6 strategies to make your apps like Sanford antimicrobial medication guide app a perfect market fit

6 strategies to make your apps like Sanford antimicrobial medication guide app a perfect market fit

This blog is for the startups and entrepreneurs dealing with physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians to help them know how developing medication guide apps can be helpful for the people in the medical profession.

The innovation has made it easier for the patients to keep more control over their health decisions. But even the doctors are not left behind when it comes to being benefited by the medication guidance apps.

Well, when it comes to intelligent apps, medical sector can greatly benefit from what the technology has to offer. There are apps coming up in the market which can assist the doctors and healthcare professionals to provide better medical practices. These apps are powerful tools for guidance and help medical professionals to work efficiently and deliver better care for their patients. Such apps can prove a win-win for both the app users and app owners. How? Let’s discuss it further with an example and some valuable lessons.

Sanford Guide – Antimicrobial

The Sanford antimicrobial guide app is a digital version of the book to help the doctors in better patient care. This guide has been a leader in the point-of-care recommendations for treating many infectious diseases. The app is available in more than 100 countries and has more than 100 million downloads. It consists of all the information that is available in the book and is much easier to handle than the actual book. The guide can be used by medical professionals daily at work. It is designed in such a way that the content is concise and reliable.

The app is an all-time top-rated medical reference app in the App Store. According to the website, Sanford antimicrobial guide app is relied upon by over 350 hospitals and 2,750 clinics.

Here is a graph from Similarweb that shows the growth in usage rank of the app.

6 strategies to make your apps like Sanford antimicrobial medication guide app a perfect market fit

Here is a table from Similarweb that shows the top-grossing medical apps where you can find the Sanford antimicrobial guide app ranks first in the US.

6 strategies to make your apps like Sanford antimicrobial medication guide app a perfect market fit

The graph from App Annie shows the growth in Downloads and the Rank of Sanford antimicrobial guide app in the medical category.

6 strategies to make your apps like Sanford antimicrobial medication guide app a perfect market fit

What is covered in the Sanford antimicrobial medication guide app?

The medical app for doctors covers various clinical syndromes that are organized by the anatomic system and site of infection, pathogens including bacterial, fungal, mycobacterial, parasitic and viral, anti-infective agents which include dosing, adverse effects, activity, pharmacology, interactions, specialized dosing tables, and tools highlighting the informative things, calculators and preventative therapy, and everything that is evidence-based and properly referenced.

The app can be called a subscription-based app and it allows the users to get the subscriptions for one year charging them $29.99. The subscription can be auto-renewed and can be managed by the users.

How to find the perfect market fit for your medication guide app?

1 Know what medical professionals need:

Try to be persistent and seek advice from the doctors to know their exact needs and requirements regarding the medication guide apps. You need to do a lot of research and dig deep into the actual requirements to make your app useful and successful in the market.

2. Focus

Focus is an important factor to make any of your endeavor successful. If you are passionate enough about the business idea to make a medical app for doctors. Make it your mission to grow in one field instead of being Jack of all trades. Establish credibility among your target audience with a simple solution. Once you prove that the solution works, you can think about raising the revenue later.

3. App with great User experience

Once you are done with the research and made up your mind to build a medication guide app for doctors and other medical professionals, you need to hire a mobile app development company which can help you execute whatever is really inside your head. You need to hire developers who understand the importance of user experience and build a platform for you that is user-friendly as well as gives fast results.

4. Do not Rush

Rushing to release an app can be a bad idea. It might come back to bite you if the users do not find it useful enough. A medication guide app needs to be precise but should provide answers to each query raised by its users in the most satisfactory answer format. Word of mouth spreads far and wide and people believe in their counterparts using some app. So, make sure the app is loved by your target audience.

5. Start with a few customers

Go with the MVP model and make a few customers try your app. Take their views into consideration for the improvement of your app. If you start by providing the service to individual doctors, you can slowly grow and attract the hospitals and clinics automatically with references from those doctors. Instead of wasting time pursuing huge enterprises, go with the small ones first. The big ones will come to you automatically based on your good track record.

6. Expand slowly

Instead of going to too many places at once, try targeting regions one by one. Check out the healthcare market and the model followed in the target region inside out and then plan your strategy accordingly.

You can launch a campaign to appeal the healthcare professionals to let them know how they can get the same guidance from apps instead of books. Focus on medical students who are more connected to technology and let them experience the app and suggest the same to their peers.

We can build a medication guidance app for you and help you grow from a startup to an enterprise. We have great expertise in the healthcare sector and we have built many healthcare apps for doctors as well as patients. We have even developed apps for pharma companies and have done research regarding the scope and features that a medical app for doctors should have. Our talented team of developers can help you with amazing features and great user interface which will be adored by your target audience.

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