu of your favourite restaurants
  • What – Choose your Food and put your food order
  • Delivery – Choose the location of your delivery

Options Availability and Its Impacts

There are many options available in the food delivery app like Filtering from price high to low or Vegetarian to Non-Vegetarian which have a high impact on the success of your food delivery app. The users are enabled to filter the restaurants on a price basis and Type of Food basis.

The food delivery apps are not only beneficial for the clients but for the Restaurants and cafes too. The restaurants can track a good number of customers by using the app. They can offer online food and delivery services. At the same time, the app can help them in improving customer relations.

But how do the apps generate their revenue? You must know the answer to this question before getting down into this niche.

The food delivery apps usually generate revenue from the following four sources:

  • Delivery charges from the consumer.
  • Sharing revenue from associate eateries.
  • Advertising partners.
  • Delivery tips from users

» Multiple Platforms

If you want people to notice your app, you need to make the on-demand food delivery app accessible on various platforms like Android, Window, and iOS. The app developing cost for different platforms may be higher but worth for the highest ROI.

Uber is an online food delivery company that has expanded its branches in various places all over the world. Conquering the delivery of food the company’s app remained very much ahead when it comes to the competition with other apps. This is because of the growing usage of the app.

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The following are some major features of UberEats that we provide with our UberEats clone app or Zomato clone App

» Smart curation

Uber is making smart and intelligent use of its customer integration AI application. Once a user enters the app they will have have a set of selected food that is mouthwatering in your suggestion. The dish that you choose is accompanied by the menu and the price. Once the ordering starts from a customer’s account, the customer gets customized suggestions with the help of your previous history.

Also, Uber makes it easier to locate nearby restaurants and hotels.

This has been remarkably useful for customers. They also extend discounts and deals with the view of drawing more buyers every day.

» Restaurant manager

Restaurant manager app is Uber’s initiative to help its restaurant partners with its app. This feature serves the restaurants with typical analytics tools. These tools analyze the orders and provide the data relating to customer satisfaction, quality and other perspectives which is of great use to the restaurants. They can use the tools to find out where they lack and decide future strategies on the basis of the data.

» Scheduled orders

Scheduling the orders is an individual feature that offers its customers satisfaction and admittance. As they are struggling every day for some time, this choice happens to be more like a time saver.

» Tracking of your order

Even if this is the most common feature which you see on all apps, you can find it to be perfect in the Uber app. Real-time GPS tracking helps people to track their order once they have placed their order. The customers can quickly see where their order is and in how many minutes it will reach.

Uber deliveries are also carried out to hospitals and parks making it more accessible to the users.

» Easy payment options

Nowadays easy payment options are necessary to make your app likable by the users. Uber has provided the ease of online cashless payments along with credit cards and other wallet options. They have also started deducting the discounted amount with the help of promo codes.

Developing an app like UberEats requires a reliable tech team and developers. To showcase a peculiar idea you need an engaging interface with an amazing UI.

Many other food delivery apps like Zomato, GrubHub, DoorDash, and Postmates have been in the top lists of users but UberEats has its own commendable success in a very short time. It has provided hundreds of restaurants for the users to choose from and a simple user interface which can be easily operated.

We can thus conclude that UberEats is the best app in this arena and you can use its model while considering getting into this space. Coruscate has delivered many successful food delivery apps and we can help you to build an app which can really help you in taking your food delivery business on the top lists of food delivery.

To check out the cost of development and to know more about this business, get in touch with us.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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