Ola Makes it Big Internationally with Taxi License in London. Get your Own Ola-Clone to Hit Ride Sharing Market

When it comes to car sharing or ride sharing, London is one of the biggest consumer markets. However, if you look at the marketplace today, you will realize that not only is it competitive, but also quite a crowded place for the different companies.

At this point in time, the regional-market focused, Ola India has recently gained the license to operate in London. The first time the company entered the UK markets was in 2018 when it expanded to cities like South Wales, West Midlands and other places within the country. Now, the company has gained a license to operate in one of the biggest markets and will begin operations starting September this year. 

Ola’s Big Business Plans 2019 : Taxi entrepreneur must read

London happens to be a major addition to the company’s big plans for going international. One of the main reasons being the strict custodian and regulator of the traffic in this zone, Transport for London has actually issued the license to the company to operate in this market. The second reason why it is an interesting addition is the market size. The huge market and their need for another cab sharing facility will improve Ola’s business and the brand’s image in international markets.

Ola has received the license just when Bolt shut its taxi services in London, and Uber fell into a legal soup. Ola recently received a funding of $4Bn from investors. The current count of Ola’s customer has reached 45Mn.
The big business plans for Ola is to roll out standardized services which are similar to that rolled out in the UK markets.

Ola is dominating the international markets with its business strategy of customizing the cab services to meet the unique demands of the local markets. The Indian origin company was clear about going local, which is why it has such a humungous demand in all the markets it exists.

Why Ola is successful ? The Business Strategy Ola Adopted


Ola app giving a tough competition to Uber with its cars for every occasion, you can also make it big through taxi booking app development!

One of the most important reasons why a company gets a major increase in the conversions is the business strategy it adopts. Ola has adopted a pull strategy which is all about winning customers and getting them to be more aware of what they are paying for.

  • They started connecting with corporates as this is the untapped market and one that calls for maximum ride-sharing services. The offices are looking at ride-sharing services for pick-up and drop facilities they wish to provide their customers
  • Every time they start a new service or enter a new market, the company checks the app analytics to see how they are performing and monitor the various aspects of the services they provide. This is so that they can improve the services or check on what needs to be done in that segment

Ola has a business model similar to Uber, wherein they have an app based aggregation services for the ride-sharing market

Features you must incorporate in your Ola-clone app or Ola like taxi booking app

If you want to tread the path that Ola has set for you and go local with your ride-sharing idea, then you might want to differentiate the app idea a bit to get more customers. However, to win over the conversions and make sure the app learning is less, you ought to introduce features that are pretty common with such apps, and a hit with the customers.

Here are a few features that you simply cannot ignore in your Ola-clone app

► Ease the registrations: Remember, nobody likes a huge signup form, especially if they are being promised convenience at the end of it. As a result, you ought to introduce easy ways for the customer to sign up with your application. The best way to register is by using social media. Introduce the social sign-up, so that you get the necessary profile details, and they don’t have to go through a major sign up hassle.

► Offer multiple payments: Payment is critical for both the passenger and the driver in the Ola clone app. If you want to make lives easy, then you ought to have multiple payment modes available. The rider or the driver may not prefer a particular payment method, which is why you ought to have multiple modes of payment made available in your app

► Notify them in real-time: Push notifications and alerts are essential parts of your mobile app. If you want the rider or the driver to know about a particular ride, the distance covered, how close they are, whether the ride was cancelled etc. then you ought to have real-time alerts as part of the application. The push notifications will also give you a complete detail into the passenger or the driver details

► Calculate before the ride: There are times when the person taking the ride and wants to know an estimate of the fare they would be charged for the ride. That’s why you, as the taxi booking app development company, should have a fare calculator as part of the application. It makes life easy for the driver and the rider

In-app chats: You should have chat as part of the application as it makes the life of the driver and rider easy. How? Well, in case they are stuck with directions or want to know about the rider’s exact location, then you need to have the chat facility. You can even use the chat facility to connect with the support team.

Summing up

Ola’s movement up the ladder can be easily seen in the way it is acquiring more markets and spreading its wing. The biggest win for the company is entering the London markets with their cab sharing service.

If you are planning on getting an ola-clone for your business, then you should not only identify the gap that you can close with the clone app but also introduce standard features that reduce the learning curve for the application.
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