Want to Build Uber-Like Snow Removal App For Your Shovelling Business? Consider all These Features First while Developing Snow Plowing App


Have a shovelling business? Go online with on-demand uber-like snow removal app!

Build uber like snow removal app

It is said ‘Winter is magic.’ But, some will agree to add, ‘only to those who do not have to clear the snow after the snow falls.’ Many countries like US and Canada experience extreme snowfalls in the winters. Some countries even get snowfall for nine months in a year. But, most of the snow is expected in the months of December, January, and February. And to plow the snow becomes an extremely tedious task.

People have just enjoyed the 31st and have happily welcomed the new year 2019. But, the warnings were issued regarding snow storm in certain parts of Canada in the early January. People were told to work from home as there was a heavy snowfall. Snowflakes are beautiful but when they get accumulated together they just make our lives troublesome. People love snow falls. However, when it comes to clearing snow, everyone can be seen stressed out.

Imagine, getting up in the morning only to find heavy piles of snow block your driveways and walkways. The first thing that needs to be done gets updated on your things to do list, even before the morning cup of coffee. And what can be worse than coming home from work and getting a driveway blocked with snow? But, don’t worry! To make your winters a little less miserable, there have been recent innovations in technology. Uber for snow removal app is an excellent new year gift for you to make your lives easy! Now, you are officially allowed to feel lazy about plowing the snow in your backyards and driveways.

Contacting the snow shovellers was not anything less than a headache before the Uber for snow removal was invented. It is an app made by the students of Manitoba University. They thought of developing this innovative app considering the huge snowfalls in Winnipeg which is also nicknamed as Winterpeg. This app makes it possible for you to call a plow-man to plow your driveway at your doorstep.

The Uber for snow removal app connects the homeowners to the shovellers making the task of clearing snow easier for the homeowners. Not only that, it has helped the shovelling businesses to get more jobs and earn more money. The app has certain features that help the homeowners to get an on-demand snow removal. They can set a profile picture, enter the size of driveway and walkway. They can also write the number of cars parked in the driveway.

Once they set a price, they can request for shovelling services from their mobiles. The shovelling notification goes out to all the steppers nearby and then depending on the size of the place, the shovellers get to work. The homeowners also get the notification regarding the job when it has started, ended and when the money is deducted.

The snow removal app has sort of caused people to bond with the snowfall. Now, they can enjoy the snowfall and not worry about the extra work which comes with it later. Also, the shovelling business owners can feel the excitement about having a great time while earning ‘white’ money!

The Uber for snow removal app is expected to do wonders for the shovelling business in these snow-clad countries. There will be more and more businesses adapting digitisation with each passing day. The on-demand snow removal app will soon rule the world of snow removal business. You need to buck-up to face the competition and make your business stand out!

You can build your own Uber-like snow removal app to give new wings to your business. This app can help you make it big in this snowfall.

Did it strike a cord inside you? Maybe, you have already started thinking about a few features that you require for your personal snow removal app!

There are many snow removal apps coming up in the market. But you need to make sure your app is unique. When you build your Uber-like snow removal app you have to make sure it is easy to use and has an amazing user interface. You must understand the importance of user experience as it will make your customers visit you again and again.

Here are some features that you might consider adding while developing Uber-like snow removal app development.

Remember, it will have three units of software applications, just like the Uber transport system. One for the homeowner, one for the stepper and one as an admin app.

The Homeowner’s app can have the following features:

» The Login/ Register

Here, the users need to login or register their credentials using their Google accounts of emails or social media accounts.

» The profile page

The profile page will have the profile picture, address and exact location of that particular place. Also, the user can find the history of his orders on this page.

» The search page

This ‘Search’ feature is the crux of the application. As the user gets to know all the nearby snow-stepper businesses here.

» Filter

Here, the filter should also be made available to set the price range or selecting the area that the customer wants to get cleaned. Also, they should be able to select the time slot in which they want the work to be done.

The snow removal app can also provide a choice of equipment in order to clear the snow in the least possible time. This equipment, if available with the steppers, will be shown in the search results. The choice will be left to the users based on the price estimates for each of the company and the ratings.

» The Payment Option

Like the other Uber-like apps, this app for snow removal also needs to have the easy payment methods available for the users. During the snow storms, the homeowners may or may not have money available in cash with them. The in-app payment methods with the Google wallets or credit cards can make it easier for them to pay hassle-free.

» Push Notifications

The users should get notifications regarding each order like – order placed, in progress, payments are done, order completed etc.

» Ratings for the job done

Uber for snow removal for steppers can be adorned with the following features:

» Register

The snow stepper shall be able to register himself and have his own team or personal profile as per the business needs.

» Jobs scheduled

The snow stepper should know the jobs assigned to him individually and with a team. He should be able to accept or decline the jobs based on his schedule if the jobs are clashing. He should be able to enter once he starts or completes a job.

» Map Guide

There should be google map or such type of applications installed while building Uber-like snow removal app to make it easier for the plow-man to locate an address in the snow-filled region. Providing information regarding various routes to the destination can help the stepper reach the desired location with less difficulty.

» Real time -Notifications and Payments

He should get a notification regarding the payment estimates and jobs available. He should also be able to put the photos of the cleared area in the notifications, once the job is done.

Apart from these two, the admin app should be there to handle the customer queries, look after the processing of payments and maintaining a proper order of jobs assigned. The admin app can have a chatbot to resolve the customer issues.

There are many snow-shoveling businesses who are going digital to earn more in this season of ‘white’ gold. Not only the homeowners in the US and Canada but the plow-people in all the countries where the snow makes its presence known in the chilly winters, are feeling blessed to have an app for snow removal. Some snow shovellers for whom snow removal is the bread and butter feel this app is magical to increase their business graph like never before.

It worked wonders for the government programs, where they had to implement certain snow removal operations in a very short time. The snow, if left unattended, can cause damage to the city and chances of accidents due to slipping on roads can increase. These snow removal apps have proved helpful in calling the snow-steppers and getting the snow cleared within 24 hours. This app also helped the contractors in making some extra money!

You must be wondering, who can help you out with such a snow removal app for your business.

At Coruscate, we listen to your specific requirements and provide free consultation regarding the solutions. We work with you to help you in achieving your goals. Our accomplished team is efficient in getting 100% success in all our endeavours. Be it a startup or a full-fledged business, we provide solutions to help them all to fight real business challenges. We can plan-out a peculiar strategy just for you, keeping in mind your budget, business needs, and target audience. We have helped many businesses to attain huge triumph.

Give us a call to build your snow removal app and we will help your business on the way to a great victory this winter!


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