What are the features to consider while building a great online shopping app? What makes Clothing apps like Shein fashion successful?


There were the times when people spent their holidays going in and out of stores to find the perfect clothes for one to wear. Sometimes, you would get the best fits but there were even times when you would spend the whole day and get tired without actually feeling lucky to buy something really trendy or worth the price. The clothing apps like Shein fashion have made the work much easier for us and even made us feel lucky to find the right clothes.


With the emergence of online shopping apps, many of us were saved from wasting our holidays in roaming around finding the perfect dress. Instead, we can spend the time productively with our family and friends and shop at the same time as the shops now come to us in our pockets.

There have been a number of shopping apps trending in the market. However, there are a few best online shopping apps that have really made it big in the e-commerce market.

What is Shein shopping?

Shein fashion shopping online is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform. The Shein app mainly focuses on women’s wear but also offers men’s and children’s clothing. The app also offers accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion items.

The Shein fashion shopping app has its target audience in Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East and in some parts of Asia as well. Shein came into being in October 2008 and since then they are making themselves accessible to the customers. Their motto is to let everyone enjoy the beauty of fashion at cheap prices. They have expanded their business to more than 220 regions worldwide.

The Shein app is an affordable online shopping platform where you can find latest fashion clothing all according to the current fashion trend. Shein leads fashion majorly in the women’s category with 20000 and more styles for dresses, blouses, swimwear, and T-shirts. It has proved itself to be the one-stop destination for fashionistas.

The Shein app ranks 25th according to a chart in SimilarWeb and has more than 50 million downloads.

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But according to a report in App Annie, the app rank history of Shein shows it ranks 12th in the shopping category and 134th in the overall app ranking.

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Features that you can consider while developing successful shopping apps like Shein fashion.

1. Log in and search:

The success of a shopping app depends on many factors. One of those factors is the features of the app. The user is first drawn towards the features of any app that they download. You need to provide the users with a user-friendly login for letting them have a seamless experience. If the login is difficult there are chances that the users might drop the idea to explore the app further and will try some other apps with simpler yet attractive logins.

Another important feature is the search product. The search option on your app is the heart of your app. You cannot afford to ignore the search feature if you wish to develop a successful online shopping app like Shein. You need to make the search feature quick and user-friendly as the users do not like to keep waiting for any of the search results. The fetching time required by the search button needs to be made the minimum. You can make your app rank among the best fashion shopping apps just by focusing on these basics.

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2. Add to Bag, Checkout, and Shipping:

Other important features that should be considered while developing a shopping app are when the user adds the required items in the bag, he should get the exact amount displayed on the screen that needs to be paid. After that, the user deals with the checkout feature which has to be seamless enough to let the user have easy checkouts.

In addition to the checkout, the shipping feature has equal importance. When you think of providing a user with an amazing shopping experience, you need to understand that the users consider overall features while rating any app. While they review an app that review is based on the entire shopping experience. Hence, the user should be provided a smooth shipping feature also.

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3. Payment Gateway Integration:

No shopping app is complete without payment gateway integration. This is the most important feature for providing users with secure payments and multiple payment options. Compro mising this feature means the failure of your app.

Using this feature ensures that users can make payments easily within the shopping app. When it comes to online shopping, users demand cashless and convenient transactions and payments. So, integrating a payment gateway in your app lets your users pay through credit cards or mobile wallets. You can choose an extremely secured solution from the available on es while integrating the payment gateway.

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4. Instant Customer support and Push notifications:

The technical system can get disrupted at a point of time. But, when things go wrong, you need to support your users with instant customer support through chats or calls through the app itself. This ensures that your customer doesn’t have to go anywhere else to solve their queries. Adding this feature is an assurance for your customers that you care. This can definitely help you make the most of your app. You can add human-like chatbots which can attend the users from time to time with 24/7 support.

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Push Notifications are another way to stay in touch with your customers by updating them with the status of their shopping or the latest offers meant for them on the app. The feature allows the users to access the app anytime and shop anywhere. Through the notifications, you can send the information about discounts and promo codes available for the users and encourage them for more shopping and keep them engaged.

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