How can we build an online education app or learning app in 7 days?

How can we build an online education app or learning app in 7 days?

In the wake of Covid-19, schools and colleges have shifted from physical classrooms to online education. For most of the world, this transition is not smooth, and there is a lot of friction that exists in the transition. Faculty is yet to understand how to keep the students engaged remotely and plan the lessons so that the students are able to learn with ease.

While the transition is currently slow and not so simple, it is definitely the future of education. 

Let’s take a quick look at why ed-tech is the future for educational institutions and how online learning can improve facilities and improve their core lessons.

Why Online Learning is the Future of Education

Technology is an imperative part of our life. We cannot think of a world where smartphones do not make things accessible. Then why not lessons and education?

  • Education technology will create more opportunities within and outside the classroom. Technology need not be restricted for a life outside the classroom and online alone. With VR, AR, AI and even regular smartphones, you can convert your classrooms into a flipped mode. You can make students smarter and lessons well planned.

More than 60% of US companies offer learning opportunities via smartphone technology

E-learning students are said to learn 5 times more material for every hour of training than they do in face-to-face methods

  • Lessons are more organized and teachers are able to concentrate on the core works of education with online education. In fact, a lot of teachers are able to work on understanding the strengths of individual students and plan their lessons accordingly. it will help increase the inclusiveness of the lessons and education. 
  • The level of flexibility that a student gains online cannot be availed offline. If you want to study as per your schedule, then you can do so easily with online classes. This will help if you are busy with various activities at the same time, and it will also help you manage your time with ease
  • With online education, you get the chance to personalize your lessons and make it more inclusive. The online coaching solutions are meant to understand what you want, how you aim to increase your learning, and how to solve the issues that you face. It is a quicker and easier way to make your curriculum in sync with your learning needs and abilities

  • When in doubt, ask. However, with a class strength of more than 20 students, it becomes difficult for the faculty to solve doubts after teaching the entire class. As a result, most of the doubts remain unsolved. This has been resolved in online education. You can connect with the faculty immediately and seek your answers. This kind of ability makes online learning more experiential
  • It is accessible and cost-effective. You can easily access all the resources and you don’t even need to pay up for the infrastructure. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection to be able to access the material. In some cases, you won’t even need to pay for the resources you will be using. 

Having said this, there are obvious glitches that exist in the online education system that is prevalent as of date. 

Glitches in Present Online Education Solutions

  • The main issue is technical, which can be the root cause for people not preferring online education. Compatibility with browsers of your choice or Internet bandwidth issues can ruin the online learning. As a result, fewer people choose online. Currently, when people are forced to move their learning online, they find it difficult owing to these issues. 
  • The faculty, as well as the students, are still not used to online education. They are both not completely versed with how online education works, and what they need to expect. Hence, they introduce too many things into the classroom, which do not match how the students are accustomed to learning. As a result, it becomes quite a mess, and people don’t trust the online education system. In fact, there are many who want to rush back to traditional methods of learning. 

Duolingo & Online Education Platforms

A lot of people are constantly working towards removing the glitches and making the ride smooth. From helping you learn new languages to making online lessons pretty comprehensive and easy, these companies are putting their best foot forward.

One such company that has beautifully interfaced the language learning ability is Duolingo. With this app, you can learn a new language for free. Last month, the company raised $10Mn in venture capital funding. Currently valued at $1.5Bn, it is one of the few companies in the education technology segment to have made it into the Unicorn list. The company will be using this funding to improve their English language test.

The company’s main aim was to improve the pace at which language learning happened. This online language coaching class aims to enhance your learning experience.

The advancement towards experiential learning and improving online coaching is slow yet steady. 

Duolingo is just one of them. there are several others, some provide comprehensive lessons in all subjects while, a few others are concerned with courses specific to their target audience.

For instance, companies are concentrating their efforts on help people advance their career by preparing them for their masters while they are at home. There are companies that have initiated help to make faculties reach out to the students prepping for their grad program entrances. 

Here, we will talk about such online coaching classes which have been readied to uptake the market and slowly yet gradually make online learning interesting, comprehensive and convenient. 

The Hare and Tortoise Story for Online Learning

Do we need online coaching? Why? The answer is quite simple, and lies in our earlier explanations. Not everyone learns at the same speed. Like the hare and the tortoise, people learn at different speeds. However, the only difference being, here both sets are winners. They may be slow or fast, but they tend to learn. However, the traditional education system has been built for the hares in the world. They are meant for those who can grasp fast and learn better. There is no system for the tortoises who learn at their own speed and cannot go fast.

The online learning platforms are working towards making space for both the hare and the tortoise of the world. They want to ensure there is more inclusion in the learning for both sets of people. In fact, even those who don’t fall into either category have been catered to by the online education system. 

Online education is indeed the need of the hour. For apart from convenience, they make learning easy and hassle-free. Whether you want to study for entrances along with the regular studies or want to appear for masters exams along with your office, these online coaching app solutions make it easy for you to access them anywhere at any given time. 

If you plan on entering the online coaching segment, and wish to create an app solution for your target market, read on to know how to get started and what we offer to help you benefit.

Getting Started with Online Education App

  • The Target Market

The first step is to identify the target market. You may not want to deliver an app solution to a market that is not interested in online coaching solutions or has been using a particular online coaching solution for a while. You need someone who has not yet benefited from online coaching app solutions and identify the reason. You can even research as to why your target market has not received the complete potential of an online coaching app solution. when you are aware of the reasons, moving forward comes easily

  • The App Idea

For most the app idea is simply an online coaching app. However, we beg to differ here. What we mean by an idea is what you believe you are offering to your target audience that is different from the other apps that exist in the market. For instance, there are several apps that have been lined up to provide the exact same features and solutions but somehow they have not been received well by the market. For some, it is a question of affordability while for a few others the lesson plans have not included their needs. recognize these gaps, build insights based on the data you have collected, and define the idea. This will help you benefit from the idea and will help us know how to go about the solution. 

  • Features to Include

Giving your app a personalized touch can be done using the features. However, apart from the customized features and the gaps that you believe you want to fill, here are a few standard features that we believe should be a part of your online coaching app solution. 

  • Registration: Both the faculty and the students need to register to the app to get started. It could be simple social signup or you could use separate email id to get started. This part will help in maintaining all your records whenever you login. It will also help keep track of your progress
  • Profile: It is important for the students to check the faculty profile for the subjects they are taking on. For instance, if you are learning maths, and have been prepping using the material from a particular faculty, it is good to know how they fare. If they have really helped other people, then you can go ahead and trust their lessons. This helps build trust in the students
  • Lesson Plans: If the online coaching has been defined for individual subjects, then it becomes essential for the students to know the lessons that have been planned, and how effective it will be in their exams. These lesson plans will also act as a guideline to the students on whether they should go ahead with the lessons or not
  • Video Tutorials: Once the lessons have been chosen, the students can download or stream the video tutorials uploaded by the faculty. Thus, they can learn at their own pace. They can forward or rewind the lessons and keep going till they don’t get a complete understanding of the subject or the particular chapter
  • Payment Gateways: It is important for the online coaching app solution to introduce payment gateways so that the students can easily buy a particular subject or tutorial. It will make keeping track of the payments easy. it will also make the transactions secure for both the students and the recipients
  • Quizzes: To make sure the students get the ultimate lessons, the app should contain mock tests and quizzes which will help get an understanding into the student’s ability and where they stand with respect to the exam standards

You can always define the personalized settings beyond these standard features to make your app exclusive. 

A good online coaching app solution requires a good understanding of the app’s requirements, your target audience, your idea’s requirements and the need for personalization. You should have a good partner by your side who can effectively incorporate all your needs into the app solution, and test the app to the t before loading it to the stores.

Anybody who tells you that at a 7-day conference, you’re going to turn the best leader, they’re not telling you the truth. You can absolutely understand the fundamentals. Similarly, our team has delivered an online learning apps solution and to clear the basics of any subject you just need to study well with full focus.

Our study, research and experience of online education app development is ready which brings a solution of 7-days (Estimated Coding time). That might vary based on the requirements.

I hope this content gives you a broad understanding of online education apps and our team is happy to provide you with a demo at your convenience (today or tomorrow or this week) if you want to see what we have delivered for online education to different clients for different countries. 

We do not only look for your app development, at Coruscate our belief is straight that our client should succeed and our team will help you in every best possible resource such as guidelines, rules and regulations, privacy and a lot of other resourceful information.

Give us one chance to talk with you and you surely will not regret it!

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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